Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Every time you run a marketing campaign, the leads you get can be divided into three categories:

  1. Leads that are ready NOW (Hot);
  2. Leads that aren't ready now but will be ready soon (Warm--these leads are critical to your success); and
  3. Leads that may never be ready (Cold or Bad Leads).

The problem is, when you first receive them, you don't know which is which!!! Here the marketing trick you want do !

So, you or your staff call every lead once or twice and then you spend the time with the leads that look like they're going to close. Every smart sales person that works on commissions does this--they go for the low hanging fruit!

That's right. They basically cherry pick! Cherry picking is the natural result here because:

  • Sales reps are paid high commissions for a sale;
  • You can't tell the difference between warm leads and bad leads until you reach them;
  • If you DO reach the lead and the timing isn't right, you don't have the time or patience to constantly follow up.

There's nothing wrong with spending your time with hot leads. The problem of cherry picking comes when you neglect all those warm leads!

Instead of doing the tedious follow-up grunt work, sales reps usually wait for a new batch of leads to come in. In the meantime, the warm leads from the last batch get cold and you forget about them. Simply put, they slip through the cracks.

You know you need a system to follow up with these leads. You need something or someone to do your follow-up like clockwork, whether you're on the phone, in a meeting or on the golf course.

Over the years, you've probably tried a number of different schemes to follow up or "re-market" to your leads. And if you're "successful," chances are you're finding an occasional needle in the haystack. But... YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!

Your follow up doesn't have to be hit and miss. There's a new way to manage this whole process for you. And you can be sure that it will help you get more out of your leads than you're getting right now. Wouldn't it be nice to get a couple more closed deals (or more!) from your leads each month?

Find out how to do just that. Call me or reply to this email and I'll tell you how you can get more out of your prospects & leads.


Friday, June 18, 2010


Hi, netter`s friend....

Have you ever heard anyone say that the BIG money is NOT in selling products or services... it's in learning how to MARKET your products or services like a pro? Well, it's true! And if you're going to explode your profits in your industry--especially if you face price competition, market contraction, rising costs, or other challenges--you've got to learn to become a master marketer.


There are three factors that influence the profitability of any marketing effort. The smartest marketing minds on the planet have sifted these factors down to this simple, but powerful formula:

The Right Message... To The Right Market... At The Right Time!

Most businesses miss one, two or all three of these factors, and end up with very ineffective marketing and advertising results. Also, most businesses compound these problems by spending a bunch of money on image advertising, with no direct response offers at all. This could cost companies millions in missed sales every year.

To make the most of your marketing dollars:

  1. Never waste money on image advertising, or at least keep it to a minimum.
  2. Test simple, inexpensive direct response marketing methods. Offer FREE reports, samples, coupons, or other response devices filled with emotionally compelling copy to find the messages that match the interests of YOUR target markets!
  3. Concentrate on your most successful direct response offers, and...Use Multi-Step Direct Mail/Phone/Fax/Email/Voice Broadcasting Follow-Up To Maximize Sales!

It is CRITICAL that you follow up with your leads repeatedly, incorporating a variety of media such as mail, phone, fax, e-mail messages, and voice broadcasting!!!

If you don't have a computerized system in place to methodically, repetitively and consistently follow up with your leads, you're either wasting a lot of leads or you're wasting a lot of man hours doing tedious, manual follow up.

Give me a call or reply to this email and I'll tell you how you can automate this all-important aspect of successful marketing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Webmaster, This Is The Key To SEO Success!

Keyword research, finding the right keywords for your website or product, is one of the fundamental activities in SEO. What do you think about The Key To SEO Success ? Let`t read carefully ... :D

The keywords you use to promote your website effectively selects what people will be visiting your website and you better make sure this is people interested in buying your products and services!

If you sell your own product the type of visitor will determine your conversion rate and visitor value. If you use AdSense on your website the type of visitor will determine your CPM. If you sell advertising directly the type of visitor will determine how long people are staying on your website which affects your page view statistics.

The keywords you use to promote your website directly determines the level of income you will have from your website.

How To Choose Keywords

Fist of all you need to have an idea of what products or services your are going to sell. At this point I'll just assume you already know that.

Now you start by making a list of all keywords related to you main product or service by brainstorming. Just write down everything you can think of, here's a list to get your started.

