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Is Social Networking better than SEO?


Social networks are examined the best because it is a minimum profit and in bulk cases, success may be written in one day. Many online outlets have endeavored social networking a sewer of time. They could not produce any movement of these social networking sites or social network marketing, because the loans. The sighting is that the essential to finance success depends on social networks by some factors.

Creating unique profiles is needed to the attention of online registration. As you may know that the space is overflowing with social networks and is thus very noteworthy to emphasize in the mass. Tedious profiles are ultimately hidden in the open ocean of the social network. When it arrives at social networking for finance, it\'s regularly good to explore representative help. There are many representative designers of social networks that are capable of unique profiles grounded on your business.

Active participation in social networking sites is a needed component of fiscal development. Unlike other online marketing strategies, and social networks for finance population deficiency constant attention. Active participation in forums, blog statements continuous, frequent updates demonstrate, all are needed to take messages on social networks.

Transportation to other social networking sites and communities, the likelihood of producing traffic. It is regularly advanced social networking site for your business. This will assist the customer requires and complaints. This will assist write advanced goods and advanced services in the future and save your customers happier. On the other hand, a social networking site for your business writes customer-supplier relationship is strengthened. This enhances the credibility of your finance in no time. Creating a social networking site has become very easy. There is representative designers� social networking website to write very productive social networking sites to write, depending on your needs.

Comparing SEO, social networking is a cheaper option for promoting your finance online. In supplement to producing traffic to your website, social networks play a noteworthy role in determining the credibility of your business. However, social networks are withdrawn unattended and deficiency representative assist to succeed. is the leading Social networking company in Illinois and working in internet marketing field with having wast experience as a social networking agency.

The key importance of Search engine optimization


The internet continues to grow and with each passing day, new and better websites are being launched. This has been brought about by the fact that there are lots of benefits when using the internet as a means of promotion or running a business. However, the increase in the number of websites has created high competition, which without a reliable solution leads to poor performance. This is where the search engine optimization services come in. This is basically a method used to help rank the target website high on search engines for better visibility. There are a number of benefits associated with this.

The first benefit that one is guaranteed of is visibility. The SEO helps with the placement of the appropriate keywords, in the right manner as well as the placement of the relevant links. As a result, this gives the website priority in the search engine algorithm resulting in high ranking on the search engine. With over 50% of the internet users making their search using the search engines, one has a higher chance of being picked.

The visibility subsequently results in high traffic to the target website. This is the aim of every webmaster. Sales can not be made if people do not frequent the target website. The search engine optimization hence draws more traffic to the target website, which as a result raises the chances of products being bought. This method has been known to help increase the level of profits made by any website that uses the method.

Internet marketing, driven by this image-based factors such as page layout and web address (or domain ID). An excellent example of this kind of online brand, for example, Google, whose appearance and address of almost everyone recognizes.

\"Unfortunately, our customer service is now over-crowded. Please try again later reuse. \"- Should be familiar to most Finns monotonic message. Yesterday\'s blizzard caused a disturbance in one or the other affairs in order and have demanded a \"debate\" on the phone vending machines with more than desirable. How all this relates to search engine marketing? This time, a post about not so much to do with search engine marketing, but what is search engine marketing services company providing standby to cope with operational problems and risks.

Finally, the service is responsible for the provision of quality content. This is the second most essential aspect after traffic that a website should have. People look for quality and not quantity before making purchases. The information listed on the website should be well presented and of good quality else it will repel the potential clients. The service providers are dedicated to offering this service by creating quality content for the target website.

There are many service providers offering Bristol Search Engine Optimization services. Visit for professional seo services.

Finding the most reliable SEO consulting firm


Many people are turning to internet or online marketing due to the great benefits that it offers. As a result, many people have entered in this field, a venture that has led to increase in competition. If not careful, some people find their businesses nose diving while others rocketing. The best method to avoid the nose dives is by seeking help from the search engine optimization services.

As much as this is a reliable method to use, it does pose challenges especially for the first time users. There are tons of service providers that one can turn to. This has created mazes that lead most people into using unreliable services, ones that they get on their way the first time. There are a few aspects that one can consider when searching for the best SEO consulting firm.

The first group of companies that one should avoid is those offering exaggerated claims. SEO is not an easy task to pull off and with many providers in the market; most people tend to give exaggerated claims to attract more clients. To help alleviate the puzzle, one should seek advice from people who has used the services before. Make a list of their recommendations and conduct a research on every firm. This will help establish their reliability.

Together with the above-mentioned factors constitute the basic pillars upon which the product / service , brand image and brand is built. Image and brand building is very large and complex package, which aims to create a holistic customer (usually positive) image of the market for the product to an extent that the client connects to matters of the product. Internet marketing, driven by this image-based factors such as page layout and web address (or domain ID). An excellent example of this kind of online brand, for example, Google, whose appearance and address of almost everyone recognizes.

Seeking references of people who have used the service can be of great help. Most successful firms keep portfolios of the previous clients that they have worked with. Through these portfolios, they are able to win more clients. This at times can be doctored hence the need to contact the references personally and inquire on how they find the services rendered.

