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Bloggers and the threat of Low Back Pain.

Have you ever heard the term Low Back Pain? This is not the term SEO or the name of a blog, but a kind of disease that have symptoms such as back pain. LBP is a musculoskeletal disorder diseases that attack around 80% of humans with various degrees of pain, whether mild, moderate or severe. Currently I'm suffering from the Low Back Pain, but still lightweight category. It felt very uncomfortable, both in a state of sitting, standing or while lying down. Pain felt at the waist like a permanent pain.

Causes of Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain The disease mostly caused by abnormal body movement causing stretch hip bone, nerve irritation, lumbar radikulopathy, or due to the condition of the bones and joints that are prone to cause LBP. In addition, other conditions that can cause low back pain is a kidney disorder, pregnancy or bone tumors around the hips and waist area.

Bloggers and Low Back Pain.
What's wrong with blogger? Now, I want to explain that the activity of blogging by sitting for hours in front of the monitor screen to make the movement of our spine becomes very low.Sometimes because eventually sat down, the movement that suddenly we are doing can cause stretching of the spine which in turn will lead to symptoms of back pain. This is what I've felt the last few days, have also suffered by my colleague, Elvin Miradi. As a full time bloggers and SEO work, I spend most of my day on the front screen. As a result, less movement becomes inevitable. It became an easy target of low back pain.
So for friends of bloggers, try not to sit longer in front of the monitor screen. Set the time interval to stand or walk around a little work space. Do not forget to drink water regularly when you're online. This will help our kidneys work because as we know, the activity of blogging is very vulnerable to disruptions in the kidneys.

Handling of Low Back Pain.
Handling of low back pain (low back pain) are very terggantung of the cause. Each case must be handled by an individual to know the background of the complaint so that it can be managed appropriately. The main principle of treatment is to overcome the pain back pain first, and only then sought the causes of hip pain.

Some patients with low back pain using a heating pad attached to the waist pain, or to perform massage on the area. Besides, can also do some movement with the recommended therapy. The best position that can be done when you're suffering from low back pain was by lying flat on the floor with a pillow under your knees, or even with your hips and knees bent while your feet on a chair, or just with your hips and knees bent. If needed, you can also take drugs that reduce pain and or swelling include aspirin, acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen.

Tip Speed Up the Blog Page Loading

Blog Loading Speed can affect the mood of your blog visitors. If your blog loadingnya slow, time visitor to read the contents of your blog will be depleted and eventually they leave your blog. Here are tips to speed up loading your blog.

Keep the number of postings that are in the front page of your blog small amounts, ranging between 70-10,

Suggested by the Blogger for your blog quickly loadingnya, in order to use Google or Blogger gadgets that have been provided (ex: Follower, search boxes, etc.). However, if you want to install the HTML code / third party into your gadget, then it is advisable to put the gadget on the bottom / footer for your blog. Nb: If your blog is a little column in the footer, then it could be added by using the tips in this post.

Problem Photos and Media / Vidio. If on your blog there are lots of photos and media, it will be the longer time is needed to load your blog page, but if you need an image and media for the purpose of attracting visitors, or as supporters of a posting, then you can follow bloggers following are some suggestions:

  1. Reducing the size of your image or use of thumbnail images link to full size.
  2. If you use third-party images, consider uploading to Picasa Web Albums from Blogger post editor.
  3. If you have a large number of images to display your blog, you can upload all your photos to Picasa Web Albums and the link could be placed on your posts or sidebar.
Nb: You can also use the following code to display the image in your blog (Customize with your picture URL address).

If you have added custom CSS for your blog, so make sure you have placed it at the top of the page.

To better know how long the loading speed of your blog, then you can direct to check on the web, or can also be referred to as the "Stopwatch" his web / blog.

To check the speed of your blog, you can also use the following tool (which need to be considered is the Size, if your size in the 100-150 KB, so try to reduce some gadget that is not important...

Good luck..................................

HTML Code Parser - HTML and Script Code Converter


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Crank High Voltage (2009)


Synopsis: In the 2006 action hit Crank, hitman Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) spent twenty-four hours in over-drive: fighting, killing, and keeping his adrenaline flowing at full-force to combat a deadly poison injected into his body. Now, in the high-octane sequel Crank High Voltage, Chev has managed to survive -- and is about to face a brand new day.

