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Should You Set Your Blog To DoFollow Or NoFollow?


To follow or not to follow?

To paraphrase a famous line from Shakespeare, that is the question when it comes to setting up your blog commenting options.

There are those on both sides of the fence, and the answer is not clear. We will examine the pros and cons of each here, and let you make that decision yourself.

NoFollow Let’s start with a standard definition of NoFollow from Wikipedia: an attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link target. This is done so that some forms of spam are reduced in effectiveness.

In other words, a link in a comment on your blog will not be followed by a bot and will not receive a boost in SERP. Of course, most know that search engines use the amount of incoming links to a web page as one way to rank it.

Pros Of Making Your Blog NoFollow

• It prevents a link from your site to that of a spammer, or any site with untrustworthy content.

• Google will not penalise a paid link that is NoFollow, but the converse is also true. Your links must be NoFollow to play nice with Google and other top search engines. If you are monetising your website, this is an important key to remember.

• You will gain the benefits of links yourself, rather than sharing the wealth with other sites.

• For certain pages on your site, such as your “Terms of Use” or “Member Login”, there is no need for search engines to crawl through this information. Make sure these pages are NoFollow.

The Cons Of NoFollow

• You may not gain as much activity as you would with a DoFollow blog. Some social marketing specialists will not bother to leave a comment if it will do their target site no good.

• There is a benefit to sharing information on the internet and using NoFollow code defeats that purpose. It prevents good content from getting attention as well as spam.
Pros Of Making Your Blog DoFollow

• The opposite of the con for NoFollow listed above. Making your blog DoFollow means you will get lots more comments, especially from those who build links for a living.

• With DoFollow, you can also utilise CommentLuv and various other plug-ins that spread link love and provide further advantage to commenting. This is a great way to encourage communication.

• Expect increased traffic with a DoFollow blog, which will help your site rank better. The fact that it allows search engines to follow links will attract visitors who might not otherwise stop by and join an ongoing discussion.

The Cons Of DoFollow

• Along with a lot of comments, you are bound to get a lot of spam. If your blog is a WordPress one, you can counteract this by utilising a plug-in such as Akismet. Still, it takes time to go through the comments and decide if you agree with Akismet’s banning standards.

• If spam does manage to get by you, it will downplay your blogger authority index. Anyone who visits a site with a lot of spam does not think highly of the content.

• You end up sharing the positive benefits of linking. Not necessarily a bad thing, but why give away what you’ve worked so hard to earn?

When it comes down to it, you must weigh these pros and cons yourself to decide whether or not you should NoFollow or DoFollow.

Whether you are aiming to purely monetise your site or wish to gain more traffic and visitor comments, these will be the main considerations to help you decide.

If you want to change your blog to Dofollow blog, you can following step, Below are steps to set dofollow nofollow for Blogger and WordPress blogs.

How to set Dofollow for Blogger blog :

* Login to your blogger account

* Go to Blogger layout and click Edit HTML.

* Check Expand Widget Templates.

* Search for ” NoFollow “. You will find at least two Nofollow in the HTML code.

*Remove rel=’nofollow’ from the HTML line that starts with expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’>

* The second nofollow attribute is for backlinks(pingback/trackback) URLs.It’s completely optional.

* Click Save Template button.

* Finally you have done it.If you want to set again nofollow to your blogspot blog then just add nofollow in the above lines.

How to set Dofollow for WordPress blog :
As we all know that WordPress is best platform for blogging and It is also easy to add Dofollow attribute to WordPress blogs.Just install WordPress Dofollow plugin.

Click here to download and install Dofollow WordPress plugin

Finally don’t forget to tell you visitors about your dofollow blog.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fasterfox 3.0.4 - Make Firefox Faster (more)


In the past, when the first appear much firefox 3.0.0 add-on that is not compatible or incompatible with the browser that has been recognized better than the browsers that exist today. Browser million people that has penetrated the world record with 8,002,530 (eight million two thousand five hundred thirty) times the downloads within a single day during download day Firefox 3.0.0 on 17-18 June 2008.

As of this writing publish firefox now in the version 3.0.6 and still there are some add-on that is not compatible including the first one of which is Fasterfox, add-on that can make Firefox more than fastest than ever. But now the add-on (fastefox) has undergone a change and can be used with the latest firefox (experimental).

If the first I ever wrote about "Improving the speed of Firefox and Make Fasterfox Compatible Firefox 3.0.0" with a tutorial that is complicated, is now (4 months after writing it increases the speed publish firefox) you can again increase the speed of Firefox with the Fasterfox add-on that has been in "recycling", Fasterfox 3.0.4. Because the add-on is still experimental so you must first login to install add-on Fasterfox 3.0.4 for your latest Firefox browser.

Good luck and safe surfing with maximum speed ...



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