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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fasterfox 3.0.4 - Make Firefox Faster (more)

In the past, when the first appear much firefox 3.0.0 add-on that is not compatible or incompatible with the browser that has been recognized better than the browsers that exist today. Browser million people that has penetrated the world record with 8,002,530 (eight million two thousand five hundred thirty) times the downloads within a single day during download day Firefox 3.0.0 on 17-18 June 2008.

As of this writing publish firefox now in the version 3.0.6 and still there are some add-on that is not compatible including the first one of which is Fasterfox, add-on that can make Firefox more than fastest than ever. But now the add-on (fastefox) has undergone a change and can be used with the latest firefox (experimental).

If the first I ever wrote about "Improving the speed of Firefox and Make Fasterfox Compatible Firefox 3.0.0" with a tutorial that is complicated, is now (4 months after writing it increases the speed publish firefox) you can again increase the speed of Firefox with the Fasterfox add-on that has been in "recycling", Fasterfox 3.0.4. Because the add-on is still experimental so you must first login to install add-on Fasterfox 3.0.4 for your latest Firefox browser.

Good luck and safe surfing with maximum speed ...

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