* Brand names * Who is using the product (dentist,webmaster, mothers etc) * Where is the product used (home, office, underwater, on website etc) * Related products (soap - shampoo, car - insurance, hosting - domain names) * Season (summer, Christmas, harvest etc) * Product features (low noise, easy to use, cheap, high availability, tasty, blue)

When you have a list of 50-200 keywords you are ready for the next step which is keyword tools.

Keywords tools helps you find synonyms and related keywords that you didn't think about. They also help you determine if a keyword is likely to bring in paying customers or just browsers. And finally they help you determine the level of SEO competition for a keyword.

The fist tool to use is the Google keyword tool which is free and uses the Google index to find relevant keywords. The Google keyword tool tells you exactly what people are searching for on Google, it lets you know what people are interested in and in great detail.

As en example I type in the keyword "add url" into the box I quickly find out that there is several types of "add url" searched for.
* directory add url * search engine add url * seo add url

There is also some synonyms for add url

* submit url * adding url * register url * add link

In my case as I run a search engine I might want to concentrate on the "search engine add url" and "seo add url". I also want to use the variations "submit url" and "add link" and probably also "search engine submit url" and "search engine add link"

As you see there is endless variations and you should now write down all the keyword that is relevant to your business and has some level of traffic. Use Excel or the free alternative, to easily keep track of your keyword lists.

Now that you have the keywords you need to find out the competition. If you are just starting out you don't want to take on a big competitor head on, instead try finding areas (keywords) that you competitor is neglecting and with those.

For every keyword in your list type in this at Google

allintitle:your keywords
Replace "your keywords" with your actual keyword phrase.

This query returns the sites that have your keyword phrase in the title of the webpage. Note the number of search results returned and write it down in your Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet This is a rough indicator of the level of competition for that keyword.

And yes I know this is a lot of work so you might want to start with your most important keywords and continue with the rest later. (There's tools to make this task easier but they are not free so I'll tell you about them later...)

You now need to decide what page on your website is going to target what keyword. No single page should target more than two or in some cases three keywords/phrases, otherwise you have a loss of focus and the page will not be effective for sales or for SEO.

Finally you need to decide where to start. What pages you are going to build first and what keywords to optimize for first. A good idea is to start with the EASIEST keywords with the least amount of competition.

Sure you are not going to get a lot of traffic with these keywords, but you can expect to get a #1 Google ranking fairly quickly and with that you'll get some visitors and much needed feedback on you website and marketing message.

You'll also start generating some cash to help you along.

When you have mastered the easy keywords you just go on to the medium competition ones, and then you have those at #1 go on with the tough ones.

Now you probably think that this is a lot of work, and it is! But choosing the right keywords and target market can mean a ten fold increase in income ones the traffic is starting to flow.

And as I said earlier there's tools to make your work easier.

The tool I use the most for keyword research is Market Samurai, a desktop application that you install in your computer and that uses the Google keyword tool and the Google search box to automatically do the keyword queries you would otherwise have to enter by hand.

The other tool I use is NicheBotX, which is an online tool that gives you a lot more keywords, especially long tail keywords, than what the Google keyword tool provides. NicheBot also have tools for keeping track of your keyword lists and for doing different kinds of analysis on your keyword lists. They currently have a $1 trial going here if you want to check it out without spending more than a buck.

I'll end with a quick recap of what to do

  • Brainstorm initial keyword list based on your experience
  • Use the Google Keyword tool, NicheBotX or Market Samurai to generate additonal keywords
  • Use Google search, Market Samurai or NicheBotX to evaluate the competition for the keywords (this is where the tools save a lot of time)
  • Implement easy keywords and optimize until you have Google #1 listings and Alexa
  • Implement medium competition keywords and optimize until you have Google #1 listings
  • Implement tough competition keywords and optimize until you have Google #1 listings
  • At this point you are making money
Now get to work!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Schedule of Google PageRank Update 2010

After "blogwalking" visit one blog to another blog, I found a rather interesting info attention. Namely, a posting on the "Schedule of Google PageRank Update 2010" and then after I read it contains a schedule of Google, anytime will do the PageRank update was in 2010. Whether this information is valid or not, but maybe too many bloggers or webmasters already know about Google PageRank Update 2010 Schedule of this. So I try to share information that has not received the info for the Google PageRank Update 2010 Schedule of this.

About the truth of this information may only Google knows. But according to what I read in these blogs, said that counting Google PageRank Update 2010 Schedule is based on the assumption pagerank update to last year. That happened four times Google's PageRank Update in one year.

