Monday, May 31, 2010

1000 ways and Great Tricks to Increase Your Alexa

Many webmasters say that to increase alexa rank can be through two ways, or 20 ways, or 100 ways, or even in 1000 ways to increase Alexa rank, all ways possible, below is the trick on how to improve alexa.
Alexa is a website that is part of and provide traffic information on a website. Alexa rank can be used as an overview of the number of visitors who visit a blog and recorded by Alexa.

Many webmasters who assess the Alexa Rank is less accurate than Google's PageRank. Alexa still can cheat by experienced webmasters. Although I got resentful see my blog has about 1.2 million Alexa Rank approximately one month ago :-).
If it is less accurate than Alexa PageRank, then why Alexa important? The answer, because there are several websites that provide advertising services commercial terms Alexa ranking within certain limits. ReviewMe, Text Link Ads and Sponsored Reviews are three of them. Even if we are not intending to use commercial advertising services or do not want to make our blog as Monetize blog, an increase Alexa ranking can be viewed as an effort to do a bit of optimization that can benefit the quality of the blog.

Frankly, I am somewhat reluctant to include these tips because my Alexa numbers are still revolves around four million, but the views of an effort to improve the rankings, what's wrong with this wish to share that can be used by other colleagues.

To raise the position of the 1.2 million to 300 thousand positions in less than a month, the steps are as follows:

1. Install the sidebar contains Alexa Rank Widget
Do not be ashamed though still five millions of Alexa rank. This is a business. Alexa code can be downloaded from Installation of the code on the sidebar the same as the installation of HTML code in general.

2. Plugin Install Alexa
Internet Explorer can use the Alexa toolbar, but some webmasters do not want to because there is a possibility the Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer infiltrated by malware. I'm using Alexa Search Status for Firefox which addonnya can be downloaded from here. Do not forget, address setup a blog / website as our main homepage of the browser we use.
If we become a network admin in the office, this effort will be more successful if we can be narcissistic install our website / blog as the main homepage and install the Alexa plugin for each browser. Alexa Rank we can more quickly dashed. Previously, you install the software first to speed up firefox.

3. Use a redirect on the link that leads to our blog
Example: use Replace the url owned website or blog. Use this redirect on every occasion, for example in an email signature or forum siganture that we follow.


Three way above actually been able to increase Alexa Rank position that we have. To further increase it again, we can add some optimization as follows:
- Make a post about Alexa as I do this. Posting articles in the form of material about Alexa, tips and other things about Alexa Rank.
- Create an Easy Plugin Installation Alexa
This could entice visitors to come to download a plugin that will ultimately improve the position of Alexa Rank. Given the Alexa plugin only regular HTML, making pluginnya should not be too difficult.
- Create themes for your Blog / CMS
This is almost never thought by the people who give advice about the Alexa Rank and PageRank, while making themes that are used by many people is the easiest way to get backlinks. Please see the blog / website makers themes, which have rarely PageRank and Alexa Rank is ugly.

- Increase Traffic Hits
The best way is to make a weighty articles. In addition, joining an aggregator (if necessary, to make their own aggregator, hehehe. An example is the Planet Aggregator Belachan) can increase the traffic visiting your blog / site.

- Join the mailing list / forum that according to the Material Blog
Why should in accordance with the material? Because if not, chances are we just going to spam that will actually harm performance and value of the blog / website that we have. The easiest way to attract someone to come and visit is to leave your website / blog in the signature, accompanied by a brief description of its content.
For example like this :

<a href="" title="Education For Our Country">Education Blog</a>
<a href="" title="Forex Success System">Forex Success System</a>

And it looks like this:

Education Blog
Forex Success System

With all these steps can be taken, should be in the range from one month Alexa Rank can better position to slide. If you do not believe please prove it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

Sincerely bloggers maker friends. This time I show a post about how to get a backlink from a website easily berpage high rank. This article I copYPASTE from Maybe some friends NETTERKINGDOM already know this information. visible from a few bloggers who NETTERKINGDOM also commented on some sites that contain articles similar to this article. So ... Here is a way of obtaining quality backlinks from hundreds of high page rank websites were: Backlink is important in optimizing the blog and is very influential on the popularity of blogs. If we already popular blog, would appear on the first page of search engines, especially Google and Yahoo. To get a backlink is the blog we will need to submit to the most popular websites that already do not have a high page rank. If you don`t understanding for Baclink, see on How to Build Valuable Backlinks

There are some bookmarking sites that are either nofollow or they use a dynamic link structure. However, leaving aside the nofollow debate for a moment, there is also a matter of traffic. If the content you are bookmarking is high quality then it could get votes from other readers and in the case of some of the big sites, getting your bookmark on the front page can result in massive amounts of traffic! In the case of particularly big sites such as Delicious, those bookmarks often get copied to many other places so one nofollow link in delicious could actually result in about a dozen links elsewhere though this tends to happen only with popular links.

In this situation I’d recommend submitting to these sites also, and just forget about whether or not they follow!

The DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

UPDATED May 2010

  1. Folkd [V] (8)
  2. Oneview (German) (7)
  3. Spurl (6)
  4. LinkaGoGo (6)
  5. MyLinkVault (6)
  6. SpotBack (5)
  7. A1 Webmarks (5)
  8. Tagza [V] (5)
  9. DoFollowDigg [V] (5)
  10. Plime [V] (5)
  11. Searchles [V] (5)
  12. Feedmarker (4)
  13. TeDigo (4)
  14. Memfrag (4)
  15. Upnews (Italian) (4)
  16. MySiteVote [V] (4)
  17. OldRec [V] (4)
  18. Wagg It [V] (4)
  19. Otherwhirled [V] (4)
  20. OYAX (3)
  21. MyPIP (3)
  22. Yattle (3)
  23. Kabulis (3)
  24. Bukmark [V] (3)
  25. Ciudadlaberinto [V] (3)
  26. Cool Search [V] (3)
  27. ColdJung [V] (3)
  28. Gozoof [V] (3)
  29. Ziki [V] (2)
  30. Agroots [V] (2)
  31. Best of India [V] (2)
  32. Yet Another Social News Website [V] (2)
  33. Promote Your Website Free [V] (2)
  34. Zobbed [V] (2)
  35. Dizzed [V] (2)

The purpose of this exercise is to generate backlinks to our content pages that help them rank better in Google. I’ll assume that each piece of content is optimised for some keyword. There are usually three places where you can add information:

  • The title
  • Tags
  • Description

Make sure your keyword is in all three of them. Note that the title especially usually becomes the anchor text that is used in the resulting link so the title is arguably the most important element to get right.


How to Build Valuable Backlinks


Search engine optimization consists mainly of on page activity and off page optimization. Building backlinks is a part of off page optimization strategy. High quality backlinks have the potential to increase a websites ranking in the SERPs.

Backlinks are considered valuable when they:

a. are do follow b. contain the appropriate anchor text, c. are deep linked to the relevant inner pages, d. are linked from high PR niche websites 5 Tips for Building Valuable Backlinks:

1. Perform A Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Competitive intelligence analysis allows you to scrutinize the competitors' backlinks and their link profiles. Run a Google search for your target keyword and list the top 20 competitors. Capitalize on the Yahoo! Search Explorer tool to determine the backlinks for each of the top competing websites. Use an Excel spreadsheet to make a list of all the backlinks providing websites. The next step is to shortlist the do follow websites from the list. Arrange them in the descending order of their PR. At the end of this procedure, you will have a list of highly valuable do follow websites to link from.

2. Submit URLs to Search Directories
Search directories are of two types: general and niche directories. Backlinks from niche directories are normally considered more valuable than the backlinks from general directories. Most of the search directories take months to process your linking request. There are some directories which link back within a few days. Websites which build a high number of backlinks in a few days are looked upon suspiciously by Google. The best way to build backlinks is over a period of time to avoid getting tagged as a link spammer. Submittíng a website's URL to directories is a time consuming task but provides great results at the end.
[A New Clickbank Program for Webmasters and Site Owners!]

3. Submit Articles to Article Directories

Submitting articles to article directories is a very popular approach to link building. Most of the article directories allow you to include a link in the article. You can also add a link to the author description of the article with appropriate anchor text. Article directories are known to rank well in the search engine ranking pages. An added benefit of submittíng to article directories is the traffic it drives to your website. There are a large number of high quality article directories which accept free article submission. Simply sign up, verify your account and start submitting articles.

4. Post in Forums
Forums initially served as a means of conversing and solving queries. Today forums are also used to obtain valuable backlinks to your website. A majority of forums allow a signature link at the bottom of every post. This signature link is a do-follow link. You can select the desired anchor text and link to any important inner page of your website. There are a few forums which allow you to enter more than one signature link. Just remember to participate in the conversation, ask questions and answer those of others.

5. Create Link Bait
Link bait involves creating compelling content on the website which makes others link to it. You should write frequently and consistently to develop a following. Keep tab on the latest happenings and news in your niche; be among the first few to break the news online. To create that perfect link bait, your articles should contain news, updates, a controversial topic or even some great resources. Keep the information quotient of your articles high and watch the link baits pouring in.

If you want other websites and blogs to link to you, double check who you are linking too. Don't be in a rush to get backlinks. A handful of good quality and authoritative backlinks are worth more than a hundred low quality, low PR backlinks.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Four Ways to Build a List with No Money and No Traffic


You've heard it before - if you want to succeed online you *must* have a list of your own.
Every guru says it. Ever wonder why?
Because it's true! ;)
There is no doubt that the single most valuable asset I own online - more valuable even than owning the Directory of Ezines - are my mailing lists. With them I can build, or rebuild, a business. Without them I'm back at square one.

How about you? Do you have a list yet?

If not, here are four simple ideas you can use today to start building a list of your own even if you don't have any money to spend, a website of your own or any traffic!

These are all methods I have used, and I still use *each* of them today.

These tactics works. I know they will work for you too.

>>>>> Idea 1 - Your Email Signature Line

Go to your "sent email" folder right now and look at the email you sent today. I'm willing to guess that your email does *not* include an offer for someone to join your mailing list.

But it should!

If you send only 20 emails a day (including replies) then you are sending over seven *thousand* emails ayear!

What if only 1 in 7 people saw your link and joined your list?

That's over 1000 subscribers to *your* list ... free!
>>>>> Idea 2 - Forums

Ever visit a forum and ask a question? Many have but they don't leverage the experience in their favor.

Just about every forum out there offers a signature line feature, yet we see thousands of posts with no signature.

Don't make this mistake! If you post on the Warrior Forum or Michael Green's How To Forum or any other, make sure to include a link where people can join your list.