Picking up immediately where the first movie left off, Crank High Voltage finds Chev surviving the climactic plunge to his most certain death on the streets of Los Angeles, only to be kidnapped by a mysterious Chinese mobster. Three months later, Chev wakes up to discover his nearly indestructible heart has been surgically removed and replaced with a battery-operated ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity in order to work.

After a dangerous escape from his captors, Chev is on the run again, this time from the charismatic Mexican gang boss El Huron (Clifton Collins, Jr.), and the Chinese Triads, headed by the dangerous 100 year-old elder Poon Dong (David Carradine). Once again turning to Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam) for medical advice, receiving help from his friend Kaylo’s twin brother Venus (Efren Ramirez), and re-connecting with his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart), who is no longer in the dark about what he does for a living, Chev is determined to get his real heart back and wreak vengeance on whoever stole it, embarking on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles where anything goes to stay alive.

Lakeshore Entertainment and Lionsgate present Crank High Voltage, a Lakeshore Entertainment / Lionsgate Production In Association with; produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Skip Williamson and Richard Wright. The film was written and directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, the duo behind the 2006 original.--© Lionsgate


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Do You Know About BATIK from Indonesia ? Lets Learning Here !

Batik is historically derived from our ancestors, known since XVII century, written and painted on palm leaves. At that motif of batik was dominated with the form of animals and plants. But in its development history of batik has developed, from painting motifs of animals and plants gradually turn to the abstract motif that resembles a cloud, temple reliefs, wayang beber and so forth. Furthermore, through the merger of the painting with the art style of clothes frieze art of batik as we know it today.

The type and style of traditional batik considered very much, but the pattern and its variations according to the philosophy and culture of each region are very diverse. The Indonesian nation of cultural treasures which have prompted the birth of such a rich variety of styles and types of batik tradisioanal with the characteristics of their own specialty.

Growth in Indonesian Batik
The history of batik in Indonesia associated with the development of the Majapahit kingdom and the kingdom afterwards. In some records, the development of batik is mostly done during the dark days of the Mataram kingdom, then in the kingdom of Solo and Yogyakarta.

Batik art is the art of drawing on the fabric for clothing that becomes one of the family culture Indonesian kings of old. Batik initially worked in the palace just limited to clothing and the result was the king and family and his followers. Because many of the followers of the king who lived outside the palace, the art of batik was brought by the palace and carried them out in place of each.

The process of making batik
In the development of batik art was gradually imitated by the people nearest and subsequently expanded into the work of women in the household to fill his spare time. Furthermore, batik clothing was only the royal family, then became a popular folk clothes, both women and men.

White fabric that is used when it is the result of homespun. Coloring materials being used consists of plants native to Indonesia who made their own from among others: noni tree, tall, soga, indigo, and materials made from soda ash soda, as well as salts made from mud.

So this batik in Indonesia has been known since the days of the Majapahit kingdom and continue to grow until the next kingdom. As for starting the spread of this batik art belongs to the people of Indonesia and Java in particular tribe is after the end of the century or the beginning of XVIII-XIX century. Produced batik batik is all until the early twentieth century and printed batik is known only then after the world wars or the unity around the year 1920. Now batik has become part of traditional Indonesian clothing.

Pekalongan`s Batik
Once city in Indonesia. Although no official records began to be known when the batik in Pekalongan, but a
ccording to estimates existing in Pekalongan batik around the year 1800. Even according to the data recorded at the Ministry, batik was made in 1802, as a small tree motif in the form of dress material.

But significant progress is expected to occur after a major war in 1825-1830 in the kingdom of Mataram, called Java Diponegoro war or war. With the onset of this battle royal family and urged his followers to leave many areas of the kingdom. They then spread towards the East and West. Later in the area - a new area that the family and followers develop batik.

To the east of Solo and Yogyakarta batik batik improve the existing pattern in Mojokerto and Tulungagung to spread to Gresik, Surabaya and Madura. Medium West toward developing batik in Banyumas, Kebumen, Tegal, Cirebon and Pekalongan. With this migration, the existing Pekalongan batik previously flourished.

