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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Print Machinery Digital Printing | ENGINE COMPONENTS

Buying a digital machine plotter or large format digital printers to consider the availability of components (spare parts) supporters, because if we chose one of the blessings that we can not but the hassles that can sometimes make us shell out even more. For that in this post I wanted to share some information a few major components of large format digital printing machines:

The main components of a digital printing machine (digital printer):

1. Printhead . Printhead is the most important component whose task is to spray ink onto the print media. The higher the resolution of the printhead, the better the prints. Currently printhead most common are brand Xaar, Epson, seiko, etc.. China machinery that circulated in Indonesia, mostly using Xaar printheads although lately been a lot of wear seiko (better than Xaar Seiko).

If you want to see the quality of the printhead sprays an actual machine that is easy you just ask the tool to print a 4 color CMYK basis of a full block (do not ask for full color because it will fool you). If the result of a block print 4 colors are nice (give special attention to the color yellow and magenta) in the sense of true yellow yellow (no dark spots), the printhead has a good quality. Xaar printhead far as I can not afford to do this because it will always arise bintik2 black on yellow or magenta color when we print 100%.

So actually it pulled hard to test, if he is a good basic color can be ascertained for the color of the mixture must be good because if basically bad logic where possible he could do a more complicated (really you?!!) Because the seller usually only highlight the color-machine color mix for this is not visible. Oh yes, do not forget to include the depreciation of the printhead into the selling price because the tool is definitely damaged and eventually need replacement because the price is expensive it should be taken into account as well. In addition to not dizzy make sure you have good electrical system as the printheads can also be broken because of the ups and downs of electricity.

2. Cartridge or the ink, the ink component is accommodated. Usually placed on the right or left side of the rear engine. Nothing special about this component unless you need to look at the chip and the material of the cartridge is strong. Once again you need to consider is the chip because it is usually mounted cartridge digital printing press in Indonesia is a bulk ink system, which, if the chip does not match then the engine would be an error. This can happen can be machine (printer) plus HP 500, HP 130 and sidekick-konconya.

3. Mainboard, such as computers, large format printers also have a duty mainboard other tools such as embedded memory that can run the printer so deh. Dizziness if ordered jelasin this component, which is important not to error because the electricity up and down or ketumpahan ink because the price is too exorbitant aja euy. Able to buy motor lo price.

4. Roll of paper (I forget in English Language), which clearly this component is to place the paper or print media that we will if our media in the form of roll. Letaknnya behind the engine and there is usually a motor driving but because in general the materials should be in roll weight rather long when aja nge-print let the motor of the roll of paper is more durable. Kalo is complete in general, every machine has a large format roll 2 pieces of paper in front and behind, for a behind facilitate the entry of paper or media, while the front for easy handling of prints, eg I'll be directly rolled up and not dirty (very appropriate that a workshop is not too large).

5. Heater, from his name would have been able to guess what the function of this component, so its function is for drying after the ink is sprayed into the print media does not dry quickly because if our hands like holding printouts that if by chance there will still wet or even dirty finger sidihk . Also a good heater will help the ink stick to print media with fast and good. Heater is usually installed in the front or at the bottom of the board who skipped the media.

6. Cutter, this component to bypass the media that have been printed if the plotter you do not have this component so just use regular cutter just because in general all the large format has provided a line for cutting material in a straight and easy.

That's roughly a few main components that exist in sebah machine large format printer. The components that we need to know if there is anything we do not bother and do not be surprised by the price. So your large format printer to care well because it will all be much cheaper than the bear damage arising from use of our carelessness. Good luck and do not forget to keep ya-for science ...

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