Again, free and very effective. Put time on your sidewith this one!

>>>>> Idea 3 - Twitter

Ah, Twitter - friend or foe? Great marketing tool or time waster?

Great marketing tool!

Here's how you can use Twitter today to begin building your list with no money.

Start following people you know of and replying to their Tweets. Make sure your reply makes sense and won't waste people's time.

Fan Tweets - replying to a Tweet with something like "loved your book about ___" are 100% okay and often much appreciated.

Once you have been following for a while you will get followers too, and become a recognizable name in your circles.

When that happens, send a short Tweet about your new mailing list and where people can join it.

>>>>> Idea 4 - Your Blog
If you don't have a website you might be thinking "sounds good Charlie but where do I send them to signup?"
Fair question. The answer is your blog.
If you don't have a blog there is simply no reason to wait any longer. Go to and get one now. It's free, they have templates you can use that look professional.

If you can type, you can blog. And you should. Once you get a blog just put a form on it for your list and you are good to go!

So there you have it, four ways to begin building a *real* list of your own with no money and no traffic!

1. Your email signature line
2. Forums
3. Twitter
4. Your own blog

Begin using these methods today and you will put time on your side. Sooner than you think, you will have a mailing list of your own. And having a powerful mailing list is a beautiful thing indeed!


Monday, May 24, 2010

My technorati Claim ( 5UVG3ZXKEDC5 )


Friday, May 21, 2010

Fast and Easy Way to Build Links to Your Site ( We are One World)

<---posting start----->
How do you build links back to your site? Do you find your progression slow and time consuming?Article marketing is a great way to build links to your site, but it can be a tedious process to come up with a volume of unique articles.
Enter a fast and relatively easy way to build a lot of links quickly with article marketing.

Build Links to Your Site Quickly

I am a total fan of Alex Krulik's Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. I've been using both for over a week, building links to my sites like mad! Here's how they work…

Magic Article Rewriter is a dream to use, especially with the added Magic Tokens database, which automates almost the entire process. You just paste an article into the text box, click on Magic Tokens, and you've got an article ready to be spun and distributed. The spun articles are not garbage…they make sense, although I do go through and make corrections, since sometimes the synonyms or replacement phrases don't quite fit the article.
This is the above paragraph with tokens added, which can be spun into many different versions:

<-----code start here--------->
Magic Article Rewriter is a {dream|delight|joy|pleasure|marvel} to {use|utilize|make use of}, {especially|particularly} with the {added|supplementary|additional} Magic Tokens database, {which|that} automates {almost|virtually|nearly} {the entire|the whole|the complete} {process|procedure}. You {just|simply} {paste|insert} an article into the text {box|area}, click on Magic Tokens, and you've got {an article|a piece of writing} {ready to|able to|able to} be spun and distributed. The spun articles {are not|aren't} {garbage|trash|rubbish|nonsense|gobbledygook}…{they|the articles}forward [URL] {list};[] <[{}][{}][{yourURLhere}]--[]>;c-code:nettermegictraffic=t1+t2="change" {}make sense, {although|though} I do go {through|thru} {and|plus} {make|create} {corrections|changes}, {since|because|as} {sometimes|typically|generally} the synonyms or {replacement|substitute|alternate} phrases {don't|do not} {quite|entirely|totally} {fit|match} the {article|piece}.
<-----code end--------->

Copy and paste on your article, copy start at :
<---posting start----->
<---posting end--->

<-----code start here--------->
<-----code end--------->

replace the red text with your URL and remember, you should make your own external links. and make re-writing [(yourURLhere)] after your link is written, one or more, it's up to you.
For example like this :

garbage|trash|rubbish|nonsense|gobbledygook}…{they|the articles}forward [URL] {list};[] [{}][{}][{}]--[{yourURLhere}]-;[{yourURLhere}]-;[{yourURLhere}][];c-code:nettermegictraffic=t1+t2="change" {}
See,and receive your magic Traffic, LinkWorld United.....

<---posting end--->

Notes : I will not cheat you to install the anchor text or web link me or any other web her, no one ever links to a web address or my blog or others, but only the address in the form of text to know each other. Nettrerkingdom is also a web code on top with just about the code, no link or you may copy the code.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Create a web page becomes "live"

JavaScript is a scripting language (scripting language) developed by Netscape Corp.., And are intended to enhance the features of a webpage. With the existence of a web page JavaScript will become more dynamic and interactive to the user, because the web pages to function as an application program that can process the input provided by the user and gives results in accordance with its programmed. Web page that is the answer to a user request should not be downloaded from the web server first, but generated by the JavaScript that is on the browser.

Lots of web pages on the Internet that has implemented a JavaScript, such as Netscape (, see PowerStart application that allows us to interact on one of his web pages.

Differences in the workings of ordinary web pages to web pages with JavaScript penjawaban in terms of user input can be seen in the image below:

Figure 2 : Interaction of web pages that have JavaScript by server. Page 2 is a web page has JavaScript.

JavaScript is a result of the work process above, then the server load will be lighter, and web pages will be much quicker to respond even at the lowest internet connection though.

In practice, the JavaScript is included in web pages and as web pages are opened by the user, the Netscape browser will meninterpretasi (interpret) the lines of existing scripts and execute scripts in accordance with the commands listed.