Schedule of Google PageRank Update 2010 :

1. First 2010 PageRank Update (March 31 – April 1, 2010)
2. Second 2010 PageRank Update (June 31 – July 1, 2010)
3. Third 2010 PageRank Update (September 31 – October 1, 2010)
4. Fourth 2010 PageRank Update (December 31 – January 1, 2011)

For the truth certainly may also not necessarily because it's also just an estimate of the assumption of calculation PageRank update last year. To check the truth so we'll wait to stay at around these dates, whether there is a change Google Update PageRank or not.

Google PageRank Update Schedule at least 2010 can be used as a reference. Want google pagerank update blogs or not if we do not yet deliver more value will also not affected. Effort and luck we live, may be rewarded by Google Pagerank with reference to the Schedule of the Google PageRank Update 2010.

Hopefully useful to you.

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One Powerfull way to get " The Top Ten" on Google For Just in 3 Days

Have you thought about this way? means that you will read here is a way that may not be known by many people. Many people who wanted his website a place top ten in Google. Many ways are done, ranging from advertising, link exchange, commented on a blog, or install a script SEO. Actually there's an easier way, but must be diligent to do it, just in three days.

I will explain how.
First, you should do is check "your keyword" in google, use free tools available on the internet, for example a website You will know the position of your keywords there. Further towards the second step.

Second, Prepare the desired keywords, such as the example below:
"Free Download SEO Script"

Once you are ready with your keyword, type like the example below in your browser's search box, input script search "site:", input your website address after the code "site:" do not use "http://".

Free Download SEO Script

You mush possessed this techniques at least using two computers and two internet connections. The first day using this on a single computer (call it computer A), with one hour time difference, any type using your keywords! Click on the search results that you can up your web pages displayed in full.
The second day of using computer B, do the same thing as above.
Third day of computer use A and B, do the same thing, but you should increase the frequency of your keyword, use the time difference of about 30 minutes for approximately half a day.
Now, try to typing your keywords with not included "site:", just type your keyword only. try this way by using the remaining half days left. Use both computers simultaneously, A and B.
and the forth day was come....... see the results ... bravo ..............

Good luck ................


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Here's a list of High PR DoFollow latest blog. Do not miss .... As refreshing our memories, comments on DoFollow blogs and have the same theme with the blog we are considered as a quality backlink. So if you have a common theme with these blogs below, then you should be grateful and keep well qualified to comment, provide input that makes the blog owner happy. Because if not, do not expect your comments appear .... unless you are lucky ..:).

Okay, go toward the target .... O yea, if the latest list High PR DoFollow Blog is still lacking, I am always reminded to use DoFollow Blog Finder Software. Because then you are free to search at will, the theme of the blog what you want to visit. Suppose you want to get a Quality Backlink Blog for the latest Mobile you have, then with this DoFollow Blog Finder software, you just specify the keyword "mobile phone" or the related gadgets etc.. After that, the blog where you will visit and comment, you can just choose it. You mush cecking do-follow blog. For checking this, go to quick ways to check do-follow site.

Back to point of my pot, Here the list of do-follow site :
copypaste on your browser box search. -- PR 4 (bussines site ) -- PR 4 -- PR3 ( Education Site) -- PR 3 PR 3 -- PR 4 (store site) -- PR 5 PR 5 PR 3 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 ( Education site) PR 4 PR 3 ( Movie site)

Update Indonesian Dofollow blog in 2011, on March 12, 2011

PR 5

PR 4

PR 3/4

Note 1: Please, comment with releated article on blog above. Indonesian blogger really hate when you make a spam !!! comment in accordance with the contents of their articles.

Note 2: if you found any lastes information about pagerank site above, please cantact me on comment box.


Quick way to checking Do Follow / No Follow Blog.

Hello,, please to meet you,,
Well met again with me, I`m from the Junggle of Asia, so I can`t english fluently, Please be advised....... :-D
After fro blogwalking I finally found this way. This means that this blog entry, blog, comment here, comment there, shout the left, right and so shout. I just wanted to add science and add a link. according to the seniors, give comments on a blog can increase our backlinks. So more and more comments on blogs that do-follow, it will be more and more also the number of backlinks, and automatically will potentially increase our page rank.

The question is, how do we know if a blog is do follow or still defaut, that is no follow-? For Mozilla Firefox users, there are tools in Firefox which can detect if a blog do follow or not. Add Ons was named NoDoFollow 1.1.

