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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Template Panel Admin joomla 1.5

Tired of the display panel admin joomla like that-that's all?

Now it is time fox display the admin panel of joomla you. JB Simpla promote the admin panel Joomla 1.5. Views are Smooth, lightweight, comfortable and certainly visually attractive, that makes you feel really nice when managing Joomla site.

How to install:

1. Login to your joomla admin panel.
2. There Extensions menu click install / uninstall.
3. browse file downlod link below and then click upload file & install.
4. Success in installation now click on the template management.
5. Click administrators.
6. make JB Simpla as the default templates.

Intrigued with how it looks? just download the direct file is below.


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