At first glance JavaScript similar to the Java language, but they have fundamental differences. Comparison of the two is as follows:

Interpreted by the browser
Dynamic binding
The script is limited by browser
Runing together with HTML
Objects can access the browser and become functional.

Di-compile and placed on the server, run in a browser.
Static binding
capabilities stand-alone application
more than HTML, like as multimedia
can`t access with object browser

JavaScript applications
Some examples of applications are usually implemented with JavaScript:
  • Calculator; with JavaScript enabled web page that displays a calculator if you have downloaded can work without having to interact more with the web server
  • Display time; with JavaScript can display a web page clock, date, etc.
  • Feedback status
  • Users can track the status of a process
  • Verification form; before the form that has been filled by the user is sent to the server, JavaScript can verify the truth in advance, without having to communicate with the server.
  • Entertainment; web pages can be used as a means of interactive games without burdening the network traffic and server
  • Changing the color of the browser, because JavaScript can access all the objects that exist in your browser, then the color composition of a web page can be changed according to tastes in real time.
  • Changing a link;
  • Reformat the page
  • Analysis tools
  • Dialog boxes for warnings (alerts), confirmation, and prompt (waited for input from the user)
  • Window customize
  • Window Navigation

The structure of JavaScript in web pages
JavaScript language structures that are included in a web page is as follows:

.. heading (title, etc) ..

declaration of variabel, object, dan function JavaScript
<!-- end script -- >


declaration of variabel, object, dan function JavaScript

In the structure above we can see that to add the JavaScript program on a Web page is to add a tag </SCRIPT>., then comment tag (<!--), pendeklarasian variables and all functions are used, ending with a comment tag again (<!-- and - ->), and closes with the tag </SCRIPT>..

JavaScript language itself is a language that is object-oriented, where we can create an instance of an object or function, or create a new object or function of the object-obejct that has been available (built-in object).

function (arg1, arg2, …) {
/* deklarasi local variable */
var local_variable1 = 0;
var local_variable2 = arg2;

/* deklarasi program */

JavaScript and event web browser
  • JavaScript is working with web pages based on "listening" all the events that occurred between the user with a web browser. Event is an "incident" caused by user interaction with a web browser. Some of them are:
  • onClick: events that occur on an object if the user to click on that object with mouse button
  • onLoad: events that occur when a user to load a web page on your browser
  • onSubmit: events that occur when a user presses the submit button that is in the form of a web page
  • onMouseOver: events that occur on an object if the user moves the mouse across the object
  • onBlur: events that happen on a user object if the mouse leaves the object

Every event that occurs can be attributed to a JavaScript function that causes the function that works and produces the desired output. For example, if we want a submit button of a form on a web page issue a message if the-click, then the script should we include in these web pages are:

<TITLE>Test JavaScript</TITLE>

function OpenMessage() {
alert("Congrate, You are finished making JavaScript");
<!-- end script -->


<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="tombol" VALUE="PreesMe"

In the listing on the note line 6 and line 13, where if the button is pressed at line 13, the button will generate onClick event, which must execute the functions defined OpenMessage ().

OpenMessage() function command to remove the window system (alerts at line 6) which contains the message "Congratulations, you've managed to create a JavaScript".

Results from a simple JavaScript program above is as follows:

To create a script, no special tools needed development, but merely a text editor such as Notepad, Writepad, vi, pico, and so forth. Once finished creating the scripts, a web page that has accompanied the script can be run directly on the Netscape Browser version 2.0 and above.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Samsung Mobile Phone Projector Beam-Art ARMOLED

Samsung has introduced a mobile phone with projector capabilities AMOLED file in it. This phone is even touted as a touch screen mobile phone projector first in the world. Beam AMOLED mobile phone (SPH-W9600) will replace the Samsung Haptic Beam (SPH-W7900) is also a full-touch phone projector, and the experience to watch and give a good image projection. This phone can be used to access social networking sites, this beam AMOLED handsets allow project share multimedia entertainment, gaming, video and photographed with the 5-megapixel camera. Business people can also use the AMOLED beam and create professional presentations. Samsung's AMOLED phone has a beam size of 50 inches, the display is 1.5 times brighter than previous versions, Haptic Beam. With lightweight and has a compact design, AMOLED Beam supported by Microsoft Office and supports the DivX code, and 3.3-inch WVGA screen. Equipped with AMOLED display and projector features advanced, AMOLED Beam would slide in the Korean market, although there has been no estimate of the price of Samsung.

samsung mobile specifications amoled beam :

  • Network: HSDPA
  • Display: 3.3” WVGA AMOLED (800×480)
  • Camera / Video: 5.0 megapixel Camera + VGA Video Telephony Camera, DivX support
  • Audio: Poly 64, MP3, CMX
  • Value-added Features: WVGA Projector (9 Lumen @ 1W), Terrestrial DMB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Memory: 8GB + 3GB, external memory slot (Up to 16GB)
  • Size: 56 x 116 x 15.7mm
  • Battery: 1200 mAh

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Create Image Thumbnail Your Post on Widget/sidebar


Posting this time will explain how to make a thumbnail in blogger post . like this example:

Steps you should do is:
1. Open your Blogger.
2. click on "Layout"
3. On the Elements page, find where you will put your post tumbnail.
4. Then click on "add a gadget"
5. Select "HTML / JavaScript"
6. copypaste scrip code below:

