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How to Get Site Listings From "Google".


Before starting, it helps us figure out what site listing itself. As in the screenshot above, some of the links below the main domain is the site listing. I do not know how to define the term precisely, but the screenshot above, I believe the purpose of which is contained can be understood.

Now, let's go for the main topic. How to get Google's site listing.

1. Take control of one of Google's keyword within a period of 2-4 months. The meaning is to be able to be number 1 within a few months. For ease in understanding, we take the example keyword "SEO". (Since last year these keywords has never been out of this blog, it would be very easy to create site listing)

2. If the first point has been met, then prepare to be inserted into the target site listings. But before it is done, please be aware that the links that can enter the site listing is usually a link in the homepage and have visitors who are more dominant. Let more easily again, please check the menu above to learn seo, is the link which has the most dominant visitors. Therefore, if you type in Google to learn seo, site listing that comes out is 3 links.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Tips for Onpage SEO


When it comes to onpage SEO, it's estimated that Google checks up to 200 onpage SEO parameters. And since Google adsense tips keeps its ranking algorithms a secret, no one really knows what these checks are or even if the estimate is anywhere near correct. But none of that matters when it comes down to it. As long as you can apply a handful of the top onpage SEO strategies, you can get your web pages to rank, draw traffic and increase traffic.

Choose the Right Key Phrase for Onpage SEO

If you want a web page in one of the top ten search engine positions, you need to perform your SEO on a keyword or key phrase that does not have too much competition. You don't want to take on keywords that the big guys are throwing a lot of money at or ones that too many people are competing for. It's not that you couldn't get to page one for these keywords, but achieving, and maintaining, your ranking would be more difficult. First, you want to get to page one, then you want a good chance of staying there.

There is one method of analyzing key phrases that is not foolproof but may give you an edge. Choose keywords and key phrases that match the following criteria:

1. Find key phrases that get more than 1000 searches per month on Google. You can check this using the Google keyword tool.

2. Go to the Google search page and search on your key phrase with the word 'allintitle:' in front of it (remember to include the colon). So for the key phrase of 'yoga poses' you would use the following search command: allintitle: yoga poses.

3. When the search is entered, look at the top of the Google search screen to see how many pages are returned for that search. The number of pages must be less than 100,000.

This method of keyword analysis is simple and free but suffers from one major drawback. It assesses the competition by finding the number of pages that the search finds. This gives a guideline to the amount of competition for that search term but doesn't give any indication of the strength of the competition. I don't know of a simple free way to do that, but there are tools available that can provide that information for a reasonable cost.

Now, go to the main topic.. :D

Seven Onpage SEO Techniques

Once you have chosen the key phrase that you want your page to rank for, you need to apply some onpage SEO techniques to it. The search engines will look for the pages that best match the search term that the user enters. Hence the need for 1000 searches a month or more. It's no good optimizing for a search term that no one searches on. Once you know that a fair number of people are searching for your chosen key phrase, you need to make sure your web page makes good use of that key phrase. Here are seven onpage SEO techniques you can use to make sure the search engines take notice of your page for that search term.

1. Purchase a domain name that matches your key phrase. For example, if your key phrase is 'yoga poses', the ideal domain name would be If you can't get an exact match, try using hyphens to separate words or add a word as a suffix such as You could add a prefix word but suffix words tend to rank better with the search engines.

2. Get your key phrase into the URL of the page. This is already taken care of if your key phrase is in the domain name but you can perform onpage SEO on sub-pages as well. So for instance you might have a URL like yoga-poses.

3. Make sure the keyword appears in the title of the web page and in the meta keywords tag. If you don't know what this means, you need to make sure your web developer understands your requirement for this. The keywords tag is not as important as it used to be, but it's still worth using as part of your onpage SEO strategy.

4. Put your keyword into headings. If you can place your keyword into heading text such as heading 1, heading 2, etc, this will highlight it for the search engines. Ideally get your keyword into level 1, level 2 and level 3 headers.

5. Make the keyword stand out. Identify your keyword to search engines by putting it in bold, underline or italic. Search engines regard words with special formatting as important.