Finally, it is advised to consider the cost of the service. With many SEO consulting firms in the market, the prices of services are differentiated to meet the competition. It is imperative that one goes for the firm offering the most reliable services at a competitive cost. This must be within your budget.

The internet has tons of information that one can refer to on matters related to SEO consulting. However, it is imperative that you seek information from a physical SEO consulting firm to get the most reputable information. Visit Freelance SEO for professional seo service.

Best Performent to Building Traffic and outbound link


One of the questions frequently asked by colleagues who put Adsense is: Why are rarely posted earnings from Adsense.

There are many factors why Adsense does not bring in earnings, ranging from ad-PSA-Public Service Ads which do not generate earnings, lay out the less appropriate to the minimal traffic.
2 things first relates to improvement in the fitted Adsense blog, while traffic is minimal can disiasati using female blog models. This method can be properly run well in a way that is relatively easy and will get the maximum if it later developed into a wide variety of blogs.

I first heard the term "blog / website female" from one of the Adsense publishers who succeed, Keeper. I am personally more inclined to apply this method on his blog considering the personal nature of blogs makes it easier to manage than in the ordinary websites that cater for a particular purpose.

The method is closely related to female blog niche topic and the term niche blogs. As I've mentioned in the article "Between niche topics with the discipline to write," most senior and publisher of successful bloggers who suggested to make many blogs as blogs that are niche. Unique and distinctive. The goal is for visitors to find something different and from there are expected to make it come to visit periodically.

Although the goal is good, if not careful, niche blogs will bring unfavorable impact, especially for bloggers / publsiher beginners. Why? At least there are 2 losses suffered if not careful to apply the principle of niche blogs, namely:
1. Disciplined Writing
Writing for the majority of people are doing is easy. Talk with friends, meditating, seeing an event to upset the boss can be a source of stories that can be poured into the writing. Even so, most people find it difficult to be able to write articles easily and smoothly. Let alone write articles, find the theme and title of the article alone is difficult. Given the activities of writing is something that needs to be done on a regular basis in order to find his rhythm, write a niche blog can inhibit the pouring of the idea / theme of the writing that does not comply with the uniqueness of blogs that have been set up.

For example: If we specialize in niche blog that discusses about barcode technology, we certainly difficult to enter a feature article about our daily life. Create a separate blog that can not be a solution. Fill one blog alone is difficult, let alone two or more,:-P.
2. Traffic from Search Engines
Niche blogs to limit discussion to one particular unique theme. Consequently, the keywords that can be netted by the search engines to be reduced. Compare with the blogs that have a variety of topics of discussion, there may be visitors who "stray" because the search engine directs a specific keyword in the blog that we have.

Certainly not the desired visitors stray, but the opportunity to bring traffic from search engines are preferred. Blogs that have been established may not be a problem on your niche blog topic but the newly opened the way to achieve visitors, niche topic can make their blogs really niche :-). Because of its niche to rarely visited by visitors, hehehe ...

Back to the term "Blog Females", rather than make a variety of blogs that took the time to take care of it, it's easier and better if we concentrate on one main blog. Use every effort to bring traffic to a blog that we have. Of course, use the tips that positive. Do not do spam control every aspect of the website. If you do spam, you will lose 2X. Visitors will not increase, the blog we put into the track Akismet:-P.

One main blog at least supposed to bring in 1000 unique visitors per day. If we have 5 topics of discussion, we can strive for each topic can contribute to bring visitors.

Increase PageRank, Alexa Rank, Feed Reader and Subscriber main blog. Use the target. If you already have a main blog of unique visitors 1000 visitors per day, minimum PageRank 4-over may not do:-D, Alexa Rank tens of thousands, Feed Reader and Subscriber above 100, we are ready to make the blog as a blog female.

Once the female has a blog, we can sort out which category you want to break out into a special blog. Here is our new blog to talk about niche or niche topics. The need for a niche topic will come by itself.

Favorable, early formation of a new blog which is Filial (tillers) from the main blog, we can provide subsidy in the form of traffic from the main blog. We can install a summary article on the main blog which will be redirected to the blog Filial.

In addition to benefit from the traffic, blog Filial will benefit in the form of backlinks from parent blogs.

Once you have a main blog with all the benefits and have several niche blogs that come from the development of the main blog, then we think about the possibility of profit from the fitted Adsense to monetize your blog. With a large enough traffic, the possibility of earning from Adsense certainly gained greater.

Looking for Link and High Pagerank Backlink Blog ?


“A Link is a Link, No matter where it comes from”, Matt Cutts said, a software engineer who joined Google in January 2000, the history of education: the field of computer graphics obtained a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is worth considering if you are still shrouded in doubt about backlinks blog "nofollow" and "dofollow".

So it can be drawn "conclusion" that links or backlinks can come from the blog "nofollow" and "dofollow", the difference is only in its quality. If the blog "dofollow" would be better than "nofollow", so "nofollow" opened not give backlinks at all. If you are still unsure you can check backlinks with certain tools available, you can bet some of backlinks coming from the blog "nofollow".