<script language="JavaScript">
imgr = new Array();

imgr[0] = "";

showRandomImg = true;

aBold = true;

summaryPost = 0; //
summaryTitle = 80; //

numposts = 4; //
home_page = "";

label1 = "your label"; //change this to your desired label name
tLabel1 = "your label"; //change this to your desired label name

function removeHtmlTag(strx,chop){
var s = strx.split("<");
for(var i=0;i<s.length;i++){
s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length);
s = s.join("");
s = s.substring(0,chop-1);
return s;

function showrecentposts(json) {
j = (showRandomImg) ? Math.floor((imgr.length+1)*Math.random()) : 0;
img = new Array();

for (var i = 0; i < numposts; i++) {
var entry = json.feed.entry[i];
var posttitle = entry.title.$t;
var pcm;
var posturl;
if (i == json.feed.entry.length) break;
for (var k = 0; k <; k++) {
if ([k].rel == 'alternate') {
posturl =[k].href;

for (var k = 0; k <; k++) {
if ([k].rel == 'replies' &&[k].type == 'text/html') {
pcm =[k].title.split(" ")[0];

if ("content" in entry) {
var postcontent = entry.content.$t;}
if ("summary" in entry) {
var postcontent = entry.summary.$t;}
else var postcontent = "";

postdate = entry.published.$t;

if(j>imgr.length-1) j=0;
img[i] = imgr[j];

s = postcontent ; a = s.indexOf("<img"); b = s.indexOf("src=\"",a); c = s.indexOf("\"",b+5); d = s.substr(b+5,c-b-5);

if((a!=-1)&&(b!=-1)&&(c!=-1)&&(d!="")) img[i] = d;

//cmtext = (text != 'no') ? '<i><font color="'+acolor+'">('+pcm+' '+text+')</font></i>' : '';

var month = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12];
var month2 = ["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"];

var day = postdate.split("-")[2].substring(0,2);
var m = postdate.split("-")[1];
var y = postdate.split("-")[0];

for(var u2=0;u2<month.length;u2++){
if(parseInt(m)==month[u2]) {
m = month2[u2] ; break;

//var daystr = (showPostDate) ? '<i><font color="'+acolor+'"> - ('+day+ ' ' + m + ' ' + y + ')</font></i>' : "";

posttitle = (aBold) ? ""+posttitle+"" : posttitle;

var trtd = '<li class="art-BlockContent-body"style="list-style:none;margin-bottom:0.4em;margin-top:-0.4em; margin-left:0em;padding-left:0em;text-indent:0em;"><div class="entry"> <div style="margin: 5px; overflow: hidden; height: 65px;"><a style="font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold;" title="'+posttitle+'" href="'+posturl+'"><img class="post_thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail post_thumbnail" style="float:left; margin:0px 2px 0px 0px; cursor:pointer; cursor:hand; border:0" height="65px" width="60px" src="'+img[i]+'"></a><h4 class="post-title" style="margin: 0pt; padding: 0pt; text-align: left;"> <a href="'+posturl+'">'+removeHtmlTag(posttitle,summaryTitle)+'</a> </h4>'+removeHtmlTag(postcontent,summaryPost)+'</div></div> <p class="sp-separator"> </p></li> ';




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Notes For Script:
  1. You can upload images tumbnail type (no-image) of your own by replacing the url on imgr[0] or let it remain like that.
  2. You can change length setting for your article summary and tittle sumary on
    summaryPost = 0; // ----> 0 = calculated per-word
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Good Luck ... !!!
Netter Kingdom


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hecker's most feared in the World

Computer World is an equipment that can not be categorized as a strange but true thing, where everyone in the world can connect with each other, even World Computers is now used as a tool that must be owned by a company in fact almost all the work now can be dealt with using a computer, and almost all systems controlled by computer technology ..

Related Problems in the wake of the Computer, any person who has understood the computer always wanted to try to find weaknesses in the system that make .. or commonly known as hacking ...

Hacker world has known since the computer, and they began to be more like a king-Jaunty since the internet.

Here are some of the best hackers in the World ...

1. Yunus Attsaouly Aka Irhaby 007

The short career of Irhabi 007 offers a case study in the evolving nature of the threat that we at the SITE Institute track every day by monitoring and then joining the password-protected forums and communicating with the online jihadi community. Celebrated for his computer expertise, Irhabi 007 had propelled the jihadists into a 21st-century offensive through his ability to covertly and securely disseminate manuals of weaponry, videos of insurgent feats such as beheadings and other inflammatory material. It is by analyzing the trail of information left by such postings that we are able to distinguish the patterns of communication used by individual terrorists.

Irhabi's success stemmed from a combination of skill and timing. In early 2004, he joined the password-protected message forum known as Muntada al-Ansar al-Islami (Islam Supporters Forum) and, soon after, al-Ekhlas (Sincerity) -- two of the password-protected forums with thousands of members that al-Qaeda had been using for military instructions, propaganda and recruitment. (These two forums have since been taken down.) This was around the time that Zarqawi began using the Internet as his primary means of disseminating propaganda for his insurgency in Iraq. Zarqawi needed computer-savvy associates, and Irhabi proved to be a standout among the volunteers, many of whom were based in Europe.

Irhabi's central role became apparent to outsiders in April of that year, when Zarqawi's group, later renamed al-Qaeda in Iraq, began releasing its communiqués through its official spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, on the Ansar forum. In his first posting, al-Iraqi wrote in Arabic about "the good news" that "a group of proud and brave men" intended to "strike the economic interests of the countries of blasphemy and atheism, that came to raise the banner of the Cross in the country of the Muslims."

