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Friday, February 19, 2010

The HL-3040CN, DCP-9010CN and MFC-9120CN

Latest in the year 2010, a printer company's incentive - promote vigorous new printer products that will sell dilangsir in industrial computer hardware products, especially products printer. Brother's name may be familiar in the printer industry or Fax. Today, the company recently inaugurated its representative in Indonesia that has claimed the technology will increasingly benefit its users. Innovation is meant is to use LED technology in the ranks of multi-function printer anyarnya, the HL-3040CN, DCP-9010CN and MFC-9120CN. Eminiting Light Diode (LED) itself is a new technology that is used to replace Brother laser technology that had always adorned their products to the enterprise. Unlike the laser printer, with a claimed user LEDs will get higher profits. Whether it's financially, or when you're doing if the documents. "When compared with laser printers, LED printers with technology has several advantages such as smaller, more compact, more affordable and printing process documents more quickly," said Deny Santosa, Sales & Marketting Brother International Sales Manager Indonesia, in Le Grandeur Hotel, Friday (11/12/2009) evening. Indeed, besides having a seating capacity of paper that is 250 sheet per tray, three brand-new products Brother printer is also claimed as the fastest in terms of printing documents. "LED technology makes our printers to be the fastest on the market with the process of printing up to 16 pages per minute, either color or black and white," said Danny.

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Such a reading for a mid-week crisis! Totally needed this little nudge of inspiration in the office

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