It is a conceptual truth that the more links that come from blogs with high pagerank that led to your blog then you would have a high pagerank blog is also his homework. Datangnnya link can be from a link exchange / sale and purchase links, reviews (+ + + links), or a backlink from comments. PR changes its course will wait for the timing of updates made by google pagerank.

High Pagerank is much less pronounced for those of you who have valuable, because it is "antique" for activists FII maiyya dunya. But besides these personal aspects of a high pagerank also have contributed to excel and make your blog popular in search engines, then it will increase traffic, too.

Search for Links and Backlink Blog must understand that pagerank blog and spread lies in the pages, so each page of a blog has a pagerank of variety. You must be keen in seeing this case as well as consideration for building backlinks, or links on your blog.

To get links and backlinks are so many bloggers do blogwalking to receive a prize of backlinks, some of them also do a link exchange / sale and purchase links, reviews (+ + + link). But that needs to be considered is the normal growth of the number of links and backlinks to your blog. Link exchanges until the number of dozens in just a day or less naturally, do a perfectly natural just 2-3 links. Why is that?, Because it actually banned by google, because its activity can be machine readable as buying and selling links that clearly prohibited ..

For those not familiar with the following ways to find out the pagerank of the links on a blog, that is using the facilities of iwebtools. This facility allows you to search the blog page PageRank link.

How to use this facility:
1. Please click here ( copy on your browser :
2. Then enter your blog URL address that you want the analysis
3. Put a check (tick) the Show links with rel = "nofollow" and Show external links
4. Then do click on the check! to perform the process.

You'll get a variety of result-checking pagerank links, with numbers that range which pageranknya pageranknya 0 although the blog is much higher.

How to find high pageranknya blog page:
If you are willing to find a link blog with a high PageRank, then how do the search for the blog pages that have a blogroll with considerable numbers, never be found out any links that have a high pageranknya. Please do hunt with stopless yes. :)

Thank you.

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Adsense Tips : Maximise Adsense Revenue


Adsense-Adsense code EarningMemasang then leave it alone probably will continue to provide earnings for the advertisers, especially if the website / blog has high traffic and most are loyal visitors.

However, unfortunate if the result is just such and such only. Actually, the intention is not it put Adsense, hehehe ...

As Echa said in comments about the "Doing Business Life Cheating and Disadvantages ...", earnest in doing things will be more give optimal results compared to the work being done carelessly.
If you look at some examples of websites / blogs successful Adsense publishers, we can really maximize the revenue from Adsense by a relatively easy way. I've tried it and it may be useful for colleagues who are looking for ways to increase earnings from Adsense.

Please try some of these tips, the monitor within a few days or weeks and see the results.

1. Use the Right Lay Out.
Many of us who put Adsense code but leave it alone. Examples of easy yes some of my own blog, hihihi ...

I had tested a layout change on some other blogs and the results can be increased even though about the amount calculated relative.

If we want to maximize your Adsense income from your blog layout, we can use some of the layout that was already optimized for Adsense. The author is most Adsense publishers, and when seen from the form layout, themes or templates made is the fruit of the experience in question.

Isnaini is one example of a publisher who made blog templates optimized for AdSense. Ad placement and shape themesnya been maximized for the installation of the Adsense code.
In addition to layout optimization, the template that made also been making a special section of code placement, so that we no longer hard to find a position for Adsense code.

For users of Serendipity, a template from David Cummins and Carl Galloway could be an option to maximize earnings, while for users of WordPress, Dosh-Dosh make a list of 16 (changing the title to be 17) templates / themes WordPress that can be used to optimize Adsense. Interestingly, one of the templates that are recommended by Dosh Dosh is a theme-Red and White owned by Isnaini. Good Work, Mas Isnaini.
2. Maximize Number of Ads
In accordance with Adsense ToS, we can install 3 Ads units, 1 Link unit and 2 Refferal Units in 1 pages. Maximize Adsense income by placing advertising forms in a page, but do not forget to keep it from damaging the article and form the entire page. Do the test several times to find the right format.
3. Apply Section targeting
If you already have a blog that is optimized, we can achieve optimal Adsense revenue if the advertisements that appear truly relevant to the contents of the article. Use section targeting to this. However, it is still difficult to do if the contents of your blog / website in Indonesian language, except if the material covered quite specific and have a rather large ad variations.

4. Use Channel
Use the channel to perform tracking, shape and position of any advertising that gives maximum results. There is nothing wrong we change the formation and location of placement if the results are not much or nothing at all :-).
5. Try 336 X 280 Format
Based on personal experience and read and read experiences of other publishers, 336 x 280 ad format provides higher income than other forms. Use this ad in a position adjacent to the article written.
6. Optimization of the Blended Color
Tidy up your blog / website for more integrated warninya color (blended) with ads displayed. For users of Firefox, addons Color Picker can be used to get the Hexadecimal number of the detected color.

7. Give Description and Recommendation
If we put Refferal Unit (Firefox for example), it would be best if the ads displayed are not left alone. Put it on the refferal unit article advocating its use, for example, instead of stress are using Internet Explorer due to malware and adware, use Firefox as browser of choice. Give an explanation of why referrals are appropriate to use the unit.

hopefully useful.

The most effective way to promote blogs.