6. If you have an image on your web page, put your keyword into the 'alt' tag of the image. If you don't have an image on your web page, it might be worth finding a relevant image for the subject. Not only can you use it for your onpage SEO but it can add interest for the reader.

7. Make your keyword prominent in the first sentence and the last sentence of the text on your web page. The search engines often pay more attention to the beginning and end of the content on your page.

Keyword Density for Onpage SEO

You will want to scatter your key phrase throughout your web page's content. Keyword density is usually measured as a percentage of the total words on a page. So, if your web page contains 100 words and your key phrase appears three times, your keyword density should be three percent (assuming your key phrase is just one word). You might assume that the higher the keyword density, the better it is for onpage SEO, but this is not necessarily the case. Too high a keyword density will get your page penalized by the search engines. Besides, overloading your content with your key phrase will make your content less readable and therefore less appealing to your readers. There's no point getting people to your web page just to see them leave again out of boredom or frustration.

A keyword density tool of around three percent is ideal, but a density anywhere between one and five percent is fine. The caveat to all this is that it should read sensibly so don't get too hung up on getting exactly three percent. It's far more important to keep your visitor's interest so they keep reading. Onpage SEO is there to serve the needs of your website. Don't make your website a slave to onpage SEO.


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7 Tips Starting Your Affiliate Program for Blogger


How exactly do I run an affiliate program? There are many ways.
But in a simple, at least two ways to run an affiliate program. The first, with arbitration techniques. Simply this. Suppose you want to promote Nintendo's Wii products from affiliate program. With arbitration technique, all you do is take advantage of pay per click campaign ads (you can Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing / YSM, or Microsoft adCenter / MSN) on the Nintendo Wii using your affiliate links. Every time your campaign ads is clicked, the search of information about the Nintendo Wii will be taken to a landing page product details about the Nintendo Wii. Every time a purchase transaction through Adwords ad that you install it, you get a commission from

The advantages of this way, you do not have tired to create a blog. The downside (if may say so), you must have initial capital to start doing PPC campaign and have enough knowledge about the affiliate arbitrage strategy. Adsense just one of many PPC in the world, you can take big revenue from this

The second way, by making use of blogs or personal sites that you currently have or make an online shopping mall. Simply put, you use a media blog (either in the form of posts, the sidebar spot or banner) to promote the affiliate products you are taking. Every time a purchase transaction through affiliate product links on your blog, you get a commission from

The advantages of this way, you do not require an initial capital relative to invest in PPC programs. Enough with your own personal blog. The downside, you must have and write in your blog regularly. :)

Due to my limitations :D, this article will not discuss the first way that was fairly advanced and sophisticated level (please learn to Mas and Mas Pogung Ronys for this matter). This article will consider only the tips run the affiliate program by utilizing the media blogs or personal sites that you currently have.

7 Tips Running Affiliate ProgramWith Personal Blog
1. Focus On Needs Your Blog Visitors
What to look for your blog visitors? What information can you give to your blog visitors? Often we are so tempted to promote products labeled "Best Seller" or "Hot Deals" from the affiliate program that we follow without regard to whether visitors to your blog need a product or not. As a result, rather than want to buy, your blog visitors even embarrassed by page sales pitch you make. Try to meet the needs of visitors to your blog first. If you more personal blog contains about the "flower arranging tips", do not push yourself to promote Nintendo's Wii to your blog visitors. :)

2. Select a Product and the Best Affiliate Program
After determining what products are in accordance with the needs of visitors to your blog, the next step is to choose the best affiliate products and programs you can promote. There are thousands of products that you can promote through affiliate programs that you can follow. I personally follow a few affiliate programs (Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, ClickBank and LinkShare), but I feel more comfortable promoting Amazon products rather than products of the other three programs. Perhaps because the Amazon is already well-established branding makes it relatively easier to be accepted. Or maybe because I still have much to learn about the three other affiliate programs. To be sure, choose the best affiliate products and programs according to you so you feel comfortable to promote it.