Please download NoDoFollow or want more quickly click on the images below to download and install NoDoFollow
How to check DoFollow
blogs is easy, once downloaded it will automatically installed in Firefox. After that, Firefox will ask on the restart. Just click Ok, then restart Firefox, and alohaaaaaaa.. .. Look at the tools menu, the menu will be displayed just the add-ons, ie NoDoFollow. (See picture below).

How to use:
Open up one of the blogs. Or was it my blog. After the add-ons NoDoFollow enabled (checked), then on my blog box will appear pink and blue. Look in the comments section or in the link list / blogroll or friendslink. Links are given a blue box. Blue means "my blog's comment" is Do Follow. (So please comment continued ....). see in the shoutbox, incoming links or the Shouter, given the pink boxes. This means that the links to the 'Shouter' was NoFollow. This shoutbox was designed from the web came from, so not including the do-follow.

So when you're blogwalking, enable add ons NoDoFollow it, let us be a reference to where we are prioritizing commented (in relation to hunting backlinks and PR). So the teachers say ....


The Newes For Blogger : "Blogger Template Designer "

Blogger is a free blogging service that provides a complete facility. Now bloggers provide new services, "Blogger Template Designer ". The Newes For Blogger and designed to simplify for blogger maniac to setting their templates. here also provided a variety of attractive templates, and easy setting. Look at the picture below.

You can easily shift the template directly provided, by clicking the arrow beside. Templates were derived from Awesome Inc., Watermark by Josh Peterson, Ethereal, easy.

On "Blogger Template Designer " in the left side there are Background, Layout, and Advanced. You can easily replace with a preferred background, you just simply click the "background".

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is it Ok for MSM Not to Credit Blogs?

Should mainstream media be held to different standards than bloggers when it comes to crediting sources? Mainstream media agencies have frequently turned their noses up at bloggers, essentially claiming that they steal and repurpose the work of their hard working journalists. While this may be true in some cases, it is hardly fair to say that this is true in general. In fact, this week, we've seen a clear example of the hypocrisy of this notion, because mainstream media publications are clearly just as guilty as blogs when it comes to improper crediting of sources.

Do traditional media publications have less of an obligation to credit sources than bloggers do? Tell us what you think.

This example came in the form of Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief Danny Sullivan breaking a story, and then numerous publications running with it, without mentioning Danny's piece as a source, which it clearly was in the instances he points out. He makes his case here, and we discussed it further, with some additional commentary from Danny here.

We asked Danny, who says he is a traditionally trained reporter, and worked for daily newspapers for five years, how often he thinks mainstream media outlets are taking stories from bloggers, twitterers, etc. "I think a substantial amount of news is coming off tips seen on forums, blog posts and elsewhere on the web. Not a majority. But a noticeable amount, I'd wager."
The AP is one organization that has famously expressed disdain with blogs in the past (ones that quoted AP stories and gave credit), and the AP stands out as an example Danny points to as a possible offender in his case. Note: after Danny called them out, a number of the publications (not including the AP) apologized and/or added links to their stories.

Out of the mainstream stories that do take from blogs, you have to wonder what percentage of them link to the source material, and how that stacks up to the percentage of bloggers linking to the mainstream sources. While certainly not always the case, bloggers are traditionally not shy about linking, because most serious bloggers appreciate the value of a link, and know that not acknowledging sources can be damning to their reputations. Perhaps the offending parties in the mainstream assume that their reputations are already too great to worry about such things.

Government Involvement?

The FTC is considering whether or not it can step in and save journalism. Jeff Jarvis, writing for the New York Post, points to a "staff discussion" document from the Federal Trade Commission that proposes some ideas for "Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism". You might think that such a document would greatly acknowledge the impact of blogs on modern journalism, but as Jarvis notes, blogs are hardly mentioned.

"If the FTC wants to reinvent journalism, perhaps it should align with news' disruptors," he writes. "But there's none of that in this report. The word blog is used but once in 35 pages of text--and then only in a parenthetical mention of soccer blogs." In all fairness, the report does say:

"Studies have shown that newspapers typically provide the largest quantity of original news to consumers over any given period of time. We include within the term 'newspapers' online news websites run either by an existing newspaper or by an online-only news organization." (emphasis added)

It doesn't define online-only news organization, and the line between online-only news organization and blog is anything but black and white. Google News tries to differentiate (though they're all lumped together within the service).