There are many ways that we can use to promote this blog on the internet. for example, by exchanging links, blogwalking, make and distribute free ebooks, promotion on facebook. Of all these ways, there are some I've discussed on this blog and on this occasion I will discuss again for you. 9 ways to promote your blog on facebook

This is a blog that spelled out how to promote the full use facebook media as promotion media. This is effective for you who like berfacebook ria.
Looking for free backlinks

Backlinks are links that point links to our blog. Many ways can be used to get these backlinks, for example by buying links from blogs that are selling links. You can also get a backlink for free. And you can tell by reading the posts this way backlinks how to get free.
List directory backlinks enhancer

This method like the above, namely how to get free backlink backlinks we obtain the difference comes from the site directory. you can also get free backlinks through directory site made by me. Since the website is still new so it is still small. please look at the Studio directory
How memproleh instant blog traffic

This is the way that you can instantly use to memproleh traffic to your blog. This way is the sum of the various ways that are found on the internet that you can follow.
Place an ad directly on the blog rame

An effective way to promote the next blog is to put an ad on the blog rame. blog traffic thousands of visitors per day. by placing ads on blogs like this you will get pretty good traffic.
Campaign blog via Google Friend Connect

Of the many ways that we can use, now I am more incentive to use this way. I think this way sangt effective. because it can bring traffic to your blog visitors doubled.
New Trend I blog promotion

This is way more popular blog promotion. In this way suitable for those who have a fat wallet. But not bad results. want to know exactly what the trend means that I mean, please read the new trend of how campaign blogs.
How to promote your blog by sending trackbacks

Of the many ways of promotion, it seems this way is the way that ignored and less diexploitasi. whereas the effectiveness of this method can still be a concern.
Blog promotion through free ebook

how this is done by creating a free ebook and then promote it on your blog. ebook free when you make your readers spread it nice and there he happened promotion.

Continue to do is up the way campaigns are effective blogs to follow? the answer is no. Because there are many ways you can use to promote your blog. To more easily follow my advice for you this blog. be a follower you can join by clicking here and can also use email. where there artike SetIP latest from this blog you will be notified via email.

Good luck and congratulations to join the magazine blogger.

Reading Income (report) Google Adsense


Your online business beginner who deals with Google adsense? The following nah I try sharing wrote about Google adsense report as a beginner you may like me like confused about how to read the report page from google adsense.

At the time of login in Google Adsense, you will get a report on your income. In the default setting acquisition report today. However, you can also view reports in accordance with the timeframe you selected.

In the report you will find 5 things about your adsense earnings: Page Impressions, Clicks, Page CTR, Page e-CPM, and Earnings. What are the meanings of the five parts of it? continue reading.
Page Impressions
Represents the number of times AdSense ads appear. If a page put 3 adsense ads and visit as many as 10 times, then page impressions is 3 × 10 = 30. So, page impressions differ with page views a website.
Quite simply, this shows how many times the adsense ad is clicked.

Page CTR
Stands for Rage is Click-thru Rate. This means that the percentage of total clicks divided by the number of impressions. For example, if the impression of as many as 1000 while fellow Page CTR by 27 then it is (27 x 100%): 1000 = 2.7%.
Page eCPM
Stands for effective cost per thousand (M = mill = thousand in Latin) or cost per 1000 impressions. The formula used to calculate eCPM is earnings / impressions multiply by 1000. For example, if the money did was $ 1 with 100 impressions then eCPMnya is 1 / 100 x 1000 = $ 10.
Shows how much your income

What is the meaning of any information?

Of course, your Adsense income amount will be determined by the number of people who click on Adsense ads. But make no mistake, when the number of clicks scale approaching the number of impressions then Google will fire your membership from Adsense. Why? Because they will think you do click on your own or other fraudulent means to obtain money through Adsense?

To increase the number of clicks, the number of impressions also need an increase. The trick, of course, with a vigorous campaign. you can learn how to campaign on 9 how to effectively promote your blog.

Do not expect to achieve earnings $ 10 per day if the page impresinya just 100. Unless your site have keyword with high prices or you play dirty hehe.

Now, if the page impressions are still quite high but the income, the clicking is still small, it is necessary to see the page CTRnya. Remember the sense page CTR. If the page CTRnya less than 1%, then the page CTRnya need to be repaired. How to make Adsense ads look as if a portion of the site and its content must also comply with the contents of the site

That's according to what I read. How is your experience?

Adsense Optimization Tips Every Month


You are an Adsense Publisher? If yes, then start today maybe you already see changes in your Adsense report sheet. In the center report, to be precise under adsense summary report, you'll find new features that are labeled Recent Messages. This feature contains adsense optimization tips specifically for you that will be sent every month.

Throughout the month, Google's system will analyze the performance of your account and setting your adsense ads. Early next month Google will send you a special report with tips to optimize your adsense performance. This of course will be useful tips to increase your earnings next month. But, you need to be vigilant. Why?

Tips from Adsense team is just a suggestion, of course you do not absolutely to do if you think that tips are not too important or could even harm you. You must remember that the tips or advice given it certainly is based on Google's own assessment, so it is possible that advice will be affected by Google's own interest in achieving a more optimal advantage of Advertisers.

