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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Number 1 in Search Engine Google

Improve website rankings on search engines is the main purpose of SEO, Most people focus on SEO to rank their web site for Google, because Google's search engine meruapkan the most widely used of people. Increase ranking in Google's okay but still there are rules that if violated could be fatal.

Google has its own rules of SEO that can be read on the Google Webmaster Guilines. Here are some of its contents:

1. Hidden Text.

Hidden text is a technique to hide text within a web page so as not to be seen by visitors. Equate hidden text was done by text color and background color. This technique is done to put a lot of keywords in web pages that Google thinks web page has content relevant to the keywords. Tida this way will work, Google's Spider is very smart, they know if the text is hidden text. and your website will be kicked by Google.

2. Alt Image Tag Spamming

Alt tag is the text that was in use to give a description of an image, for example:
<img src=”downlaod.jpg” alt=”download software” />

Alt tag will appear if the mouse cursor above the image.
What the image ALT tag spamming is like this:

<img src=”download.jpg” alt=”download free, free download, download software, free download, download all” />

This way will also lead to your website removed by Google.

3. Meta tag stuffing

Meta tag stuffing is similar to the Alt image tag spamming only done on the Meta Tags. Meta tag stuffing is usually made on Meta Keyword and Description Tags.

<META NAME=”KEYWORDS” CONTENT=”free, FREE, Free,free free, FreE , FRee, FREe, fREE, frEE” >

< META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”free download software, software download free, free download, software download, free software” >

4. Title tag stuffing

This sma case with stuffing the Meta Tags and Alt image tag spamming, but applied to the writing of the title of the website.

<title> free download software, software download free, free download, software download, free software</title>

What if Google's already got banned?

Calm down, Google still kind enough to review your website.After you edit your website and you are sure it does not violate Google's rules follow these steps.

  1. List in Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Enter a sitemap of the web site that has been banned and do the verification.
  3. Once verification is complete in, find the link Submit a reconsideration request under the Tools menu.
  4. Follow the next steps.

While Google would be kind enough to review the web site that has been banned, I suggest not playing with fire with Google because Google automatically banned by you will lose all Index and links that you wake up..

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