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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Newes For Blogger : "Blogger Template Designer "

Blogger is a free blogging service that provides a complete facility. Now bloggers provide new services, "Blogger Template Designer ". The Newes For Blogger and designed to simplify for blogger maniac to setting their templates. here also provided a variety of attractive templates, and easy setting. Look at the picture below.

You can easily shift the template directly provided, by clicking the arrow beside. Templates were derived from Awesome Inc., Watermark by Josh Peterson, Ethereal, easy.

On "Blogger Template Designer " in the left side there are Background, Layout, and Advanced. You can easily replace with a preferred background, you just simply click the "background".

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Kevin - jordan II kicks blogger said...

This looks like a really cool way to customize my blog without getting too detailed with coding. I like it!!

Looking for jordan II kicks?

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