One example can be mentioned here. For example, during the time you install a filter to filter or block certain ads are earning per click is small. Google allows us to block up to 200 address URL is not it? This filter is viewed in terms of Google's interests because it would hurt chances of certain ads to appear to be less, which means the loss of opportunities for Google's income from the advertisement in question. Google then gives tips to you for this filter you removed or you reduce the grounds that the filter will reduce the number and diversity of ads that will appear on your website.

This example shows that our interests (to display the ad with the price per click is higher) conflict with the interests of Google (to display as many ads at any cost per click). In these circumstances, whether you will follow tips from Google to remove the filter ads from your account?

Another thing to note, Google itself does not guarantee that your Adsense income will be better if they followed the advice, because advice is given based on successful experiences of other publishers who may differ with your condition.

Friends Blog


Hello my Friends...
To welcome the advent of google pagerank update that reportedly took place in late New Beginning 2011, it is very nice if we could use to exchange blog links. This simple blog though backlinknya sizable amount but to date the pagerank is still 0. Among my friends there are probably acceptable exchange links please fill out the comment on page / link exchange/ above.

Hopefully next time pagerank pagerank update netterkingdom would like before or exceeding. I am not too ambitious to find backlinks as much as possible. Natural course with blogwalking, link exchange, etc..

For my friends who had earlier exchanged links with this blog, after I check it turned out I found more than an 30-link that has been damaged, among other dead blogs, wordpress or blogspot banned. To which I beginian must take action to clean a few days.

Beyond this there is also what I excuteted, because: it does not put a link of this blog again, the blog turned into a blog porn or gambling, etc.. Apologize in advance for colleagues who got the link clean-up action. In addition to the manual to find blogs that link to our blog can also be done with a specific tool.

If interested please you link this blog, if it is please let me know, so I will soon link back. Hopefully, this cooperation can take place with good and Khusnul Khotimah, amiiiiiin.


cerita semesta




Tinta pena yg berirama



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Game of Crank High Voltage,

Synopsis: In the 2006 action hit Crank, hitman Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) spent twenty-four hours in over-drive: fighting, killing, and keeping his adrenaline flowing at full-force to combat a deadly poison injected into his body. Now, in the high-octane sequel Crank High Voltage, Chev has managed to survive -- and is about to face a brand new day.

Picking up immediately where the first movie left off, Crank High Voltage finds Chev surviving the climactic plunge to his most certain death on the streets of Los Angeles, only to be kidnapped by a mysterious Chinese mobster. Three months later, Chev wakes up to discover his nearly indestructible heart has been surgically removed and replaced with a battery-operated ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity in order to work.

After a dangerous escape from his captors, Chev is on the run again, this time from the charismatic Mexican gang boss El Huron (Clifton Collins, Jr.), and the Chinese Triads, headed by the dangerous 100 year-old elder Poon Dong (David Carradine). Once again turning to Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam) for medical advice, receiving help from his friend Kaylo’s twin brother Venus (Efren Ramirez), and re-connecting with his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart), who is no longer in the dark about what he does for a living, Chev is determined to get his real heart back and wreak vengeance on whoever stole it, embarking on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles where anything goes to stay alive.

Lakeshore Entertainment and Lionsgate present Crank High Voltage, a Lakeshore Entertainment / Lionsgate Production In Association with; produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Skip Williamson and Richard Wright. The film was written and directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, the duo behind the 2006 original.--© Lionsgate


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How to choose the right word for blog post titles using the Google Search Tools

Make friends who are beginners like me, probably rarely use the free facilities provided by Google is, because it considers adequate to use the Google Keyword Tools is enough (you can see bahasannya here)

I sometimes combine Google Keyword Tools and Google Search Tools to select the word (phrase / keyword) will I use the post title and content of posts. In order to obtain a popular word in google that can be used as the title of the posting websites (blogs).
If you are interested in using Google Search Tools, please click here:page will appear which certainly no stranger to you.

1. Type the word (phrase / keyword) you will use:Example: modem settings
2. See your browser's status bar at the left bottom of the desktop (there are words waiting .....) you be patient to wait a while until the word "waiting ...." turned into "Done"

3. Display statusbar browser "Done"
4. So in the Google search will appear below the dropdown box containing 10 large google search query. It appears that most search engine users type in keywords "modem settings asdl" approximately 355,000.

5. You can test them with other keyword:
I use the keyword "modem configuration"
6. It will appear the word "adsl modem configuration" has an average value of 21,400 user search

Compare the use of the word "modem settings" to "modem configuration", I'm sure you would prefer modem settings, because the word is according to analysis results google the word "modem settings ...." more often used than the word "modem configuration ..."

In addition to utilizing the above I sometimes direct typing a rather long sentence in google search to find the popularity of those keywords.
For example, keyword: "IM2 modem settings", "IM2 modem configuration", etc., the greater the number of search hasi (see blue circle) the better word you use as the title of your blog posts.