Over time, Batik Pekalongan experienced rapid growth compared with other regions. In this region, batik grew around coastal areas, namely in the regions and regional town of Pekalongan Buaran, Pekajangan and Wonopringgo.

Batik Pekalongan Museum
Pekalongan public encounter with the various nations such as China, Dutch, Arabic, Indian, Malaysian and Japanese in ancient times have graced the motives and dynamics of full color art of batik.

In connection with the several types of batik effect results from various countries who came to be known as the identity of Pekalongan batik. Motifs, namely batik Jlamprang, inspired from Indian and Arab Affairs. Then batik Encim, and Klengenan, influenced by the Peranakan Chinese. Dutch batik, batik Morning Afternoon, and batik Hokokai, growing rapidly since the Japanese occupation.

Cultural development of printing techniques using dye motifs closing night (candles) on the fabric which was then called batik, is inseparable from the influence of those countries. This shows the resiliency of batik context of the times.

Pekalongan batik is very unique because it rested entirely on hundreds of small entrepreneurs, rather than on a handful of large employers have capital. Since many decades ago until now, most of Pekalongan batik production process is done in homes. As a result, closely united with batik Pekalongan Pekalongan people's lives are now divided into two administrative regions, namely Pekalongan Municipality and Regency of Pekalongan.

Pekalongan batik tidal development, show worthy of Pekalongan batik an icon for the developments in the archipelago. Icon for works of art that never surrendered to the development of times and always dynamic. Now batik has become a breath of everyday life Pekalongan residents and is one of key products. This is because many industries which produce batik. Because the product is known for his batik, known as CITY BATIK Pekalongan. The nickname came from a long tradition rooted in Pekalongan. During that long period, various properties, the variety of uses, type design, as well as batik quality is determined by the climate and the presence of fibers of local, historical factors, trade and the readiness of communities to understand and accept new ideas.

Batik is an art culture that admired the world, among the traditional varieties produced with dye technology hurdles, none of which can be present as beautiful and as smooth as Pekalongan batik.

Consequences of Driving without Car Insurance

Everyone knows that if you wish to drive a car you have to carry auto insurance. When a person first gets their driver’s license from the DMV one of the requirements is showing proof of a valid auto insurance policy that is at least a liability only policy. This is referred to as “Showing Proof of Financial Responsibility”.

Auto insurance is not cheap, especially for someone under the age of 25 or anyone who is going through a financially difficult time in their lives. Many people make the decision to drop their auto insurance policy and take a chance that they will not have an accident. The thought process is typically something like “I’m a good driver; I’ve been driving for X years and never had an accident. I’ll be ok”.

Well that may be true, they might be the best driver on the road, but what about all the other vehicles on the road and all those distractions drivers face today, including talking and texting on cell phones while driving? In reality it could end up costing you more than you think if you are caught driving without insurance.

What is the Penalty for Driving without Insurance?

If an officer stops you and asks for your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance and you are unable to provide the officer with proof of insurance, depending on what state you live in, the officer may seize your vehicle plates or tags and quite possibly impound your vehicle.

If your vehicle gets impound, you are going to have to pay all the fees associated to the impound to get your vehicle out of impound, which could run several hundred dollars or more depending on how long your vehicle sat in impound before you went to get it.

You may have to acquire new plates or tags for your vehicle, which is another cost. You are also going to have to pay the DMV between $150 and up to $1,000 depending on what state you live in to get your driver’s license reinstated. The biggest ongoing expense is going to be the required SR22 filing that the DMV is going to impose on you in order to reinstate your driver’s license.

An SR22 filing is basically an agreement between the DMV and your insurance provider that says that if for any reason there is a lapse in your insurance coverage that your insurance company is obligated to inform the DMV of this lapse.

An SR22 filing or as it’s commonly referred to SR22 insurance is going to impact your insurance rates for an extend period of time. Because depending on what state you live in your DMV may require a longer SR22 filing period due to your lapse in insurance coverage.

How much does SR22 insurance cost?

You can expect to pay between 2 and 3 times as much for an SR22 insurance policy in this scenario compared to what you would have been paying before for your auto insurance. So if you are under the age of 25 and you were paying say $100 a month for insurance coverage on your vehicle, you can expect your insurance rates to increase to $200 to $300 a month, or more. So as you can see the risk of getting caught driving without insurance can far outweigh the cost of just keeping your auto insurance policy enforce.

