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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick way to checking Do Follow / No Follow Blog.

Hello,, please to meet you,,
Well met again with me, I`m from the Junggle of Asia, so I can`t english fluently, Please be advised....... :-D
After fro blogwalking I finally found this way. This means that this blog entry, blog, comment here, comment there, shout the left, right and so shout. I just wanted to add science and add a link. according to the seniors, give comments on a blog can increase our backlinks. So more and more comments on blogs that do-follow, it will be more and more also the number of backlinks, and automatically will potentially increase our page rank.

The question is, how do we know if a blog is do follow or still defaut, that is no follow-? For Mozilla Firefox users, there are tools in Firefox which can detect if a blog do follow or not. Add Ons was named NoDoFollow 1.1.

Please download NoDoFollow or want more quickly click on the images below to download and install NoDoFollow
How to check DoFollow
blogs is easy, once downloaded it will automatically installed in Firefox. After that, Firefox will ask on the restart. Just click Ok, then restart Firefox, and alohaaaaaaa.. .. Look at the tools menu, the menu will be displayed just the add-ons, ie NoDoFollow. (See picture below).

How to use:
Open up one of the blogs. Or was it my blog. After the add-ons NoDoFollow enabled (checked), then on my blog box will appear pink and blue. Look in the comments section or in the link list / blogroll or friendslink. Links are given a blue box. Blue means "my blog's comment" is Do Follow. (So please comment continued ....). see in the shoutbox, incoming links or the Shouter, given the pink boxes. This means that the links to the 'Shouter' was NoFollow. This shoutbox was designed from the web came from, so not including the do-follow.

So when you're blogwalking, enable add ons NoDoFollow it, let us be a reference to where we are prioritizing commented (in relation to hunting backlinks and PR). So the teachers say ....

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Web Development Kuwait said...

I have just installed NoDoFollow. It will really help me build more quality links from blog comments. Thanks for posting it.

Kevin - jordan II kicks blogger said...

This is a very useful technique, and thank you for posting this!!

Looking for jordan II kicks?

Nitesh said...

Thanks for providing this listing of high pr blogs.

Lyrics site said...

Huhu, you are an Asian too! ^^ I also use this plugin Nofollow for Firefox, it is the best thing to check dofollow blog.

seo sydney said...

Brilliant thanks for that. I've noticed lots more blogs becoming dofollow thanks to posts like yours. Lovely about Quick way to checking do follow and no follow blogs. Thanks for sharing this post so much.

seo sydney said...

It's about time someone made that process understandable. I will bookmark your blog and have my friends check up here often. So more and more comments on blogs that do-follow, it will be more and more also the number of backlinks. Its great. Thanks for it.

Mobile app developers said...

If only the plugin got updates as soon as Firefox is updated...

susane said...

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All the best. friendly.

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