Some errors are sometimes not aware of when creating the posting:
1. Using words that are not standard, as some of my blog posts I have ever found: for example:
a. pingin should want
b. bro should friend
c. modem settings modem settings should

(Note: no words can you use these materials, the advantage if the word is detected by commonly used user google search engine, then the word could have been entered into the google listing keywords, but disadvantages: you lose step with a friend that uses keywords have been identified (popular) in google, you have to work hard and expect a lot of people use those keywords, then google analyze those keywords, feasible or not inserted into the list keywordnya. Opportunities your friends blog posts big chance came in the top 10 google search, while you still struggling to convince Google that your keyword deserves google. (This is just a personal opinion only, and I probably misinterpret).

2. Using the abbreviation of the posting said, for example:
a. etc. etc. should
b. etc. and so forth should

(Note: second method is often my own break, because sometimes been lazy to type so use a shortcut, "stands for the word"). Sometimes when I look in Google Analytic pages that many acronyms he said many visitors, are forced to re-edit for the words that exist in the post could be more to follow the rules of google)

How to assemble a Computer

The following will be explained on how to assemble a computer, especially for those just learning. taken from several references that I learned,

hopefully useful ...............

Computer assembler components available on the market with a wide selection of quality and price. By assembling their own computers, we can determine the types of components, capabilities and facilities of the computer in accordance kebutuhan.Tahapan in computer assembly comprises:

A. Preparation
B. Assembly
C. Examination
D. Handling Problems


A. Preparation

Good preparation will facilitate the assembly of computers and also avoid problems that may occur. Related matters in preparation include:

1. Computer Configuration Determination
2. Kompunen preparation and equipment
3. Security

Computer Configuration Determination
Computer configuration relates to the determination of types of components and features of the computer and how all components work as a computer system according to our wishes. Determination of the components starting from the type of processor, motherboard and other components. Factor suitability or compatibility of the components on the motherboard must be considered, because each type of motherboard supports the processor type, memory modules, ports and I / O bus that is different.

Components and Equipment Preparation
Computer components and equipment for the assembly is prepared for the assembly prepared in advance to facilitate assembly. Equipment is prepared consisting of:

* Computer Components
* Completeness of components such as cables, screws, jumpers, screws, etc.
* Books and reference manuals of the components
* Aids in the form of flat and Philips screwdrivers

Software operating system, device drivers and application programs.

The book is needed as a reference manual to know the chart position of the connection elements (connectors, ports and slots) and element configuration (jumpers and switches) and how to set jumpers and switches are suitable for computers that are assembled. Software diskette or CD is required to install operating systems, device drivers of the devices, and application programs on a computer that is assembled.


Safety precautions needed to avoid problems such as damage to components of static electrical charges, falls, overheating or damage due to spillage cairan.Pencegahan static electricity by:

* Use anti-static bracelet or touching a metal surface on the chassis before handling components to remove static charges.
* No direct touching of electronic components, connectors or circuit track but holding the body of metal or plastic contained in the component.


Stages in the process of computer assembly consists of:

1. Motherboard setup

2. Processor install
3. Installing heatsink
4. Installing Memory Modules
5. install the motherboard on the casing
6. Install Power Supply
7. Install the motherboard and casing Cables
8. Install Drive
9. Install the adapter card
10. Finishing

1. Motherboard setup

Check your motherboard manual to find out the position of jumpers for CPU speed setting, speed multiplier and input voltage to the motherboard. Set the jumper settings according to the instructions, set the jumper fault voltage may damage the processor.

To Be Continue ......
See You on the next

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Create Auto scroll on your Blog

Buttons Show / hide the Auto Scroll is a very useful tool for rolling a blog page with a speed that can be regulated, in contrast to a previous post that I have ever Make Auto Scroll / back to top with a simple straight to the page top. Widget hide / show the Auto Scroll is its usefulness is very helpful at all to the readers / visitors who are reading the article and simply adjust the speed from 1 to 5 (high). For a demo, please use the auto scroll widget located on the right side of this blog like this:

If you are interested to install the following ways to install the show / hide auto scroll:
Go to the dashboard ► LAYOUT ► EDIT HTML ► cecklist box "Expand Widget"

Copy code bolow, before code </head> !

Then, paste the following script code again, before the code </head>

.speedbar {list-style-type:none;border:1px solid #424242;height:10px;margin-left:-40px;}
.capt {font-family:arial;font-size:8pt;color:#000000;margin-left:-5px;}

<div style='position:fixed;right:0px;top:250px;'>
<div id='speednav' style='background:#424242;padding:10px;float:right;width:24px;height:122px;display:none;'>
<div class='capt'>SPEED</div>
<li style='list-style-type:none;border:0px;width:20px;margin-left:-40px;font-family:arial;font-size:7pt;color:#CCC;text-align:center;'>high</li>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed5' onclick='startit(5);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(5);' style='background:#999;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed4' onclick='startit(4);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(4);' style='background:#aaa;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed3' onclick='startit(3);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(3);' style='background:#bbb;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed2' onclick='startit(2);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(2);' style='background:#ccc;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed1' onclick='startit(1);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(1);' style='background:#ddd;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' onclick='stopit();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;' style='font-family:arial;font-size:7pt;color:#CCC;text-align:center;width:20px;height:12px;'>stop</li>
<div id='speedtoogle' onclick='tooglespeed()' onmouseout=';#2E2E2E&apos;;' onmouseover=';#2E2E2E&apos;;;pointer&apos;;' style='float:right;background:#2E2E2E'><img src='' style='border-right:1px solid #2E2E2E;'/></div>

And, Finish your job !!!
Be Carefully........

