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Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Technology in 2010

Maybe you already know more about current technology, but this was new for me. For more details, please read the following article.

PS3 Motion Controller

This tool will make your PS3 to be like the Nintendo Wii the graphics are incredible. Working similar to the Wii remote with a sensor on top of the television. There have been several games compatible with this device, namely Biohazard 5, Pain, Eyepet, and Flower.

Project Natal

One of the most incredible gadgets and awaited this year, Microsoft itself calls it "the birth of the future in home entertainment." This tool has the voice and face of the sensor, so that we can only need talk only and use our limbs as a sensor.

Apple Tablet

This is one of the hottest gossip in the world of technology. The new technology from Apple that ditunggu2, which (rumor) will appear around February 2010. Will come with 9.6-inch multitouch screen, HSDPA, and long-lasting batteries.

Flexible E-paper

It is a paper, such as e-books which we already know, but the form of flexible and can be bent just like ordinary paper. The company is rumored to be produced it is AUO with size 6 inches and contrast 9:1

Nintendo DSi XL

We all are familiar with Nintendo DSi one of the most popoler handleld today. Nintendo will upgrade the Nintendo DSi XL with a larger screen size is 4.2 inches. With a big screen will make it easier to read, also accompanied by a longer lasting battery and a bigger stylus as well

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a system that provides storage media on the Internet, wirelessly. So that all data is no longer stored in our computer, and automatically enhance the performance of our computer. One such company is Google's most awaited with CloneCLoudnya.

Google Chrome OS

This is the most anticipated OS from Google, which said the system will use Cloud Computing in full so that the OS will be the OS of the lightest of all the OS. All programs will be accessible from the Internet, and will be widely used in netbook2, as has been confirmed by Asus and Acer.

Google Wave

Wave is a direct conversation where all participants can edit the document, bercakap2, and add photos at the same time. Can beat up or Twitter in many ways, now also has a beta version.


3D technology we know today that can only be enjoyed through the cinema in this year will go into the house, through a range of available 3D TV and 3D player2 blu ray. As has been said by Sony and Panasonic.
Xbox Handheld

Xbox? Handheld? Do those two words can be combined? Jawabnnya may be yes, because there's been rumors of Microsoft who said the Xbox will be the emergence of handheld which is a combination of the Xbox and Zune. We are just waiting for it result

USB 3.0

2010 will be a time for all brands using the latest USB systems, namely 3.0. Surely will be a lot of new gadgets that use the system super-fast data transfer, USB 3.0 has a transfer speed up to 400Mb per second, which is much faster than USB 2.0 that common nowadays.


Smaller and lighter than the Netbook, it is more bannyak Smartbook similarity with smartphones than with a laptop or PC. Samrtbook created specifically for mobile with super fast start-up and the battery lasted a full day, but do not expect to get a nice graph. Some laptop manufacturers have been ready to release it in 2010.

OLED Television

Since last year there were plenty of news even prototypes of OLED TVs, and this year it seems this new type of TV will diroduksi mass. Will appear with a size of 40 inches to the top and menjanjukan best graphics quality on the planet.

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