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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tip Speed Up the Blog Page Loading

Blog Loading Speed can affect the mood of your blog visitors. If your blog loadingnya slow, time visitor to read the contents of your blog will be depleted and eventually they leave your blog. Here are tips to speed up loading your blog.

Keep the number of postings that are in the front page of your blog small amounts, ranging between 70-10,

Suggested by the Blogger for your blog quickly loadingnya, in order to use Google or Blogger gadgets that have been provided (ex: Follower, search boxes, etc.). However, if you want to install the HTML code / third party into your gadget, then it is advisable to put the gadget on the bottom / footer for your blog. Nb: If your blog is a little column in the footer, then it could be added by using the tips in this post.

Problem Photos and Media / Vidio. If on your blog there are lots of photos and media, it will be the longer time is needed to load your blog page, but if you need an image and media for the purpose of attracting visitors, or as supporters of a posting, then you can follow bloggers following are some suggestions:

  1. Reducing the size of your image or use of thumbnail images link to full size.
  2. If you use third-party images, consider uploading to Picasa Web Albums from Blogger post editor.
  3. If you have a large number of images to display your blog, you can upload all your photos to Picasa Web Albums and the link could be placed on your posts or sidebar.
Nb: You can also use the following code to display the image in your blog (Customize with your picture URL address).

If you have added custom CSS for your blog, so make sure you have placed it at the top of the page.

To better know how long the loading speed of your blog, then you can direct to check on the web numion.com, or can also be referred to as the "Stopwatch" his web / blog.

To check the speed of your blog, you can also use the following tool (which need to be considered is the Size, if your size in the 100-150 KB, so try to reduce some gadget that is not important...

Good luck..................................

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