If you find yourself in this situation one of the best things you can do for yourself to try and save some money on your insurance is to go out and get multiple SR22 insurance quotes from various providers in your area. If you do not own a vehicle but still need to drive you might want to look into getting a non-owner SR22 insurance policy to save some additional money.

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Tommy started playing blackjack professionally in 1978 while still in college. That was also the year he started his first informal "team." He's never looked back. For more than twenty-five years, he has been running the longest-lasting and most successful blackjack team in the history of the game. He and his teammates have played in casinos all over the U.S., Canada, and the world. He has used big player techniques, concealed computers (when they were legal), and had one of the most successful "ace location" teams ever. He has personally been barred, back-roomed, hand-cuffed, arrested, and even threatened with murder at gun-point by a casino owner he had beaten at the tables. Every year, the Hyland team players take millions of dollars out of the casinos. And even though Tommy has had his name and photo published in the notorious Griffin books more times than any other player in history, he continues to play and beat the games wherever legal blackjack games are offered. He has also fought for players' rights by battling the casinos in the courts.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Tommy is polite, soft-spoken, and always a gentleman. He is as loved by players as he is feared by the casinos. In an interview conducted by Richard Munchkin in 2001, Tommy said, "If someone told me I could make $10 million a year working for a casino, I wouldn't even consider it. It wouldn't take me five minutes to turn it down ... I don't like casinos. I don't like how they ruin people's lives. I don't think the employment they provide is a worthwhile thing for those people. They're taking people that could be contributing to society and making them do a job that has no redeeming social value."


The Slots Operators areThreatening to Sue

Just as we all used to follow the form of horses - think the Great Depression and the success of Seabiscuit to see we all love a champion - the latest form book covers the race among US states to balance their budgets. Of course, everyone has been focussing on California with Arnold Schwarzenegger leading the charge to the winning post on getting the budget signed into law. He has enough strength for arm twisting and 'gator wrassling to bulldoze the bill through. But Pennsylvania is just as interesting with the Governor's office matching California's use of IOUs by refusing to pay funds to the four state universities. Probably someone somewhere is running a book on which US state will be the first to declare itself bankrupt. These would be the front runners among an alarming number of states lacking initial prudence and the political will to raise taxes, to cut spending, or both.

Anyway, the real point of interest in Pennsylvania is the growing threat of litigation from the group of license holders who run slot machines. When the licenses were first issued, the state sold maximum exclusivity for a high fee (that's $50 million a license). The enabling law is very clear. No other gambling outlet will be allowed to compete directly with the market for slot machines. At the time, this looked a good deal for both sides. Gambling was a popular activity and the state benefited from a generous input to its finances. Fast forward and the recession has forced people to cut back on their discretionary spending. This means less money to spend on trips to gamble. Ironically, the casino operators to benefit from this have been online. Had it not been for the changes in the law making it difficult to move money into and out of the online casino accounts, they would have cleaned up. So this leaves the current license holders under pressure with building work on some of the proposed casino and resort sites put on hold. While the government finds an expanding black hole eating up its cash reserves as tax revenue falls. The state's answer is proposals to increase the number of slot machines allowed in the existing resorts and to license new resorts. To the existing license holders, this looks like plans to allow direct competition from new operators. They are up in arms with their attorneys slavering on the end of a short leash, just waiting for the chance to sue.

There's no doubt slots still represents a pot of gold for both the license holders and the state. The machines are still a big draw even though the recession is biting hard. But this plan looks like an expansion too far. The average spend has dropped. If the state increases the number of machines, this will only spread the same amount of money around more machines. It's not going to increase the size of the spend. This leaves the state with a growing hole in its accounts and the existing license holders with a good case in contract and constitutional law. With the online casinos introducing new slots games every month and keeping up player interest, this is no time to be fighting over a reducing market in the real world.


Gaming addiction is fairly difficult to recognize


It is truly hard to identify the real reason to recognize what is obsession and how it is brought about. Many people are suffering from gaming addiction and it is an actual ground to pry out the true reason for it. The emotional and the intellectual devotion with some things and a necessity of something generated from inner side make the individual to completely depend on the game and to do anything to capture that taste of the extreme limit.

