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Friday, February 19, 2010

Lotus, Malaysian-owned Car Racing

Mid this month, Lotus launched the T127 Series race car. The launch is the beginning of the return of British car manufacturers in Formula 1 that after 16 years absence. Seven times champion car construction categories and six drivers took the title in the series Grand Prix Formula 1 Lotus year marks the triumph of 1958-1994. Not surprisingly long history of nostalgia for the old Lotus always mentioned in the launch of this Costworth engined car in London.

But the difference now. Lotus once owned by the late Colin Chapman, now owned by Malaysian-led consortium of young entrepreneurs owner cheap airline Air Asia, Tony Fernandes.

According to Fernandes, this is a government project to promote the Malaysian car manufacturer Proton countries which also owns the Lotus car company. However, Fernandes did not confirm the team's headquarters will move from Norfolk, England, to Malaysia in the near future.

Lotus F1 history began after taking over a proposal to Formula 1 is rejected by the FIA, and the Malaysian team had become one of the new Formula 1 team in just five months, since September 2009. "I am very proud to be here, could show the world the fruits of hard work the team for five months," Fernandes said in a statement, Wednesday, February 17, 2010.

Lotus Technical Director, Mike Gascoyne, said, launching his car has a personal meaning for him. "Return of the Lotus name to Formula 1 is very special. I went to school not far from the old Lotus factory. I grew up in an era when Lotus was always winning the Grand Prix and the Formula 1 championship," Gascoyne said at the launch of Lotus T127.

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