At the time, some doubted that posting's authenticity, but Irhabi, who was the first to post a response, offered words of support. Before long, al-Iraqi answered in like fashion, establishing their relationship -- and Irhabi's central role.

Over the following year and a half, Irhabi established himself as the top jihadi expert on all things Internet-related. He became a very active member of many jihadi forums in Arabic and English. He worked on both defeating and enhancing online security, linking to multimedia and providing online seminars on the use of the Internet. He seemed to be online night and day, ready to answer questions about how to post a video, for example -- and often willing to take over and do the posting himself. Irhabi focused on hacking into Web sites as well as educating Internet surfers in the secrets to anonymous browsing.

In one instance, Irhabi posted a 20-page message titled "Seminar on Hacking Websites," to the Ekhlas forum. It provided detailed information on the art of hacking, listing dozens of vulnerable Web sites to which one could upload shared media. Irhabi used this strategy himself, uploading data to a Web site run by the state of Arkansas, and then to another run by George Washington University. This stunt led many experts to believe -- erroneously -- that Irhabi was based in the United States.

Irhabi used countless other Web sites as free hosts for material that the jihadists needed to upload and share. In addition to these sites, Irhabi provided techniques for discovering server vulnerabilities, in the event that his suggested sites became secure. In this way, jihadists could use third-party hosts to disseminate propaganda so that they did not have to risk using their own web space and, more importantly, their own money.

As he provided seemingly limitless space captured from vulnerable servers throughout the Internet, Irhabi was celebrated by his online followers. A mark of that appreciation was the following memorandum of praise offered by a member of Ansar in August 2004:

2. Kevin Mitnick ( was born in August 6,1963)

The world has known hacker Kevin is known for the action quite horrendous hackernya America, and represents "the most wanted computer criminal in United States history." His life story had been filmed as much as two times in Hollywood, with the title 'Takedown' and 'Freedom Downtime'.
Kevin first started hackernya action against the transportation system in Los Angeles. After successfully hacking into the system 'punchcard' (reading of the subscription card bus), he could use a bus anywhere for free. The next action is to break down Kevin telephone system, in which he can use long-distance telephone service for free.

Once familiar with computers, Kevin had to do hacking on:
- DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) system
- IBM Computer Mini in 'Computer Learning Center of Los Angeles'
- Hacking system, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens
- Fool the FBI
Kevin finally got caught and serving a prison sentence of 5 years. He was only released in 2000. After freedom, he may not use telecommunication devices and phones until 2003. After Kevin's right to sue in court, he finally allowed to use communication devices and computers. Kevin is currently working as a computer security consultant. computers, and they began to be more like a king-Jaunty since the internet.

3. Adrian Lamo

Adrian is a journalist and a hacker predicate 'gray' (can be good, be evil :-), is primarily known in hacking a computer network having a series of high security.
Himself has become a popular man after successfully hacking into computer systems 'The New York Times' in 2002 and 'Microsoft'. He is also known to be able to identify deficiencies in computer network security from a company that is included in the list of 'Fortune 500 companies' and then tell them the weaknesses and gaps that he found.
This case had been examined by the FBI for 15 months, after the New York Times reported that the hack their system. Finally, note in 2003 that the cause is Adrian. Adrian could hide a few days, and finally surrendered to the FBI on the year 2004.
Adrian eventually have to undergo punishment 'house arrest' by his parents, and two years probation with fines of about $ 65,000. Adrian is also believed to be trying to penetrate computer systems Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, Bank of America, and Citigroup, by exploiting existing vulnerabilities.

4.Jonathan James
( was born in December 12, 1983

James is the youngest American man who was sentenced for crimes of cyber world. When a new age of 16 years he was sent to prison for hacking into U.S. defense department website.
Himself admitted to hacking is a challenge and is one of the pleasures of its own. NASA is also subject to the sap of fruit from keisengannya, James managed to steal (download) software that NASA estimated at $ 1.7 million U.S. dollars in 1999. NASA should be forced to shut down the server and the system resulting from the act of James for three weeks. And after that NASA should mengelaurkan sekiatar costs $ 41,000 to fix a broken system.
6 months after hacking into NASA's James, he picked up at his home by local police at 6am. He underwent six-month jail sentence for underage, and probation 'house arrest' to reach 21 years old. James was not allowed to interact with the computer that long.
James died on May 18, 2008, there was no information on what caused his death.
Even an age of increasingly sophisticated as it is now estimated there could be millions of people who are always wrestling in the World Hacking, even they now work in groups or be merged into one community that is always trying to find the weaknesses of a system that in the definition, with different goals depending on their wishes.

5. Owen Thorn Walker
Hacker activity that endangers computer users around the world re-discovered. This time, a hacker youth aged 18-year-old was later arrested by New Zealand. The hacker creates malicious programs to infect millions of computers in various parts of the earth.

18 year old hacker named Owen Thorn Walker was successfully confined to the international police cooperation. According to police, Owen is the leader of an international gang of hackers, which has infected 1.3 million computers.

As quoted from detikINET JardiknasCilacap, Tuesday (03/04/2008), hacker activity goal is to steal credit card numbers and manipulate the stock activity on the victim's computer.