3. Your Personal Experience Is The Best Recommendations
One of the advantages is the personal blog of a personal nature. Relationships personal blog owners and visitors often like the relationship between friends. By exploiting the nature of this personal relationship, it's easier for you to promote affiliate products to visitors of your blog. Especially if you have purchased or use an affiliate product that you want to promote on your blog. Ken Evoy, founder of Pilar CTPM (God willing Pilar CTPM this topic I will write at another time), call it a pre-selling advantages. When you have an intimate relationship and a warm, honest, serve and demonstrate proficiency in the areas that you are good to your blog visitors, will be much easier for you to do the selling without having to impress "sell" something.

4. Text Link Much Better Than Banner Links
Place banner affiliate links is much easier, but its effectiveness is much smaller than using a text link that is in the section of your blog posts. Concretely, try to enter text links selling affiliate products that you follow in the post the articles you write. Of course the article topics must match the product you wish to promote. I personally tend to use text links to promote products that I follow the Amazon Associates. And the result is different than just a place banner link Amazon Associates.

5. Be Honest To Your Blog Visitor
Promoting affiliate products on your personal blog is not something that is forbidden. However, it never hurts as well to be honest with your visitors by conveying that the link that you insert in your article post are affiliate links. Put a (Ref) or (Aff) if you use a link that will bring visitors to your blog to the landing page the affiliate program you follow. Why should I be honest? First, your integrity. Due to the personal nature of blogs, visitors to your blog will be more appreciative if you're being honest with them. Second, appreciate the time your visitors. If they want to know more, they would click on links selling affiliate products on your blog even though you have given signs (Ref) or (Aff).

6. Giving Options More Visitors To Your Blog
Adage that cliche but true: "Do not put all your eggs in one basket." Try to diversify your revenue streams from online business. Do not be fixated on one program alone. If possible, merge with another affiliate program or even with any other online business programs. However, it remains important to note for your personal blog is not too much crammed with a variety of programs. Imagine if in every post your article 10 insert affiliate links from 10 different programs. :) Your blog visitors would be disgusted and even run away from your blog. :)

7. Promote Together Time
The key is: do not be too quick to stop promoting affiliate products that you follow even if the value of earnings that you get is small or even nonexistent. Try to continue to write and insert a link (of course once again relevant to the topic of your writing) affiliate programs on your blog. Over time, it is not impossible if you're new affiliate product links are sought after a month, two months or even a year after you write it on your blog. If you post pages already indexed search engines, it is not likely people will find your blog, click on your affiliate links and make purchases. So, just be patient. Do not despair. :)

Perhaps the seven simple tips above could be the beginning to start running affiliate programs on your personal blog. How do you think? Do you have any personal tips that proved to give positive results for affiliate programs that you run? Or is it not working?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

List Of HPK ( High Paying Keyword ) for Adsense


HPK (High Paying Keyword) adsense is a set of keywords that have high click value, and one to increase the adsense revenue is to use a post that was taken from HPK adsense. However, you do not focus on this PPC, but write what you write in accordance with the theme of your blog. You will not get a decent visitors to your blog / website. and they will not click on ads, because it is not relevant to what they are looking at your site. you can looking your revenues on your account, may it can be increasing your revenue

One again, this may conflict with the TOS of adsense itself.
Hopefully useful.

Here is the list:

1. Purchase Structured Settlements – 53.48
2. Mesothelioma Lawyers San Diego – 51.47
3. Secured Loan Calculator – 51.35
4. Structured Settlement Investments – 50.45

