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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Google's Newes Algorithm ( New Google's Rating System)

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Actually, I'm not a master of SEO, but just trying to share experiences, maybe it's there that know and probably no one knows or nor forrealize. Mid-February, Google does Search Engine Algorithm System Change, better known as Panda Algorithm System. Last week of February yesterday, google raid against sites that contain article "copy paste", autoblog content, as well as spam sites, even content manual website also subject to raids by google.

Algorithm system in google page rank of a site on search engines are now more qualified, a site that presents the content fresh (virgin) is more valued than the sites that have copy and paste content for the results of google indexed, so Google is now going to deindex sites that are not qualified before.

Because google was often received complaints from Internet users, the new algorithm has emerged, particularly complaints from users of Google's Search Engine that finds the same content and only a waste of time for the same content for every search.

Well, I suggest better use original content that is really still a virgin for those of you who want to survive in google search engine. Google is smarter before to tell which content is still a virgin or not.

I'll give characteristics to finding out if your web / blog taxable deindex by google :

  1. Web taxable deindex will be thrown from the first page of google search, automatic trafict reduced dramatically.
  2. Based on the info I have outlined from the forum and masters of seo writing, government sites, education it is likely to be perched on Page One of Google SERP.
  3. Beware of sites that have "auto-content". Do not be too frequent updates on the blog content, which is usually 3-5 articles a day now try only 1 article for two days.
  4. If the first frequent updates then google will like it, but now google will think we are the web "content farm" or rancher content.
  5. If it's in deindex then trafict down, then your website ready to go in the sandbox or worse will be banned.

Well, now I will give tips on how to avoid the curse of the "Panda":

  1. Write your blog content with your own writing style, original, not edit the content of the blogs of others.
  2. Avoid excessive advertising, google web prefer that only contains the product of their own ads (Adsense).
  3. Social Media Sharing, more like google blog content shared on Facebook, twitter and other social media.
  4. Decent into a magazine or print media, Google is more like the original author is really professional
  5. Discard bad content on your web and start writing quality and original content.

Hopefully the explanation above is useful for you ....

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webpages said...

my first time visiting this blog, written a whole article is pretty good and add new insights

Restoran Jepang said...

Google Panda is very dangerous

general business said...

Hi, thank you very useful information. However I am a little confused by removing junk content that has become a mountain. Can you show a quick way for any content of this

Voyance serieuse said...

It’s truly a great and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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