New Zealand Police in cooperation with Dutch police and spy agencies of the United States, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), in an effort to uncover the case. After going through various investigations, Walker had been arrested.

Owen led hacker gang activity was allegedly caused losses up to U.S. $ 20 million worldwide, mostly because breaking your bank account. Owen, who operate under the name 'AKILL' is now facing litigation to ten years in prison in New Zealand courts.

The hackjack say :
This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud.

We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals.

We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals.

You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.
PC Mild, 2005 edition

Monday, May 10, 2010

Trick SEO " Just Writing Your Keyword"

To get traffic from the search engines you need links to your website, lots of links. This is because the search engines give better rank to pages with inbound links than to pages with little or no links.

Here's an easy way to get links from blog comments. Just type the following search query into Google:

wordpress comments "your keywords"

Where you replace "your keywords" with the specific keywords your are targeting with your website.

When you search like that you will find wordpress blogs related to your niche where you can post relevant comments and include a link back to your site.

Make sure to use different variations of your keywords when you link back!

A good strategy when commenting on blogs is to write something that ads value to the discussion. That way some people reading your comment will become interested in what you do and click through to your website to check you our.

Links from blogs in the same niche as your website is a lot more valuable for SEO than links from random unrelated blogs. The search engines considers the theme of the link when deciding how to rank your site.

Another time I'm going to tell you how to get more dofollow links and what's the difference between dofollow and nofollow.

"More Traffic With Your Domain"


This time I'm going to talk a little about how to select a domain name that is right for your business.

If you already have a busy website and you like your domain there's no need to change it but as soon as you set up a new website or if you are going to rebrand your business with a new business name you need to consider carefully what domain name to choose.

For those of your who don't know the domain name is the base part of the address you type into the browser address bar to open a website. Like "", "" or ""

First of all you need to know what you are going to use the domain for. It could be any of the following.
  1. The website of your business.
  2. A niche website to make money from ads or selling a ebook
  3. A SEO website, like a feeder blog, that exist for the sole purpose of helping your business or niche website rank in the search engines.
Considering the different purposes a domain and website can have your might want to optimize your domain for some but not all of the following
  1. A short name that is easy to spell and that people will remember after they have heard someone mention it on the radio or if they read about it two days ago.
  2. A name the is built from the nr 1 keyphrase your are targeting with SEO
  3. A name that does not conflict with trademarks or business names already in use in your target market (or you could lose your domain to a trademark holder)
  4. A name you want to live with for many years (a lot of your marketing is tied to the domain name)
  5. A name without hyphens if possible
  6. A .COM or country specific domain for your business
  7. A .ORG or country specific domain for your organization
Your Business Website
When your select a domain name for your business, most of the time your want the domain name to be the same as the name of your business.

If you have a long or complicated business name it's usually best to select a domain name that is a short version of your business name, the name of a popular product you sell or a completely new name

Branding is important here and you want a short and memorable name that you remember from the radio or from a billboard.

Always go for a .COM or a country specific domain extension, like .CA or .CO.UK, for your business.

Use a country specific extension if the large majority of your customers are from a singly country. The country specific extension will help your search engine rankings in that country, but will reduce your rankings in the rest of the world. Many times a country specific extension will make your look more trustworthy in the local market.

Use a .COM extension of you sell to many countries and especially if you sell to the US. The United States country specific extension .US is not popular so avoid it and use .COM

There is a reason to not use .NET domains. Most people only remember the name part of the domain and automatically adds .COM when typing it into the browser address bar. This means you lose a percentage of visitors that go to the .COM domain instead, and if there is something interesting (perhaps a competitor) on the .COM domain they may never return to your hidden .NET business.

If you really want to have a .NET domain make sure to also register the .COM domain with the same name and redirect it the your .NET website.

Lets talk about domains for Free SEO and niche websites in a later newsletter.

Also remember to check out my list of best domain name registratin sites if you need a safe place to register your domains.

Take care,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Free Script SEO Tool Pack


Free script SEO tool pack is a collection of seo script you can use to add a professional on your website. I forget whether I ever share this script before or not. After I double-check, yet there was this sort of article on our favorite blogs. Yes ... this seo script than buried in the HDD I wasted all this time, I better share with you just so you can use this SEO script on a website you have created.

Free collection of scripts on SEO tool packs have a lot of webmaster tools you can if return in accordance with your wishes. If you'd like to make it as SEO Power Tool similar to the one on this blog, you can try to combine several SEO script before I ever share terbasuk SEO script on this one.

Some list of Free SEO tools script pack of them:

- Advanced PageRank
- CGI Sitemap Generator
- Check BackLinks in Google, MSN, Yahoo
- Check Google PageRank
- Check PR, BL, Alexa Rank #1
- Check PR, BL, Alexa Rank #2
- Check PR, BL, Alexa Rank, MSN Results, Yahoo Results
- Hub Finder
- Keyword Generator
- Keyword Research Tool
- Link Checking
- Link Harvester
- Link Popularity
- Link Submit
- Link Suggest
- Sitemap Generator
- The Google Suggest Scrape
- XML Sitemap Generator

Download Here :
Free Download Free script SEO tool pack

How to Get PR 7 With Free Backlink.


Outside there is a lot of backlinks bidding at certain prices, even prices there are up to hundreds of dollars. To you who are eager to get backlinks from blogs with PR-7 for free then read this post is the right choice. In addition to getting a free backlink is also beneficial to improve google pagerank and of course traffic visitors.