5. Endowment Selling – 50.35
6. Mesothelioma Patients – 50.23
7. Mesothelioma attorney san diego – 50.07
8. Austin Texas dwi lawyers – 50.03
9. New York Mesothelioma Lawyers – 50.01
10. Phoenix dui lawyers – 50.01
11. Secured Loans – 50.01
12. Insurance Auto – 50.00
13. Phoenix dui attorney – 50.00
14. car free insurance online quote – 50.00
15. students debt consolidation loans – 49.96
16. Pennsylvania mesothelioma lawyers – 49.87
17. data recovery Denver – 49.71
18. adverse credit remortgages – 49.56
19. bad credit remortgages – 49.47
20. data recovery service los angeles – 49.37
21. Consolidating Students Loan – 49.30
22. Students Loan Consolidation Rates – 49.17
23. Boston dui lawyers – 49.02
24. memphis car insurance – 48.86
25. conference calling companies – 48.64
26. dui attornes los angeles – 48.60
27. georgia car accident lawyers – 48.36
28. san diego dui defense – 48.32
29. Phoenix arizona dui lawyers – 48.28
30. Los angeles dwi attorneys – 48.20
31. Student Consolidation Loans – 48.15
32. free quote for car insurance – 48.11
33. irs tax lawyers – 48.08
34. nj auto insurance – 48.08
35. dui san diego – 48.01
36. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney – 48.00
37. Consolidating Private Student Loans – 47.96
38. Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago – 47.83
39. Personal Injury Attorney Pennsylvania – 47.82
40. Auto Insurance – 47.81
41. Lemon Law California – 47.63
42. Students loan consolidation interest rates – 47.59
43. Los Angeles Criminal Attorney – 47.59
44. Arizona dui Attorney – 47.45
45. Consolidation Student Loan – 47.44
46. Structured Settlement Buyers – 47.31
47. Culinary Schools California – 47.10
48. Student Consolidation Loan – 47.06
49. Instant Car Insurance Quote – 47.00
50. Iva debt help – 46.90
51. UK home owner loan – 46.67
52. endowment policy sales – 46.58
53. sell structured Insurance settlements – 46.53
54. College Loan Consolidation – 46.49
55. dui attorney sacramento – 46.48
56. car insurance quotes – 46.47
57. Philadelphia personal injury lawyers – 46.37
58. Remortgaging – 46.20
59. irs tax attorney – 46.19
60. Consolidation Student Loan – 46.18
61. buyer Structured Settlement – 46.17
62. california mesotheloma attorney – 46.14
63. home mortgages for bad credit – 46.02
64. selling structured settlements – 45.96
65. phoenix dui lawyers – 45.90
66. sell structured settlement payments – 45.72
67. Donate your car – 45.56
68. Student loan consolidation – 45.46
69. Consolidate School Loans – 45.45
70. Injury Lawyers 4 You – 45.44
71. homeowner consolidation loans – 45.42
72. Colorado Truck Accident Lawyers – 45.41
73. Mesothelioma doctor – 45.09
74. School Loan Consolidation – 45.09
75. dui attorney San Francisco – 44.95
76. ny car insurance – 44.83
77. Mortgage refinance new jersey – 44.77
78. Structured settlement payments – 44.43
79. Car Insurance Texas – 44.41
80. Virginia Car accidents Lawyers – 44.35
81. Raid Data Recovery Services – 44.33
82. College loan consolidation – 44.28
83. compare car insurance rates – 44.14
84. Break down covers – 44.14
85. Remortgages Loan – 44.05
86. Austin Criminal Attorney – 44.14
87. Car Insurance Quotes online – 44.14
88. Structured Settlement Consumer Info – 44.14
89. Arizona dui lawyers – 44.05
90. eloan mortgage – 43.98
91. Consolidation of Student Loan – 43.95
92. Student Loan Consolidation Calculator – 43.94
93. Injury Lawyers 4 You – 43.94
94. Managed Hosting Services – 43.93
95. Bad Credit Home Equity – 43.90
96. Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys – 43.88
97. Home improvement loan rates – 43.88
98. auto insurance in Michigan – 43.79
99. dwi fort worth – 43.78
100 Structured Settlement Companies – 43.77

Additional HPK list:

