Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advantages and Benefits of Windows 8 Newest compared to Windows 7


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Advantages and Benefits of Windows 8 Latest From Windows 7 - Latest Windows 8 is likely to be the greatest Operating System of Microsoft Windows 8, because Windows 8 will provide a major change ever made by Microsoft after Windows 95, according to the President of the Division of Microsoft.

From the look of Windows 8 This alone illustrates that Windows 8 has its advantages and advantages of the previous Windows Operating System is Windows 7. Not to mention the excellent features of this Windows 8 that will make users be at home.

Previously I've also gives info about the advantages of Windows 8 Windows 8 New Here, but I would be more complete here.

Here are some Advantages / Benefits of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7:

# Lighter
Windows 8 is lighter than Windows 7, because the system has been revamped

# Task Manager is more powerful
Display the Task Manager Windows 8 is more riveting and highly visible complete.

# Ribbon WE
There is a Ribbon in windows explorer, but also the file view in Windows 8 more than in windows 7, with the same resolution

# Lock Screen
Lock screen on Windows 8 is not close all the programs and documents, unlike the log off in windows-windows before.

# Practical Applications Open
To switch applications, simply close the mouse kelayar left, so no need to LT + TAB like in Windows 7.

# Search for a file is more flexible
Search feature in Windows 8 more simple and flexible.

# Optimize for touch screen
Windows 7 is already supporting the Touch Screen, but Windows 8 will be further optimized.

# Supports the ARM chip
Windows 8 has the infrastructure to support devices that use ARM chips. Because Tamblet Most are now using ARM chips.

# Supports NFC (Near Field Communications)
That is a feature for digital noted that financial transactions.

# Boot a short time
Boot Windows 8 in the demo only lasts in 8 seconds. A much shorter time than in previous versions of Windows booting.

# Security is better
Windows 8 is said to have better security features to deter cyber attacks. Among the features of Windows Defender further enhanced in this OS.

# 8 does not require an upgrade of Windows PCs
If you already use Windows 7 before, then you can use Windows 8 this, without having to Upgrage or replace your PC.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Windows Genuine Validation in Windows 7


For a long time I did not post it here ... hehehe, now I'm active in my new blog, and finally there is the chance to write again on this blog. :). In this discussion I want to share software / programs to address the Windows Genuine Validation in Windows 7.

Actually in my previous article on this subject, it's just for Windows XP, so you can read the article if you want to ask what it is Windows Genuine Validation, or commonly abbreviated as WGA.

Here's how I use to remove the Windows Genuine Validation in Windows 7, here is how:

1. Download programs Activator RemoveWAT

2. When finished downloading, you extract and run, then select Remove WAT, and wait until the process is complete
3. Restart youc PC/notebook
Enjoy... :-)

This post is merely a share, loss or damage caused by any virus or malware is not the responsibility of the author. Thanks before.


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