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How to Fix Computer Blue Screen


Still on the blue screen ...

blue screen

The blue screen which is annoying or cool the term "Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)" due to critical error in the Windows Operating System which causes all running applications are forced to be stopped. In this occasion I will share my experiences about some tips on how to fix the computer that has the blue screen, based on the experience I've ever experienced, may be useful.

Tips on how to Fix the Blue Screen of Death on Your Computer:

1. Check the condition of Computers in General

Before doing further troubleshooting, the first step we have to do is check the condition of computers in general, including:

  • Check the cleanliness inside the CPU casing. Clean dust and other impurities could premises brush and vacuum cleaner, if necessary, prepare the electrical contact cleaner to clean the motherboard.
  • Check the cleanliness inside the CPU casing. Clean dust and other impurities could premises brush and vacuum cleaner, if necessary, prepare the electrical contact cleaner to clean the motherboard.
  • Check the temperature of each component such as Power Supply (make sure the fan rotates normally), VGA Card Processor and Heatsink.
  • Make sure that the various components (such as RAM, VGA Card, connector IDE / SATA connector Power Supply, etc.) are installed properly, to make sure they can pull out and put it back.
  • If you recently installed new hardware components (e.g. graphics cards), wrote first unplug the computer and try running times are the causes Bluescreen of the component.

2. Use Mode "Safe Mode"

The next step is to run Windows in Mode "Safe Mode" which is one of the options on the Advanced Boot Options menu of Windows XP by pressing repeatedly the F8 key during startup the system will perform. After Windows successfully get into Safe Mode, do some troubleshooting the following:

  • Clean hard drives of anti virus, mallware & spyware by running a virus scanner program, such as Norman Anti mall ware.
  • Uninstall Driver problem, the way to go to Computer Management window click on Device Manager and look for any sign components that thrill, or driver components are installed or updated recently.
  • If you need to uninstall the old anti virus program installed, if the condition is a normal condition of the computer can be installed again and make sure the database engine is always up-to-date.
  • We can also use the utility "System Restore" to restore the computer settings to an earlier time. I click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore.

3. Check the condition of hard-disks

Conditions are bad hard drive can also result in bluescreen, so check the condition of the hard drive by running CHKDSK -command. Run a defragmentation program also hard-disks to ensure hard work optimally.

4. Check Condition of Memory / RAM

Check the condition of Memory / RAM, make sure it is properly installed, and run the program weeks to check the condition of memory such as "Windows Memory Diagnostic".

5. Repair Windows Operating System.

Bluescreen sometimes happens because there are some Windows files are corrupted, to fix the easiest way is to do a Repair on the Windows operating system is your favorite.

6. Use tools to analyze the causes of occurrence of bluescreen.

Look for Dump File on a computer hard drive that had the bluescreen, usually at C: \ WINDOWS \ minidump and copy to your computer and run the application WhoCrashed or BlueScreenView to find the cause of the bluescreen.

Maybe that's some of my tips on how to fix Blue Screen Of Death on the computer. From my experience during this most causes bluescreen is caused by incompatible hardware drivers, antivirus programs are corrupted, the hard drive has bad sectors and windows are corrupted, how about you?


How to Move / Show Details Pane At Top in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer?

If you can remember the good old Longhorn days when Windows Vista was under Beta testing, the Details Pane in Windows Explorer used to show at top just below the Command Bar. But in Windows Vista RTM (Final version), the Details Pane was moved to bottom. Same thing applies to Windows 7 as well. There are many people who still want to get the Details Pane at top as shown in our AeroVG theme preview picture:

You can also change the "Details Pane" position from Bottom to Top in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer using following simple steps:
1. We'll have to edit "%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll" file. So first take ownership of this file using following tutorial:
Add Take Ownership Option in File / Folder Context Menu in Windows Vista and 7
2. Now open the file in Resource Hacker.
3. Goto "View -> Find Text" (or press Ctrl + F). It'll open Find box.
4. Now type following String in textbox:
5. Click on "Find Next" button and it'll show the line containing this text. It should be in UIFILE section.
6. You have to just replace "bottom" word with "top".
7. When you have done, click on "Compile Script" button.
8. Now press "F3" key and it'll show the next line containing the same text. Again do the same mentioned in 6th step.
9. Remember! You have to replace "bottom" word with "top" only in following locations (i.e. keys under UIFILE section):
3, 4, 5, 6, 19, 20, 21
10. If you also want to show the Details Pane at Top in Browse/Save/Open dialog boxes, then replace "bottom" word with "top" in 27 and 28 keys too.
11. That's it. You have done. Now save the file at some other location, for example in D: drive.
12. Rename original "Shell32.dll" file present in "System32" folder to "shell32_backup.dll".
13. Now copy your new modified "shell32.dll" file to "System32" folder.
14. Restart your system and after restart Windows will start using your new modified file and you'll get details pane at Top.


How to Import (Restore) All Tasks in Bulk Using Task Scheduler in Windows?

Recently we posted a tutorial about importing and exporting tasks using Task Scheduler in Windows: How to Import / Export (Backup / Restore) Tasks Using Task Scheduler in Windows?
But there is one limitation in importing and exporting tasks using Task Scheduler. You can import/export only a single task at a time. Task Scheduler doesn't allow import/export of tasks in bulk.
So if you have lots of scheduled tasks say 20 in Task Scheduler, you'll need to perform the same step again and again for all 20 tasks.
Wouldn't it be great if you can import and export all tasks in a single step?
Actually you can import (restore) all tasks in bulk using "schtasks" command but there is no way to export all tasks in bulk.
In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to use "schtasks" command to restore all tasks in bulk:
1. First take backup of all tasks using the above mentioned tutorial.
2. Now create a new text file using Notepad and paste following code in it:
@echo off
echo Importing All Tasks
schtasks.exe /create /TN "Task 1 Name" /XML "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File"
schtasks.exe /create /TN "Task 2 Name" /XML "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File"
schtasks.exe /create /TN "Task 3 Name" /XML "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File"
echo Importing Done
3. Replace "Task 1 Name", "Task 2 Name", etc entries with the name of your actual tasks. e.g. "Mother Birthday".
4. Replace "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File" with the location where you saved the backup tasks. e.g. "D:\Tasks Backup\Mother Birthday.xml".
5. Save the file with any name but the extension must be .BAT. e.g. you can save the file as "Restore Tasks.Bat". Make sure to use double quotes "" otherwise Notepad will save the file as a text file.
6. That's it. Once you create the file, run it and it'll start restoring all the tasks in Task Scheduler.
Now you'll never need to create all your important tasks each time you install a fresh Windows or work on a new computer. Just import all the tasks on the fly using the above mentioned batch file. ;)
PS: You can use the same Batch file for restoring any number of tasks. Simply add an entry for the desired task mentioning its name and location.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Fix "HDD Bad Sector / Hardisk Bad Sector"


This article is a continuation of previous article on how to fix computer hard disk. In this article will discuss about how to fix bad sectors affected hard drive. Previous to check the condition of our hard drives can use several application programs like those mentioned in the article on how to check the condition of computer barked.

Article under How to Fix "HDD Bad Sector / Hardisk Bad Sector"

Bad sectors or bad blocks is the term used to refer to the damaged area on the hard disk. Bad Sector on this hard drive in general there are 2 kinds, namely physically bad sectors and bad sectors in the software. Bad sectors are physically occurs because of the hard drive keruksakan at the plate that can occur due to excessive dust disk, hard drive is dropped, exposed to the crunch and so forth. While the bad sector in software may occur when the disk is busy all of a sudden the computer off, for example due to power failure.

There are several application tools that we can use to improve the condition of the hard drive has bad sectors software ririskiky namely:

1. Using HDD Low Level Format Tool
Low level format program is a utility that serves to remove all partitions good information, and information data within the hard drive for bad sectors. After running the low level format the hard disk condition will really clean like the first time. So make sure the data needed previously backed-up first. Seeing functions, then not only used to fix bad sectors, low level format tool we can use to clean up the data that are very personal or confidential permanently.
Using HDD Low Level Format Tool

Here are the steps to use HDD Low Level Format Tool:

1. Download HDD Low Level Format program on
2. Install and run the program HDD Low Level Format tools so that the display appears as below:
- Select the hard drive will be formatted, and then click Continue ..
- Wait until the finish, and normally the process will take a while so take time enough.