97.44 domains yahoo
79.81 domain name yahoo
68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
66.15 law lemon wisconsin
51.14 hair removal washington dc
41.97 domain registration yahoo
40.36 benchmark lending
38.05 domain yahoo
37.86 yahoo web hosting
37.29 hair laser removal virginia
36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
36.55 ca lemon law
34.13 best buy gift card
31.1 adverse credit remortgage
30.98 mesothelioma information
29.77 law lemon ohio
29.34 att call conference
29.1 insurance medical temporary
28.95 illinois law lemon
28.78 mesothelioma symptoms
28.51 angeles drug los rehab
28.26 personal injury solicitor
28.23 att go
28.03 accident car florida lawyer
27.11 google affiliate
27.11 at t wireless
26.31 100 home equity loan
26.28 mcsa boot camp
26.19 anti spam appliance
26.17 adverse remortgage
26 chicago hair laser removal
25.98 att conference
25.84 at and t
25.45 laser hair removal maryland
25.15 mesothelioma
24.88 buy gift card
24.8 mesotheloma
24.52 student loan consolidation program
24.45 california law lemon
24.3 event management security
24.15 canada personals yahoo
24.15 orlando criminal attorney
23.78 uk homeowner loans
23.71 vioxx lawsuit
23.55 compare life assurance
23.34 criminal defense federal lawyer
23.29 american singles
23.09 federal criminal defense attorney
23.07 laser hair removal manhattan
23.03 att prepaid wireless
23 fortis health insurance temporary
22.93 miami personal injury lawyer
22.75 hair removal chicago
22.74 at and t cell phones
22.61 refinance with bad credit
22.47 malignant mesothelioma
22.45 lease management software
22.34 primary pulmonary hypertension
22.27 miami personal injury attorney
22.24 anti spam lotus notes
22.23 life insurance quotes
21.91 egg credit
21.8 anti spam exchange server
21.77 lemon law
21.67 google adsense
21.67 best consolidation loan student
21.63 refinance with poor credit
21.49 employee leasing
21.36 student loan consolidation center
21.35 buyer mortgage note
21.34 federal student loan consolidation
21.33 symptoms of mesothelioma
21.31 city hair laser new removal york
21.2 att wireless com
21.15 san diego dui lawyer
21.14 indiana law lemon
21.1 law lemon michigan
20.8 angeles criminal defense los
20.8 refinancing with poor credit
20.64 home equity loan
20.64 action class lawsuit vioxx
20.49 term life assurance
20.47 e loan
20.46 celebrex lawyer
20.37 vasectomy reversal
20.36 mortgage rates refinancing
20.28 attorney law lemon
20.28 consolidate student loans
20.17 home equity loans
20.11 mesothilioma
19.99 new york personal injury lawyer
19.98 home equity loan rates
19.97 auto insurance quotes
19.93 georgia law lemon
19.9 homeowner loans
19.73 equity loan rates
19.68 administration lease software
19.63 egg credit card
19.58 student consolidation loans
19.55 microsoft anti spam
19.41 mesothelioma prognosis
19.29 second mortgages
19.26 21 auto century insurance
19.25 employee florida leasing
19.21 federal consolidation loan
19.17 equity loan
19.14 personal injury attorney colorado
19.03 accident lawyer michigan
19.02 refinancing with bad credit
19.02 home equity line of credit rates
19.01 federal consolidation
18.96 non profit debt consolidation
18.95 pay per click affiliate
18.86 city hair new removal york
18.85 acid reflux disease diet
18.77 refinance poor credit
18.75 equity loans
18.73 student loan consolidate
18.6 consolidate loans
18.51 secured loans
18.49 criminal lawyer new york
18.43 affiliate per click
18.29 chicago personal injury lawyer
18.29 los angeles dui lawyer
18.19 att prepaid
18.1 angeles criminal defense lawyer los
18.04 critical illness insurance life
18.03 irs lawyer tax
18.03 laser hair removal new york
18.02 comcast high speed
17.98 personal yahoo
17.78 san diego dui attorney
17.77 michigan personal injury
17.73 automobile law lemon
17.66 cheap insurance life term
17.52 home loans refinancing
17.51 consolidate college loans
17.45 cheap life insurance
17.38 vioxx law suit
17.32 student loan refinance
17.3 car hire alicante spain
17.28 tax attorney
17.28 refinancing my home
17.24 criminal dallas lawyer
17.24 line of credit home equity
17.23 litigation vioxx
17.2 at and t phones
17.15 criminal defense attorney los angeles
17.14 commodity online trading
17.13 home equity rates
17.12 adsense
17.12 law lemon mass
17.11 equity home
17.1 arizona law lemon
17.09 child molestation attorney
17.09 home line of credit
17.06 alicante car rental spain
17.03 attorney defense federal
17.02 san diego criminal attorney
16.79 injury lawyer new york
16.78 attorney injury new personal york
16.77 at and t mobile
16.72 pleural mesothelioma
16.61 augmentation breast diego san
16.61 home equity poor credit
16.6 health insurance temporary
16.6 compensation mesothelioma
16.6 21st century insurance
16.52 cheap insurance medical
16.51 angeles criminal lawyer los
16.49 low cost term life insurance
16.48 home refinance loans
16.45 eloan
16.44 life insurance quote
16.39 cheap life assurance
16.33 125 equity loan
16.32 anti spam exchange
16.31 credit equity home line
16.3 att go phone
16.3 dui florida lawyer
16.27 hair removal new york
16.14 merchant account international
16.11 vioxx class action
16.1 125 home equity loan
16.1 life insurance quote online
16.09 consolidation loan
16.04 equity line of credit
16.02 carolina law lemon north
16.02 equity rates
15.87 direct home insurance line
15.86 angeles attorney los tax
15.85 credit home line
15.81 term insurance
15.81 auto insurances
15.8 debtfreedirect
15.8 refinance comparison
15.77 acid reflux treatment
15.77 bad credit mortgage refinance
15.73 college loan refinance