How to choose the right word for blog post titles using the Google Keyword Tools

There may be among the friends who sometimes make the title of the posting websites (blogs) regardless of the word (phrase / keyword) what is appropriate to use for our posts can be easily optimized in search engines. in the discussion this time I tried to give an idea about "How to choose the right word for the title of the posting website (blog) using the Google Keyword Tools

I often use this facility at the time would make a post, there are two ways that I use (this means free), you do not need third party software to do the analysis:

1. Utilizing Google Keyword Tools (sometimes this is sufficient) 2. Utilizing Google Search Tools (can be found here)

Facility Keyword Tools from Google helps us to choose the right words you can use the post title or content of posts.

To use the Google Keyword Tools, please use the following links:

On the page that appears to do the settings (settings) language and country (select Indonesia) if your blog using the Indonesian language.

Slide the display page using the scrollbar, at the bottom enter the keywords related to the topic post you'll use.
In this example I use the keyword: modem configuration
Click the "Get keyword ideas"

From the query results keyword tools, shows that the average user searches on google is 390.

Try to use other keywords, in this example I use the keyword "Modem Settings"
From the search results will show the average value is 22 200 modem settings

Means of the above analysis I chose to use the words: "Setting Modem" instead of using the word "Modem Configuration" for the title of the posting.
There are alternatives that allow you to combine both those keywords, these are usually used in writing the content (posts), so it may take the contents of your post to make the word as follows: "The setting (configuration) modem ......"

If you choose the title of your post:
"Configuring the modem ....", then I think you have chosen keywords that are less precise.

Make friends who are interested in utilizing this seo tips, can be tried with the keywords related to the topic of your post.

Please try hopefully successful.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Technology in 2010

Maybe you already know more about current technology, but this was new for me. For more details, please read the following article.

PS3 Motion Controller

This tool will make your PS3 to be like the Nintendo Wii the graphics are incredible. Working similar to the Wii remote with a sensor on top of the television. There have been several games compatible with this device, namely Biohazard 5, Pain, Eyepet, and Flower.

Project Natal

One of the most incredible gadgets and awaited this year, Microsoft itself calls it "the birth of the future in home entertainment." This tool has the voice and face of the sensor, so that we can only need talk only and use our limbs as a sensor.

Apple Tablet

This is one of the hottest gossip in the world of technology. The new technology from Apple that ditunggu2, which (rumor) will appear around February 2010. Will come with 9.6-inch multitouch screen, HSDPA, and long-lasting batteries.

Flexible E-paper

It is a paper, such as e-books which we already know, but the form of flexible and can be bent just like ordinary paper. The company is rumored to be produced it is AUO with size 6 inches and contrast 9:1

Nintendo DSi XL

We all are familiar with Nintendo DSi one of the most popoler handleld today. Nintendo will upgrade the Nintendo DSi XL with a larger screen size is 4.2 inches. With a big screen will make it easier to read, also accompanied by a longer lasting battery and a bigger stylus as well

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a system that provides storage media on the Internet, wirelessly. So that all data is no longer stored in our computer, and automatically enhance the performance of our computer. One such company is Google's most awaited with CloneCLoudnya.

Google Chrome OS

This is the most anticipated OS from Google, which said the system will use Cloud Computing in full so that the OS will be the OS of the lightest of all the OS. All programs will be accessible from the Internet, and will be widely used in netbook2, as has been confirmed by Asus and Acer.

Google Wave

Wave is a direct conversation where all participants can edit the document, bercakap2, and add photos at the same time. Can beat up or Twitter in many ways, now also has a beta version.


3D technology we know today that can only be enjoyed through the cinema in this year will go into the house, through a range of available 3D TV and 3D player2 blu ray. As has been said by Sony and Panasonic.
Xbox Handheld

Xbox? Handheld? Do those two words can be combined? Jawabnnya may be yes, because there's been rumors of Microsoft who said the Xbox will be the emergence of handheld which is a combination of the Xbox and Zune. We are just waiting for it result

USB 3.0

2010 will be a time for all brands using the latest USB systems, namely 3.0. Surely will be a lot of new gadgets that use the system super-fast data transfer, USB 3.0 has a transfer speed up to 400Mb per second, which is much faster than USB 2.0 that common nowadays.


Smaller and lighter than the Netbook, it is more bannyak Smartbook similarity with smartphones than with a laptop or PC. Samrtbook created specifically for mobile with super fast start-up and the battery lasted a full day, but do not expect to get a nice graph. Some laptop manufacturers have been ready to release it in 2010.

OLED Television

Since last year there were plenty of news even prototypes of OLED TVs, and this year it seems this new type of TV will diroduksi mass. Will appear with a size of 40 inches to the top and menjanjukan best graphics quality on the planet.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Some things to avoid in SEO optimization


In performing the optimization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sometimes forget things that actually banned by Google. If you do, then most likely your blog will decrease page rank, and your blog can be fatal banned (blocked) by google. So your efforts so far will be in vain.