In addition to the hard drive (SATA, IDE or SCSI), HDD Low Level Format Tool can also format the flash, Flash cards and the like.

2. Using the Bad Block Recovery Softwares from hard drive vendor

Some disk vendors issue software / diagnostic tool for analysis and hard drive maintenance, including:

1. Fujitsu IDE Low-level Format Utility

Fujitsu IDE Low-level Format Utility
Software to fix bad sectors hard drives from Fujitsu, can be downloaded at:

2. Seagate's Seatools for Windows and Seagate's Seatools for DOS

Article under How to Fix "HDD Bad Sector / Hardisk Bad Sector"

Seagate's Seatools for Windows

Diagnostic Tools from Seagate that can be used to brand the hard drive Seagate, Maxtor or the hard drive from another vendor, can be downloaded at:

3. Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics
Is a tool for maintenance and repair hard drives, specifically for the hard drive from Western Digital you can download at:

Hope helps ..

Article under How to Fix "HDD Bad Sector / Hardisk Bad Sector"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Best trick for repair your hard drive / hard disk.


Hard disk is one cause of the frequent computer crashes, computer restarts itself and the view is the presence bluescreen problems / damage to the computer hard drive. Damage to the hard drive of which is because these are often turned off the computer without a shutdown due to interference with the alian electrical appliances such as death or sudden occurrence of voltage spikes such as that usually happens when the existence of lightning at a time when it rains. Besides the age factor (lifetime) from the hard drive itself is also a thing that can affect the performance of a disk. On this occasion I will share information about How To Improve Notebook using the command Checkdisk / CHKDSK.EXE.

Best trick for repair your hard drive.

Checkdisk default Windows tool that we can use to test and improve the condition of the hard disk. Running commands on a regular basis Checkdisk is also one way to maintain and improve computer performance. Generally enough to command Checkdisk / CHKDSK is we have to fix keruksakan on the hard drive such as bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-linked files, and directory errors. Checkdisk command can we call / run in 2 ways via Command Promt and through My Computer or Windows Explorer. Best trick for repair your hard drive.

1. Running CHKDSK command on the Command Prompt.

At the Command Prompt type the command: CHKDSK D:
This will run a CHKDSK on Drive D in read-only mode.
Type the command: CHKDSK D: / F
The command is used to repair errors without scanning for bad sectors.
Type the command: CHKDSK D: / R
The command is used to repair errors, finding bad sectors and recover data.

2. Running CHKDSK command in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Open Windows Explorer or My Computer.
Right click on the hard drive which will in-check, click Properties.
Click the Tools tab, Error Checking click on the option Check Now ..
Check Disk option window will appear.

how to repair hard drive
- To run Chkdsk in read-only mode mode, click Start.
- To repair a bad sector error without sanning select Automatically fix file system errors check box, then click Start.
- To repair errors, find the bad sectors and recover data select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, and then click Start.

If the message: Chkdsk can not run Because the volume is in use by another process. May Chkdsk run if this volume is dismounted first. Opened handles ALL TO THIS VOLUME Would THEN BE INVALID. Would you like to force a dismount on this volume? (Y / N) . Type Y and Press Enter.
If the message: Chkdsk can not run Because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y / N) Type Y, and ENTER and then restart the computer to run Scandisk. Best trick for repair your hard drive.

To fix the hard drive using a utility Checkdisk / CHKDSK command is there some method we can do, namely:

If the computer can still boot and log into windows then the second way to run CHKDSK.EXE above (via a command prompt or Windows Explorer) we can do.
If the hard drive can not be using that to boot, then we must take the hard drive and install it on another computer, then run the command Checkdisk / CHKDSK.
Using the Windows Setup CD and run the CHKDSK command through the Recovery Console menu ..
Using UBCD4Win CD. I click Start - Programs - Disk Tools - Diagnostic, click the Check Disk.