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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Enter the Plugin In Adobe Photoshop CS5

Lots of questions asking how to enter the Plugin In Adobe Photoshop CS5? why Noiseware Professional Plugin, NIK color effects software and Kodak Digital GEM does not work or could not be opened in Photoshop CS5? Why not Appear After Installed Plugins Photoshop CS5 In Filter?

Here, I answered every question.
The cause of the emergence of no Photoshop Plugin are:

1. In the computer we have installed several Serie Photoshop (Examples Photoshop CS1 and CS5)
2. Leaving One Folder When you install plugin (some plugins there is usually a question which we put before you install the plugin folder)

Here's how to solve the problem:

Usually If On computers we have installed several Series Photoshop plugin that will cause us to install automatically entered into a series of Photoshop for the first time we have installed. how to overcome that is by copying the plugin folder. and enter / Paste into :

How the above also applies if you are Wrong Putting Folder When you install plugins.

So the explanation that hopefully will help you the trouble of plugging in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Plugin.

Display Color Efex Plugins NIK software has been installed in Photoshop CS5


Change background colour with photoshop

For my friend who wanted to change the background color of photos, You can edit the background in photoshop to replace it.

Here, I will give Tutorial How to change the background color photograph.
Step 1

open the photo you want to change the color of the background. blue background color then I would change that to red.

Step 2
Use the Quick Selection Tool to select the area that is to replace the background.

Step 3

Once selected results will look like the picture above, then give the Feather Radius to 2 px

Step 4

Set the Foreground color in accordance with the desired color, this time I replace the red.

Step 5

Rub the area who have been selected with the Brush Tool in all areas that will change color.

Step 6

After all areas have been polished and then remove the selection (Ctrl + D).

Step 7

It was now finished and Please Save the image (Ctrl + S).

Now you have a passport photo in accordance with the desired background color and ready to Printed size, 2x3, 3x4 or 4x6.

Monday, January 10, 2011

3 SEO Traps to Avoid During Your Redesign


I receive a lot of SEO questions from business owners who want to spruce up their aging websites, but are dead afraid of losing their existing search engine traffic. And for good reason. Going live with a redesigned website without considering the SEO implications is like being ensnared in a nasty trap that you cannot escape from. It's hard to make monéy while stuck in a trap!