The basic reason for addiction is something above limit - when an individual wishes to do something out of control, not in an attitude of making any right settlement with respect to the right opportunity. Anyway, usually it might be similar to the drug addiction or some sort of gluttony and, surely, may be alcohol as well, when it's associated with the gambling field. It could be the severe trouble when talking about the gamblers.

It is true that it's pretty hard to find the cure for this addiction. According to a broad review and many other activities made on the same aspect, the individual that has these types of experiences - wins the game without any trouble, gains money again and again and could earn more and more money without confronting much difficulties during the game - is the main suspect to opt this kind of addictive activity, which is always playing in the gambling field. The income and the person's winning capability when it boundlessly increases make them to not even think of quitting the gamble as they become more and more profitable and they gamble in such a manner that no one can stop them from playing over and over again. This increases the gambler's necessity to gamble again and again, more and more, as this is does not take much effort to the player to win the game. The situation could as well arise when the need for money appears after having lost once, the player might want to play once again and then again and again, and again.

This addiction might become so destructing that it might take a form of a type of dent incident for any gambler that is addicted to gambling. If that happens, winning or losing the gamble will not be the issue then. Whatever the player will achieve, the addiction for the game will continue on prospering. If the addicted lost in Blackjack once, they will continue on playing, until they win. Thinking about them winning money again and again, for example, in Blackjack, makes the gambler addictive, and makes the mind to not think of anything else. This makes the gambler to gamble and play at any chance. Such a player sells their personal things, such as clothing, and also manages some other sorts of illegal activities as well in order to have finances for gambling. A lot of thoughts similar to hopelessness or suicide could arise as well.

Many therapies and of course treatments for the gambling addicted are set to run fairly successfully. The treatment for the same is a great YES today. The psychotherapy takes a very significant place while caring about addicted within a group. The consequence for the treatment is only recognized when the person is completely recovered accommodating the entire process in a settled time period.


How do car insurance companies calculate the premium rates?


The business of insurance is called underwriting. The company enters into a contract (called a policy) and agrees to indemnify a group of people like you against defined losses. So it uses some heavy duty math to work out the probability of the losses being incurred. It's called risk assessment and relies on a complicated use of statistics. For vehicle insurance, the companies collect the details from every reported traffic accident in the US looking at the age, sex and occupation of the driver, the make and model being driven, the time of day, the road conditions, and the extent of the damage. The insurers share the information on the current costs of replacement parts and the labor to fit them.

They also manage to talk the health insurance companies into sharing their current costs on medical treatment for those injured in traffic accidents. With all this information, they can make good estimates of the cost of loss, i.e. the total amount they may have to pay out if they insure, say, 100,000 drivers. They take this estimate, add the cost of running the insurance company and a profit margin. This total is then divided between all the 100,000 as their premiums. Some companies divide the total equally so the good drivers subsidize the bad. But the majority adjusts the individual amounts based on the driver's safety record. That way, each policy holder pays more or less depending on how well he or she drives. This is more fair.

But, to cut costs, some insurance companies make more general assumptions about the likelihood of losses. Instead of personalising the risk assessment, they focus the assessment on generalities. The most common is the use of the zip code. In some areas of a town or city, there are higher levels of vehicle theft and vandalism. Some areas have more people driving while intoxicated or impaired through drugs. Because of the design of the local road system, there may also be a higher number of accidents. The insurers therefore charge everyone living in those areas a higher premium. Apart from the unfairness at an individual level, some lawyers believe it is active discrimination because many of the zip code areas loaded with higher premiums have higher concentrations of particular racial or ethnic groups. California has formally prohibited insurance companies from using zip codes, credit scores and other factors not directly relevant to the assessment of driver safety. In those states, insurers continue to trade and make a profit. It has not been the end of the world they predicted.

So, depending on the US state in which you live, your premium may either be calculated based on your personal driving record, or it may be based on your zip code and credit score. Either way, the task of finding the cheapest car insurance remains the same. You have to shop around the companies licensed to sell policies in your state and find the best deal. If there is active competition between the insurers, the premiums will be lower and you will find the cheapest car insurance without too much difficulty. But if the state is unregulated and insurers do not compete, it will be more difficult to find a cheap policy.


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