Here are some common mistakes in SEO optimization

1. Ignoring the Title Tag
Most search engines consider "Title tag" is very important. Search engines generally display the content you provide in the Title tag. Therefore, the keyword "keyword" the most important in the Title tag. Do not leave the title tag is empty or there are words that are not relevant to the content (content) posts,

2. Key words (keywords) are not relevant
Webmasters use a few keywords that are irrelevant to the theme of the web, but much sought after, these keywords are used to drive traffic to their sites. With high hopes of getting traffic. After you optimize your website to enhance your business. Say for example, you have a website where you sell Desktop Computer. To increase traffic, you use the keyword "Britney Spears" all of your content, META tags, and Title tag. People who search for "Britney Spears" to reach your page. However, when they discover that your site is not to do with "Britney Spears", they will move away from your site quickly, because they feel cheated. You do not get anything from traffic. Even google would suspect the actions you have spam elements.

Spamming is an unethical practice to use the same keywords repeatedly in Title tag, META tags, and Body text. Some Webmasters shrewd use this technique to improve your site ranking. However, the search engine (crawling / google bots) can find out Spamming and they lower the ranking of sites that use Spamming.

4. Text & Links are not visible (Invisibe Text)
This is one of the Webmasters tricks to deceive search engines or visitors to your web. Text or links are not visible by the reader (because of the color of the text the same color as background web page) but it will be seen by search engines. Currently, search engines have intelligence to know this. If you use this trick, search engines can submit your site to the category of eligible sites be banned

5. Links to and from Bad Sites
Link is one of the main elements to improve the page rank your site. Try to get quality links, ie links from sites that are one category (themes) with your blog. Sometimes you do link to sites that have been banned or deleted by the site owner. You have to avoid bad links like this in order not banned by google. You need to check periodically on the site you refer to exchange links.

6. Invalid HTML
If you have a website, which contains HTML code errors, this is a bad omen in the search engines, although the content has been optimized. If your site has an HTML code error, it will be slow loading, and can reduce your site's ranking.

7. Having too many graphics on your page
Search engines look at Web sites that contain lots of pictures (graphics) will not help you to get a better ranking. Due to the number of pictures will make your page slow loadingnya.Untuk improve rankings on search engines, there are keyword rich content, not graphics.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for First Time

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is a series of processes are carried out systematically in order to increase the volume and quality of traffic from search engines to address specific web sites by exploiting a natural mechanism of the search engine algorithms. SEO specific objective is to place a website address at the top (or at least on the first page) search results based on a particular subject. Logically, the address of the site which occupies the top position of search results has a better chance to get visitors.

In line with the growing use of the web as a media business, the need for SEO services is also increasing. If your site in top positions of search results will increase the chances of online marketing to get new customers (advertisers on your site).

Some of the steps done in SEO optimization:

On page SEO (optimization on your blog page)

  1. Select a domain name of your blog based on the theme, set meta tags, blog title, description tags blog, post title tags, tags labels
  2. Choose keywords that will be used in post title
  3. Set the anchor text (text that contains the link), and navigational links between pages to allow visitors to see the other posts (you can make: related post, the latest articles, menu bar, put a link on the link in the sidebar or footer)
  4. Add captions in their HTML source on the alt ="......" according to the theme posting
  5. Reduce install widgets that are not important (such as songs, animation (flash), images are large, and other widgets that are not important) for a long time not loading
  6. content by posting useful content

Off page SEO (Optimization should you do outside of your blog)

1. List your blog url to major search engines (google, yahoo, altavista, msn), do not forget to verify the webmaster tools melakuka each search engine
2. Wake (search) quality back links (ie links from a page rank blogs high and one category with your blog) as much as possible
3. Campaign blog to:
  • Blog directories, social networking sites (facebook, myspace, yuwie, twitter, etc.), information sharing site (such as: infogue, etc.)
  • Offline promotion (flyers, conversation, etc.)

How to measure success or level of optimization of your site:

  • Page Rank (Google Page Rank) of your site has increased from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). About Page Rank (Google pagerank)
  • Alexa Rank of your site getting smaller (range of values from 20 million to 1) The smaller the value the better alexa rank. About Alexa rank
  • When you type the keyword on google search engine, then link your site or post pages appear on the first page SERP (Search engine result pages)

What advantages do you get if you managed to optimize SEO
  1. Blogs / sites you can flood of visitors from users who are using the google search, from several studies 80 percent of site visitors come from users who use search engines, the rest by word of mouth, blog directory, and others (the edges are to increase traffic to your blog you)
  2. Easy to get advertising at competitive rates (the term in the world of bloggers "easily monetize your blog"), and the impact you can collect more dollars from your site.
  3. You'll get much response from other users, either kitik, suggestions that could be a booster to develop your blog
  4. add spirit to continue to learn and share about things that can be useful for ourselves, our nation and state.
  5. And many more advantages that are material or non material

To increase google pagerank and alexa rank, to see the tips can you how to increase google pagerank and alexa rank


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