An important note at the beginning of the document reminds us, "This draft does not represent final conclusions or recommendations by the Commission or FTC staff; it is solely for purposes of discussion," but remember, these are potential policy recommendations.
Blogs Report (Not Just Regurgitate) News.

Blogs are press. Go to major events, and you will find bloggers with press passes. Companies and organizations view blogs as press. They give them information to report on - not only at events, but they send press releases and tips via email, and they call influential bloggers. On the flipside, bloggers hunt down facts. They research. They ask questions. They email and make phone calls. They even go on location. In many cases, especially within niches like the tech industry, blogs will break not only some of the news, but maybe most of it.

Jarvis put it well, when he said that "the barrier to entry into the media business has never been lower -- and that means news can grow."

That low barrier may be looked upon too often as a negative, when in fact, it means there is room for more news, and more competition for breaking news. Yes, some of this material comes in the form of discussion around existing stories (and sure, regurgitation sometimes), but it also comes in the form of fresh news. As we've seen (with Danny's example painting a pretty good illustration), mainstream media is also guilty of regurgitation, and can sometimes even be stingier about acknowledging sources.

So the real question is, why should mainstream media be held to a lesser standard for attribution than a blogger?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Monetize!

Blogger Buzz: Monetize!
You may have noticed that about a week ago a new tab showed up in Blogger for your blog. The tab is called Monetize, and in case it isn't clear what that means: it's now easier than ever to make money with your blog! (There's also a "Monetize" link from your Dashboard as well.)

The current Monetize tab allows you to apply for an AdSense account (or link your Blogger blog to an existing AdSense account). You can then choose where to place ads on your blog, and once ads start appearing on your blog, review your earnings. We use the AdSense API to pull your live earnings data from your AdSense account, so now it's easy to check how your revenues are doing without leaving the Blogger interface.

Please note that new applications may take a few days to process, and not every site will be approved (for more on the eligibility criteria for an AdSense account, please see here). Details about the monetize tab and the information presented there is available in Blogger's Help section.

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Education Magazine Blogger Template 2


Post this time about the templates for bloggers, The Great Blogger Magazine Template . Many templates can netterkingdom`s friends visiting . Try your search on the GOOGLE search engine using the keywords "Download Blogger Templates"
There is one template that need to be tested. Which originates from spicytricks and modified by Admin ( Indonesian Blogger), you can see here "EDUCATION FOR OUR COUNTRY TEMPALTE" for example.

how to use templates

Press CTL + F to simplify your search for the code below. copy and paste in the box provided below your browser.

First ( Meta ): you may change your Meta for google verication, alexa verification and other that you have.

<html expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' xmlns='' xmlns:b='' xmlns:data='' xmlns:expr=''>
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<meta content='V1Ay38lLK44ODSwVut-pYw6FLG4' name='alexaVerifyID'/>
<meta content='c4761df6e1bd9f07' name='y_key'/>
<meta content='9BC9644364' name='blogcatalog'/>
<meta content='aOw-uZjxAN6B0kEoLE7ikP5Zmq0VkfVZGOHZHF5vDVU' name='google-site-verification'/>
<meta content='HzGUQcx7gomZ6wE4JfrBJVIfsDpD-0ZTyqhWK7fNF0w' name='google-site-verification'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

<!-- platinum seo pack 1.2.8 -->

<meta content='index,follow,noodp,noydir' name='robots'/>
<meta content='pgsdbjm blog is an online magazine for Education technique and technology, Download RPP, Download RPP CTL, Download RPP Tematik, Download RPP PAKEM PAIKEM, Download RPP dan Silabus KTSP SD, Ujian Nasional, UASBN, Contoh Soal UASBN, Strategi Pembelajaran, Metode Pembelajaran, Model-Model Pembelajaran, Media Pembelajaran, Download Media Pembelajaran, Download Media Pembelajaran SD' name='description'/>
<meta content='Download RPP SD, Download RPP CTL, Download RPP Tematik, Download RPP PAKEM PAIKEM,Download RPP TGT,Informasi Terbaru Pendidikan, Download RPP dan Silabus KTSP SD, Ujian Nasional, UASBN, Contoh Soal UASBN, Strategi Pembelajaran, Metode Pembelajaran, Model-Model Pembelajaran, Model Pembelajaran, Media Pembelajaran, Download Media Pembelajaran SD, info pendidikan terbaru, informasi pendidikan terbaru' name='keywords'/>

<!-- /platinum one seo pack -->
<meta content='Raja' name='author'/>
<!-- fav icon meta tag-->
<link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='' rel='icon'/>

<meta content='9BC9644364' name='blogcatalog'/>
<meta content='c4761df6e1bd9f07' name='y_key'/>
<meta content='RK9LPlaJi6Ob82gC_xBi6KTQIA1-1feoHBdb_pGRvxo' name='google-site-verification'/>
<!-- Fav icon Meta tags -->
  • change the red text with your meta site owners.
  • change the blue text with your site description
  • for yellow text, that is fave icon in browser. to test the icon, you can copy the yellow url onto your browser.

