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Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Import (Restore) All Tasks in Bulk Using Task Scheduler in Windows?

Recently we posted a tutorial about importing and exporting tasks using Task Scheduler in Windows: How to Import / Export (Backup / Restore) Tasks Using Task Scheduler in Windows?
But there is one limitation in importing and exporting tasks using Task Scheduler. You can import/export only a single task at a time. Task Scheduler doesn't allow import/export of tasks in bulk.
So if you have lots of scheduled tasks say 20 in Task Scheduler, you'll need to perform the same step again and again for all 20 tasks.
Wouldn't it be great if you can import and export all tasks in a single step?
Actually you can import (restore) all tasks in bulk using "schtasks" command but there is no way to export all tasks in bulk.
In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to use "schtasks" command to restore all tasks in bulk:
1. First take backup of all tasks using the above mentioned tutorial.
2. Now create a new text file using Notepad and paste following code in it:
@echo off
echo Importing All Tasks
schtasks.exe /create /TN "Task 1 Name" /XML "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File"
schtasks.exe /create /TN "Task 2 Name" /XML "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File"
schtasks.exe /create /TN "Task 3 Name" /XML "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File"
echo Importing Done
3. Replace "Task 1 Name", "Task 2 Name", etc entries with the name of your actual tasks. e.g. "Mother Birthday".
4. Replace "Full_Path_of_Backup_XML_File" with the location where you saved the backup tasks. e.g. "D:\Tasks Backup\Mother Birthday.xml".
5. Save the file with any name but the extension must be .BAT. e.g. you can save the file as "Restore Tasks.Bat". Make sure to use double quotes "" otherwise Notepad will save the file as a text file.
6. That's it. Once you create the file, run it and it'll start restoring all the tasks in Task Scheduler.
Now you'll never need to create all your important tasks each time you install a fresh Windows or work on a new computer. Just import all the tasks on the fly using the above mentioned batch file. ;)
PS: You can use the same Batch file for restoring any number of tasks. Simply add an entry for the desired task mentioning its name and location.

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Anonymous said...

Used this and it worked great! BTW I used VbScript to create a list of the XML files, then just popped the list into Excel and used a formula to create the individual import task commands by concatenating the name in. A lot easier/quicker than importing 79 tasks one by one...

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