In addition to inbound links, backlinks are no less important, especially you mendapatkanya from its high-PR blogs. Of such things is an important point for the development of your blog. One way to increase Google Page Rank blog we are looking for backlinks. Then effort to get the link from BlogCatalog is a smart choice, this is because BlogCatalog is a directory that have a Page Rank of 7.

In the course BlogCatalog provided facilities you can use to mengembangakan community and attract visitors. Features include: discussion board to promote the blog and its contents. With dicussion facilities that you can expect to get backlinks from this Directory.

Several stages of steps that you can do to immediately get a backlink BlogCatalog as follows:
please you to visit

* Please fill out the list of questions asked
* Then after Sign in, please click DISCUSSION
* Please select the category that will be utilized Discussion
* You can convey interesting questions to BlogCatalog members can visit your blog.

Similarly Tips on getting backlinks from blogs with PR 7 good luck wishes always smooth and successful.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Have you seen this Way to Get Links?


One of my subscribers sent me this email about how he was finding great sites to link to him. He was finding these sites on of all places.....YouTube. Now before you think you know what I'm talking about let me explain and give you the short version of the email he sent me. He said that he was looking for content to add to his sites and thought he would look on YouTube for some videos. He found some that worked for his niche and then he noticed something he had never seen before. When he clicked on the video and it started to play he saw there was a tab below that video that was called "Statistics & Data".

When he clicked on it, YouTube listed all the sites generating clicks for that video. Now, maybe you've seen this before but what he did has made a difference in the traffic to his site....and his rankings! He made a list of the sites and then started contacting those sites

with request to link to his site and some of his videos. Did everyone respond, no. Did everyone link to his site, no. But...some did!

He has been able to build up a good number of quality backlinks that actually get traffic and increase his PR all at the same time. Which has resulted in a boosting of orders. What a great way to see YouTube to your advantage. Now take action and head over to YouTube and locate some videos for your niche. Then, click on the stats tab and see who's driving them traffic.


Friday, May 7, 2010

SEO and Backlink ?


Trying a little post about SEO, this time discussing the part of the Search Engine itself is the Backlink Optimazation. So much has been discussed about this problem and there are many conflicting opinions. Here we will not even discuss what a backlink is, because I'm sure most already know. I need to underline a few things below are based on my thinking that has been summarized for this when a walk to the blog friends. For those who want to follow please, and who want to read and read well for consideration please.

Some things to note about the optimization backlink

1. Get good quality backlinks from blogs a Niche

Maybe this is often forgotten by the bloggers, when it was cool thinking of getting a backlink in large quantities. Actually there will be no fundamental problems about where we put a link to the article or blog, but better if the link it has a similar subject. Perhaps the most severe cases are when we either find backlink, rather than an increase in the SERP but what happens is Pinalty Google.

2. Blogs that have backlinks from the same language

Many backlinks it does have its own value, but from a couple of times to try this is enough to consider. Use the same language and same geotagging also influence the quality of backlinks, it is also associated with the target that we are headed. Semisalkan we are pursuing a good position in SERP, then we should search for backlinks from other blogs that speak Indonesian, vice versa.

3. Use the right Anchor Text
Many say we must use the appropriate keyword Anchor, I agree with that. But if the visitor from search engine using keywords such as what we are aiming? Nothing wrong with us to position ourselves as a Visitor and tried to turn back or add some words (long tail). Examples of keywords that behind "Blogger Tutorial" changed to "Tutorial Blogger" or add other words to "Hack Tutorial Blogger". This may increase the value of an anchor link with varying but still leads to the same article.

4. Notice of Anchor Text and Content
Here are two things we get, on one hand we get a backlink that can be helped by those keywords that we spread in the article itself. Visitor elsewhere who visit our blog will be satisfied upon finding what they seek, when assisted with navigation good chance they will explore our blogs to find other articles.

5. Give the lag time to get backlinks
Hard to explain with words, here I examplize just theory.

The first day to make an article on his blog A, third day, we make two articles on the blog B by adding a link to the article. Next day we made six three articles on his blog with a link to the article C 1, so the next. (Link is not necessarily derived from the article, may also from the comments)

From the theory I give an explanation, when the first article we Publis directly he would do to the Search Enggine PING. Obviously we do not have to perform optimization by doing the same thing is not, give pause time 2 to 3 days. About how many backlinks themselves all up to you, but I remind a lot of backlinks in a period of time will make your blog even thought Link Farm by robots.

6. Choosing backlink

I had alluded to in part 1, why we should vote in the search for backlinks. Not because we are arrogant, because of the backlinks blog and another one related to each other. Like we got from the blog to Backlink PR (Pagerank) high, but the blogs are using blackhat for
optimization. Obviously it is also a bad influence on the link provided to our blog (minus value). I think that's six things about SEO and backlinks that must be considered here, may be useful for the homeland, nation and all citizens of the blogosphere. Opinions and suggestions regarding additional and from friends please leave a message in comments field. all it takes is also correlation between the content and backlinks, many backlinks but also the same content just does not make it. Actually there are many that relate to backlinks, but again it all opinions. get links from PR0 blog that's not a big problem, of course, owner of the blog that will not stand to let her blog PR0. when the PR they got to number one, or maybe we can direct three additional course.



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