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Monday, January 3, 2011

Go to Fastest Mozilla Firefox with Manually Trick

In general, Firefox itself already has exceeded the performance of IE, but with a little touch and the right settings you can make it 2x faster again in just 5 minutes. Follow the tricks below. Or, you can try to automatic sofware for accelerating you Moz.firefox

1. Enable Pipelining

Normally the browser works by sending a request to the server and waits for a response before proceeding. Pipelining is a more aggressive technique that allows browsers to send multiple requests at once before receiving any response to reduce the time needed to download the contents page. To activate this function type "about: config" in the address box, double-click on "network.http.pipelining" and "network.http.proxy.pipelining" for changing its value to "true" and then double-click on "network. http.pipelining.maxrequest "and make its value" 8 ".

Keep in mind that some servers do not serve pipelining. So, there is the possibility that this arrangement actually worsen the performance. Set back all of like the initial setup if problems occur.

2. Quick Render

Large and complex sites can take some time to download. Firefox does not want to make you wait, so with the default settings Firefox will instantly display what he received every 0.12 seconds. Although this makes the browser seems faster, re-rendering which is done continuously improve the total time required to display the page, we can reduce the number of re-rendering for better performance.

Type "about: config" and press [ENTER], then right click on the main view and then select "New> Integer". Type "content.notify.interval" as your preference name, click "ok", enter "500 000" (500 thousand) and click "ok" again.

Right-click again on tampilandan select "New> Boolean". This time create a value called "content.notify.ontimer" and set to "True" to complete your task.

3. Faster Loading

If you do not move the mouse or touch the keyboard for 0.75 seconds, Firefox will go into the mode "low frequency interrupt" which means its interface becomes less responsive but can load pages faster.

Type "about: config" and press [Enter], right click on the view and select "New> Integer". Type "content.switch.threshold", click "ok", enter "250 000" (second quarter) and click "ok" to finish.

4. No Interruptions

You can perform step further by telling Firefox to ignore user interface at all events until the page finished downloading. It is rather extreme way because Firefox could become unresponsive for some time, but it never hurts to try if the effect is positive for you.

Type "about: config", press [ENTER] and right click, select "New> Boolean". Type "content.interrupt.parsing", click "ok", set the value to "False" and click "ok".

5. Flash Block

Annoying flash animation there everywhere, appears overwrite the contents of Web pages you want to read or see and slow down browsing. Fortunately there is a very easy solution. Install the extension "Flashblock" (flashblock.mozdev.org) and he will block all the knick-knacks Flash when loading for sites displayed more quickly. If you find the look you want to see Flash simply click into place to download and see how it looks normally.

6. Increase the Cache Size

When surfing Firefox will save the images and scripts in the local cache memory where you can speed up data collection if visiting the same site again. If you have a large RAM (2GB or more) Becarefully ! , leave Firefox running longer, so re-visit these pages will be faster, especially with a large cache.

Type "about: config" and press [ENTER], then right click and select "New> Integer". Type "browser.cache.memory.capacity", click "ok", enter "65536" and click "ok", then "restart" the browser's cache to get new and bigger.

7. Enable TraceMonkey

TraceMonkey is Mozilla's new JavaScript engine is super fast, in some benchmarks even score 40 times greater than the current version. Maybe TraceMonkey currently is in development stage and still a little buggy, but if you object to use the software under development, obtain the latest nightly build (ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/ .) The first beta version of Firefox 3.1 is also scheduled to be released this month also.

Type "about: config" in the address box and press [ENTER]. Type "JIT" in the filter box, then double click "javascript.options.jit.chrome" and "javascript.options.jit.content" to change the value to "true". Congratulations, now you have been using the latest Firefox JavaScript engine.

8. Data Compression

If you have a slow Internet connection, you may feel that Firefox is not performing well. Titu is not entirely true! Install Java applications toonel.net and it will take over your Internet traffic through its own servers. All data through Toonel server and then compressed so that the data need to download the browser a little more.

In fact, Toonel also can compress JPEG, but certainly have an impact on image quality degradation. These tips are useful to cut the amount of data transmitted, useful if you have limited Internet account per month or when using a slow Internet connection such as GPRS or CDMA 1x.

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