So how to fix the hard drive using the utility built-in Windows: Checkdisk / CHKDSK.EXE this, and from my own experience has proven quite effective tool to handle broken on the your hard disk. At the next opportunity I will try to review on how to fix the hard drive for bad sectors. Hope can help ...

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Print Machinery Digital Printing | ENGINE COMPONENTS


Buying a digital machine plotter or large format digital printers to consider the availability of components (spare parts) supporters, because if we chose one of the blessings that we can not but the hassles that can sometimes make us shell out even more. For that in this post I wanted to share some information a few major components of large format digital printing machines:

The main components of a digital printing machine (digital printer):

1. Printhead . Printhead is the most important component whose task is to spray ink onto the print media. The higher the resolution of the printhead, the better the prints. Currently printhead most common are brand Xaar, Epson, seiko, etc.. China machinery that circulated in Indonesia, mostly using Xaar printheads although lately been a lot of wear seiko (better than Xaar Seiko).

If you want to see the quality of the printhead sprays an actual machine that is easy you just ask the tool to print a 4 color CMYK basis of a full block (do not ask for full color because it will fool you). If the result of a block print 4 colors are nice (give special attention to the color yellow and magenta) in the sense of true yellow yellow (no dark spots), the printhead has a good quality. Xaar printhead far as I can not afford to do this because it will always arise bintik2 black on yellow or magenta color when we print 100%.

So actually it pulled hard to test, if he is a good basic color can be ascertained for the color of the mixture must be good because if basically bad logic where possible he could do a more complicated (really you?!!) Because the seller usually only highlight the color-machine color mix for this is not visible. Oh yes, do not forget to include the depreciation of the printhead into the selling price because the tool is definitely damaged and eventually need replacement because the price is expensive it should be taken into account as well. In addition to not dizzy make sure you have good electrical system as the printheads can also be broken because of the ups and downs of electricity.

2. Cartridge or the ink, the ink component is accommodated. Usually placed on the right or left side of the rear engine. Nothing special about this component unless you need to look at the chip and the material of the cartridge is strong. Once again you need to consider is the chip because it is usually mounted cartridge digital printing press in Indonesia is a bulk ink system, which, if the chip does not match then the engine would be an error. This can happen can be machine (printer) plus HP 500, HP 130 and sidekick-konconya.

3. Mainboard, such as computers, large format printers also have a duty mainboard other tools such as embedded memory that can run the printer so deh. Dizziness if ordered jelasin this component, which is important not to error because the electricity up and down or ketumpahan ink because the price is too exorbitant aja euy. Able to buy motor lo price.

4. Roll of paper (I forget in English Language), which clearly this component is to place the paper or print media that we will if our media in the form of roll. Letaknnya behind the engine and there is usually a motor driving but because in general the materials should be in roll weight rather long when aja nge-print let the motor of the roll of paper is more durable. Kalo is complete in general, every machine has a large format roll 2 pieces of paper in front and behind, for a behind facilitate the entry of paper or media, while the front for easy handling of prints, eg I'll be directly rolled up and not dirty (very appropriate that a workshop is not too large).

5. Heater, from his name would have been able to guess what the function of this component, so its function is for drying after the ink is sprayed into the print media does not dry quickly because if our hands like holding printouts that if by chance there will still wet or even dirty finger sidihk . Also a good heater will help the ink stick to print media with fast and good. Heater is usually installed in the front or at the bottom of the board who skipped the media.

6. Cutter, this component to bypass the media that have been printed if the plotter you do not have this component so just use regular cutter just because in general all the large format has provided a line for cutting material in a straight and easy.

That's roughly a few main components that exist in sebah machine large format printer. The components that we need to know if there is anything we do not bother and do not be surprised by the price. So your large format printer to care well because it will all be much cheaper than the bear damage arising from use of our carelessness. Good luck and do not forget to keep ya-for science ...



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