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Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Powerfull way to get " The Top Ten" on Google For Just in 3 Days

Have you thought about this way? means that you will read here is a way that may not be known by many people. Many people who wanted his website a place top ten in Google. Many ways are done, ranging from advertising, link exchange, commented on a blog, or install a script SEO. Actually there's an easier way, but must be diligent to do it, just in three days.

I will explain how.
First, you should do is check "your keyword" in google, use free tools available on the internet, for example a website You will know the position of your keywords there. Further towards the second step.

Second, Prepare the desired keywords, such as the example below:
"Free Download SEO Script"

Once you are ready with your keyword, type like the example below in your browser's search box, input script search "site:", input your website address after the code "site:" do not use "http://".

Free Download SEO Script

You mush possessed this techniques at least using two computers and two internet connections. The first day using this on a single computer (call it computer A), with one hour time difference, any type using your keywords! Click on the search results that you can up your web pages displayed in full.
The second day of using computer B, do the same thing as above.
Third day of computer use A and B, do the same thing, but you should increase the frequency of your keyword, use the time difference of about 30 minutes for approximately half a day.
Now, try to typing your keywords with not included "site:", just type your keyword only. try this way by using the remaining half days left. Use both computers simultaneously, A and B.
and the forth day was come....... see the results ... bravo ..............

Good luck ................

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Thank you for this tip I will try it out!

fagod said...

We must really try to be a way to promote your keywords!

holiday norfolk said...

This really works. Wow what a great way to climb the google ladder. thaks you so much for sharing

Kevin - jordan II kicks blogger said...

This is an amazing technique! I think I might just try it. Isn't it essentially repeatedly searching for yourself to increase the stats of google, though?

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Glad to tell you that it does work!!!
Thanks for sharing it!!!

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Waoh, this looks very good, i will follow your technique, thanks a lot!

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