Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fix the Motherboard.


The main board (motherboard) is the circuit board where a variety of interconnected electronic components such as microprocessors and memory (RAM, ROM, BIOS) chip along with other controllers and commonly abbreviated to the word "mobo".

The characteristics and how to cope with a damaged motherboard:

The total dead
Check the power supply: In the state of the power cord from the power supply off, disconnect the cable Atx1 socket mounted on the Mainboard. Once detached, attach the power cable, plug / cable shortkan green, black cables, check that the power supply fan spinning? If the spin is a good power supply. Back off the extension cord and plug it back before cable Atx1 to the motherboard.

  • Check the Clear CMOS Jumper, whether in position or Free Clear, usually when a new motherboard, CMOS jumper position on Clear position.
  • Check the IC Chipset plugged in and on the Switch On, if excess heat or not, over-heat means the chipset is already damaged. For CMOS IC part to date not sold freely.
    Also check whether the switch on its functioning.
  • Motherboard dismantle it carefully, you try to wear clean thinners, if you can not use thinners bottle is in the can. After you dry clean.Tautan
  • Replace the regulator IC which is located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard. Look at posting for Reflow soldering here
  • Replace the capacity Elko 1000 s / d 3300 uf / 10 Volt, located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard. Carefully dismantled components to make sure the power cord is not connected to electricity.

Turns on But Not Shown

  • Try to look and listen if there is sound or beep sound. If there is, there is usually damage the processor, memory and VGA.
  • Check Processor, you try to hold refrigeration if excess heat or cold? If it means overheating the processor fan is not working properly then you will change, but if the cold means the processor does not work broken alias.
  • Check your memory, if memory is usually broken voice on the speaker beep 3 times. Is off, remove the pin clean memory using a pencil eraser to clean, then reinstall. If it means there's still broken one of his damaged IC.
  • Check your VGA card, unplug the VGA Card, in the dead / off you try to press, there is less chance enter or try to wash the feet / her pin. If the VGA card using the fan, clean the fan.
  • If it still does not appear, do not you try to check the monitor is not a flame, to make sure that broken monitor or CPU, you try to press keys on the keyboard Numlock, whether the NumLock light a flame or not. If the flame is damage to the CPU.
  • Is the standard when repairing my computer, I always clean out the dust, whether it be the motherboard, memory, cdrom, floppy disk, etc., because it is so what else could affect the computer in a dirty / old are not cleaned. But you have to be careful in the process and do not rush.

Hang And Often Off / Restart (Reset) Himself

  • Check the Power Supply, try another power supply if it still restarts itself or hangs. If after the power supply was replaced by normal / good, power supply means there is a problem. Replace it if it can be fixed myself was not sure whether I can still function properly, because the power supply is a vital component. Especially for the current price sanggat cheap power supply, I suggest changing it.
  • Check if there is virus, anti-virus program should always be installed and enable auto protect. I used to use Norton Anti virus. You have to frequently update your antivirus because if there is a new variant virus, anti virus you will eliminate the virus mendetect.
  • At the time hang and blue screen messages such as "vxd error at address ...", there is usually a problem in memory. Clean the memory is like a step above.
  • Try to reinstall Windows.
  • If it still hangs / restarts itself trying to check on the motherboard, you notice the physical changes of components primarily Elko / capacitor, there is a black round writing in capacity between 1000 uf/10Volt s / d 3300 uf/10 volt, usually seen, if the damaged looks bloated / swollen and leak or rust.
  • CMOS Checksum Failure (Battery Low)
  • Symptoms of damage & Solutions:
  • CMOS failure message appears (The damage to the CMOS battery, replace battery)
  • Setting the date, time and other configurations in the BIOS to change (After replacing the battery, did reset the BIOS settings).


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