With that in mind, here are a 3 SEO traps to avoid before, during and after you develop your website:

SEO Trap #1: Your Content Management System

If you are switching to a different content management system, (CMS) it often means that the URLs from your current site will have to change to something that fits with the new system. It's likely that the new URL naming convention will not match your old one.
Get 1000 Website Visitors in 30 Days

The Escape: If this is the case with your new back end, then 301-permanent redirect all of the old URLs to their new counterparts if you can. If this is a practical impossibility, then review your analytics to find the landing page URLs within your website that receive direct search engine visitors, and redirect those. Also redirect any URLs that have links pointing to them from other sites. While it's best practice to redirect all URLs, those that don't receive any direct search engine traffic and don't have any external links are less important.

SEO Trap #2: Your Site Architecture

Your new website is likely to be sporting a brand new navigational scheme as well as an overall change of its site architecture (how each page links to each other). This is a key element in determining whether pages from your website will show up in the search results. For instance, if you take a page from your website that is currently featured in the main navigation (meaning that every page of the site links to it) and you feature it less prominently within your new website, don't be surprised if it doesn't show up in the search results for its targeted keyword phrases as it used to.
[Live Webinar: 10 Trends To Make or Break Your Email Results]

The Escape: You can tell the search engines which pages are the most important ones on your site by how you link to them. Be sure that the pages you are optimizing are linked from your main navigation so that they will receive the internal link popularity they deserve. They'll stand a much better chance at bringing you targeted visitors than those that are deeply buried.

SEO Trap #3: Your Content

If you hadn't previously optimized the content of your old site, I highly suggest doing so with your new site. This means that you research the keywords that people use at the search engines to find products or services like yours, and then use them strategically within each page of the website. Doing so will likely boost the targeted visitors to your site fairly quickly after going live.

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On the other hand, if your existing site was fairly well optimized and already bringing targeted visitors, you'll need to be careful about the content that you change. While you shouldn't be afraid to make your content better, it may not be a good idea to completely rewrite old content that was working for you. You'd be surprised how many marketers decide to change their website messaging without even realizing that it was previously optimized to bring in targeted visitors.

Still, your website redesign is a good time to work on increasing your website conversions. All the targeted visitors in the world are of no use to you if they don't take any of the actions you'd like them to take. Rewriting some of your content to convert more visitors into buyers is a good thing as long as it doesn't decrease the number of those visitors. Again - this is where you'll need to review your analytics reports to determine which pages were your best performers.

The Escape: If you find that your existing page content was bringing in search engine traffic and conversions, think 10 times before changing it! If you're certain that your new content is much better and more in tune with your company's message, then try testing it against the old copy through a tool such as Google's Website Optimizer. You may be right, but you won't ever know for sure unless you test it.

The Booby Trap!

Don't forget that title tags are an important part of your content as well. Sadly, one of the most common mistakes during a redesign is to inadvertently lose all the previous title tags.

The Escape: Don't go live with your new site without proper (unique, relevant and keyword-rich) title tags in place on every page. You will absolutely take a huge traffic hit if you do. Make sure that your new CMS allows you to customize the title tags of every page as needed. If it doesn't, then find a new CMS that does. I can't stress this enough because title tags are so important to SEO. It's fine to dynamically generate them based on specific rules, but some pages may need their titles to be customized for best results.

These 3 traps are just a few of many you may face as you redesign your website. Don't be one of the many who wait to go live with their site and THEN call an SEO consultant for help. Bake your SEO into the new site from the start to avoid any loss of search engine visitors, while ideally increasing them. There's no reason why your visitor count should take a hit with a new design -- but only if you are prepared to avoid the traps!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free directories, best free directories list, top free directories

Represent to your attention the largest free directories list containg only free directories with exceptionally high PR. Many free directories exist more than 5 years and are the most popular free directories from all ever created. If your website was denied on free submission because some directory from our list stop to be free directory and now offer paid submission - please let us know. Also keep in mind - submission to free directories from our list can take from 1 day to several months depending on conditions of submission of each specific web directory.

- Free (reciprocal) - free directory with mandatory reciprocal link.
- Free (registr.) - free directory that demands preliminary registration on
a website.
- General directory - free directory that do not have particular category and that are suitable for submission of majority of websites.
SEO is One.........!!

Here the list :



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