Second( for Body)
Searching code below :

and see the existing code under that code. Like this:

<div class='art-Sheet-body'>
<div class='art-nav'><div class='l'/><div class='r'/>
<div style='float:left;width:76%;'>
<ul class='art-menu'>
<li><a class='active' href=''><span class='l'/><span class='r'/><span class='t'>HOME</span></a></li><li class='page_item page-item-2'><a href='' title='About'><span class='l'/><span class='r'/><span class='t'>ABOUT ME</span></a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-3'><a href='' title='GUESS BOOK'><span class='l'/><span class='r'/><span class='t'>GUESS BOOK</span></a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-4'><a href='' title='CONTACT US'><span class='l'/><span class='r'/><span class='t'>CONTACT US</span></a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-105'><a href='' title='OTHER'><span class='l'/><span class='r'/><span class='t'>MORE SITE</span></a>
<li class='page_item page-item-106'><a href='' title='LINK'>LINK TO US</a>
<li class='page_item page-item-108'><a href='' title='FREE LIVE'>NETTER KINGDOM</a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-107'><a href='' title='PGSD UNLAM'>PGSD UNLAM</a></li>
Replace the URL represented by blue text with your own URL.
for the nav-bar you can change too. change your text and URL do you want. See code below :
To do the same with the previous way.

<div id='catmenucontainer'><div id='catmenu'>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-10'><a href='' title='Nama, Alamat, Email, Universitas, Foto'>about me</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-3'><a href=' pembelajaran?min-results=10' title='Lihat Semua Posting di MODELS OF LEARNING '>MODELS</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-4'><a href=' Pembelajaran?max-results=50' title='Lihat Semua Posting di STRATEGI PEMBELAJARAN'>STRATEGIES</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-68'><a href='' title='Lihat Semua Posting di Downloads'>Downloads</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-5'><a href=' Pendidikan?max-results=50' title='Lihat Semua Posting di BERITA PENDIDIKAN'>EDUCATION INFO</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-80'><a href=' Pendidikan?max-results=50' title='Lihat Semua Posting di ARTIKEL'>ARTIKEL</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-6'><a href='' title='Lihat Semua Posting di IPTEK'>IPTEK</a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-9'><a href='' title='Lihat Semua Posting di Tukar Link'><span><blink>LINK EXCHANGE</blink></span></a>
<li class='cat-item cat-item-9'><a href=' Review' title='Lihat Semua Posting di Blogger Review'>BLOGGER REVIEW</a>

For the next phase, you must replace each URL that shows the code like this:
and replace any URL existing ( ) with your URL each time you find a command like this:

//change this to your desired label name
//change this to your desired label name

fourth ( cat block )
At this stage is to replace the text in each "cat block." See code in blue text below. Replace the text with what you want. Do it at all "cat block" :

<!--second cat block-->
<div class='art-Block catBlock'>
<div class='art-Block-tl'/>
<div class='art-Block-tr'/>
<div class='art-Block-bl'/>
<div class='art-Block-br'/>
<div class='art-Block-tc'/>
<div class='art-Block-bc'/>
<div class='art-Block-cl'/>
<div class='art-Block-cr'/>
<div class='art-Block-cc'/>
<div class='art-Block-body'>
<div class='art-BlockHeader'>
<div class='l'/>
<div class='r'/>
<div class='art-header-tag-icon'>
<div class='t'>TEACHING STRATEGIES</div>


<div class='art-BlockContent'>

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Final stage:
  • Replace all of which are still written Indonesian language with the language you want.
  • for Feed RSS and Feed Burner or the other, then you need to find code that reads Feed, Facebook, del ico, twitter, and ect.
  • Do not replace or remove the footer credits. Therefore, our rights as a distributor, modifier and designer.
Notes : if you have trouble setting this template, please leave your message in the comment box. We will be happy to assist you.



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