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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Checking Your External Link

Along with the development of a blog of course you sometimes have a little trouble, confused, sometimes forget to handle the exchange of links. Perhaps for that managing a blog course this is not a problem but for those who manage tens of blogs.

For friends of bloggers, so soon forget the issues, you immediately wrote a very easy to use way. You can use the facilities that had been prepared by You can just write down or copy and paste the URL below into your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox):

Because the subject is your blog then please to change the name of my blog ( with the name of your blog. Next you see the results, you will find a blog anywhere who already link to your blog. The occurrence of changes in the number of blogs that already link generally after you update a post or blog template.

At issue here is that there are many blogs that have to exchange links with your blog but tidah detected. Try to check how many blogs that have exchanged links? and check how much is detected, there must be a difference right? why do not you?

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