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Friday, February 19, 2010

Samsung BD-P1400 and Disc BD-P1400

Located at Hotel Shangrila, Jakarta, November 6, 2007 PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia introduced and launched a Full HD LCD TV Samsung F8 and optical disc player Blu-ray Samsung BD-P1400.

Full HD LCD TV Samsung F8 has launched 100Hz Motion Plus technology and comes in 3 screen sizes; 40-inch, 46-inch, and 52-inches. Existence Motion Plus technology is believed to be able to reduce blur in various scenes that have rapid movements. Motion Plus addition, the integration of LCD panel technology, 1080p Full HD F8 can serve to make the black color is more concentrated. Wide Color Enhancer feature to display the number of colors more. Contrast ratio of 25,000:1 reach can also create a more dynamic appearance.

Meanwhile, the device Blu-ray Disc BD-P1400 can display 24 frames per second film (24F) which is the number of frames the real movie. With the BD-P1400 films are played in the original format .. In addition to high-quality images, viewing comfort is also determined by the sound (audio). BD-P1400 has HD audio decoding, with features Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for the choice clear voice variation and whole. In the event launch, Samsung sure Blu-ray technology, this will gradually recognized Indonesian society at large. But for now, Samsung will target certain circles to enjoy the two devices this technology. "In the year 2008 the market expected future Blu-ray player disc will grow three times more. Huge market potential is increasing enthusiasm in introducing Samsung Blu-ray player disc third generation Samsung BD-P1400 "Christian said Sudibyo, Sales Director of PT Sein expressed optimism the market potential.

Both these products can be found at electronics stores in shopping centers in Indonesia in November 2007. Blu-Ray Player Samsung BD-P1400 can be obtained at a price of about Rp7.5uta. As for LCD TV Samsung F8 Full HD, consumers can trade with money amounting to Rp 28 million for a 40-inch size, Rp. 28 million to 46 inches, and Rp. 35juta to 52-inch sizes.

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