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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fast and Easy Way to Build Links to Your Site ( We are One World)

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How do you build links back to your site? Do you find your progression slow and time consuming?Article marketing is a great way to build links to your site, but it can be a tedious process to come up with a volume of unique articles.
Enter a fast and relatively easy way to build a lot of links quickly with article marketing.

Build Links to Your Site Quickly

I am a total fan of Alex Krulik's Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. I've been using both for over a week, building links to my sites like mad! Here's how they work…

Magic Article Rewriter is a dream to use, especially with the added Magic Tokens database, which automates almost the entire process. You just paste an article into the text box, click on Magic Tokens, and you've got an article ready to be spun and distributed. The spun articles are not garbage…they make sense, although I do go through and make corrections, since sometimes the synonyms or replacement phrases don't quite fit the article.
This is the above paragraph with tokens added, which can be spun into many different versions:

<-----code start here--------->
Magic Article Rewriter is a {dream|delight|joy|pleasure|marvel} to {use|utilize|make use of}, {especially|particularly} with the {added|supplementary|additional} Magic Tokens database, {which|that} automates {almost|virtually|nearly} {the entire|the whole|the complete} {process|procedure}. You {just|simply} {paste|insert} an article into the text {box|area}, click on Magic Tokens, and you've got {an article|a piece of writing} {ready to|able to|able to} be spun and distributed. The spun articles {are not|aren't} {garbage|trash|rubbish|nonsense|gobbledygook}…{they|the articles}forward [URL] {list};[] <[{}][{}][{yourURLhere}]--[]>;c-code:nettermegictraffic=t1+t2="change" {}make sense, {although|though} I do go {through|thru} {and|plus} {make|create} {corrections|changes}, {since|because|as} {sometimes|typically|generally} the synonyms or {replacement|substitute|alternate} phrases {don't|do not} {quite|entirely|totally} {fit|match} the {article|piece}.
<-----code end--------->

Copy and paste on your article, copy start at :
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<---posting end--->

<-----code start here--------->
<-----code end--------->

replace the red text with your URL and remember, you should make your own external links. and make re-writing [(yourURLhere)] after your link is written, one or more, it's up to you.
For example like this :

garbage|trash|rubbish|nonsense|gobbledygook}…{they|the articles}forward [URL] {list};[] [{}][{}][{}]--[{yourURLhere}]-;[{yourURLhere}]-;[{yourURLhere}][];c-code:nettermegictraffic=t1+t2="change" {}
See,and receive your magic Traffic, LinkWorld United.....

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Notes : I will not cheat you to install the anchor text or web link me or any other web her, no one ever links to a web address or my blog or others, but only the address in the form of text to know each other. Nettrerkingdom is also a web code on top with just about the code, no link or you may copy the code.

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Thank for sharing...

Directory submitter said...

Nice template buddy, but you must fixing your link on menu bar :)

chrismv said...

Great post, as I was really wondering if these software work. I have been writing articles for a while, and a little help would be most appreciated. Does any one know where one of these software would be available for a trial period? that would certainly save me heaps of time

Josh Randal said...

Article rewriting can work well if used properly.

anthony morrison said...

I did not go through and make repairs, because sometimes synonyms or phrases replacement is not really in keeping the article. This is the above paragraph is added to the token, which can be spun in many different versions.

Future Steel Buildings said...

That's a nice way, but as Google changed the alogarithm it still worth to build links this way?

i though we now are talking about social marketing

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