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Friday, October 1, 2010

Online Business to be done by theBlogger

One type of the easiest online business to be done by the blogger is selling links. (Link, link, which is a reference hypertext documents to other documents). If you already have a blog that already holds pagerank google (at least PR 1) then do not miss the dollar loose from your grip. How does the practice of selling links is done?, And how Dollar Online can be achieved?

Selling links related to the provision of services such as space / space occupied on your blog for a link. So you provide a place to put a link, it is similar to that used for the blogroll link exchange practices among bloggers. But what makes the difference is: a blogroll that links two-way (two way links), while the links are sold only in one direction (one way link). So you put a link (bite) business relations without the link back (bitten), the sacrifice is you get paid Dollars.

Why is there a relation that link and spend money? What kind of advantages will they get? For bloggers / online business / blog SEO consultant then with an effort to put the link is SEO strategy to quickly likely known public online and indexed by the crawler serch engine. Also according google pagerank formula, if a blog linked by a certain number of blogs, or some PR blogs terntu it will get the google pagerank (PR) when there is a specific update google pagerank.

By setting up a certain amount of money $ then we shop business relations link, say he wanted to blog directly from 18 blogs to link PR 3 which has a similar content theme, so when the blog updates directly pagerank 2. If you want to Pagerank 4 then need 101 links from blogs pagerank 4 or 1 link from the blog page rank 7. OK, more about the scheme can be seen in google pagerank.

For business operations selling links can use the services of one of the few popular foreign vendors and much loved by the bloggers, among others:
  1. Backlinks, quite easy for your blog on condition they work at least has been bearing the PR 1. For the price depends on PR, more biased views, but the price is not too high when compared with text link ads. For those of you who have not tried to go ahead, you just register, fill out the blog data, install code, install the widget, activasi, the cart just to sell ready. Keep in mind that blogs that have registered are hosting their own ASP or PHP. You can just be left waiting course, if you sell it directly to inhabit the cart, you are emailed notice, and will be paid every month.
  2. Ask2link, selling links is pretty easy place condition, the blog has a minimum PageRank 1 or Alexa under 2 million, Ask2link offers several ways to get dollars, either through text links or banners. For a free blogger (blogger, also can join here.
  3. TextLinkAds (TLA), these vendors provide high-paying enough to link trading services. But the condition is rather heavy because you have to have a blog with a PR of at least 4, usually British blog content is allowed. Just by signing a standard trick, if approved, we stay put code in your blog, and wait for installer link.

For vendors that can facilitate the sale of other links will be discussed later, OK thank you.

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