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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Four Ways to Build a List with No Money and No Traffic

You've heard it before - if you want to succeed online you *must* have a list of your own.
Every guru says it. Ever wonder why?
Because it's true! ;)
There is no doubt that the single most valuable asset I own online - more valuable even than owning the Directory of Ezines - are my mailing lists. With them I can build, or rebuild, a business. Without them I'm back at square one.

How about you? Do you have a list yet?

If not, here are four simple ideas you can use today to start building a list of your own even if you don't have any money to spend, a website of your own or any traffic!

These are all methods I have used, and I still use *each* of them today.

These tactics works. I know they will work for you too.

>>>>> Idea 1 - Your Email Signature Line

Go to your "sent email" folder right now and look at the email you sent today. I'm willing to guess that your email does *not* include an offer for someone to join your mailing list.

But it should!

If you send only 20 emails a day (including replies) then you are sending over seven *thousand* emails ayear!

What if only 1 in 7 people saw your link and joined your list?

That's over 1000 subscribers to *your* list ... free!
>>>>> Idea 2 - Forums

Ever visit a forum and ask a question? Many have but they don't leverage the experience in their favor.

Just about every forum out there offers a signature line feature, yet we see thousands of posts with no signature.

Don't make this mistake! If you post on the Warrior Forum or Michael Green's How To Forum or any other, make sure to include a link where people can join your list.

Again, free and very effective. Put time on your sidewith this one!

>>>>> Idea 3 - Twitter

Ah, Twitter - friend or foe? Great marketing tool or time waster?

Great marketing tool!

Here's how you can use Twitter today to begin building your list with no money.

Start following people you know of and replying to their Tweets. Make sure your reply makes sense and won't waste people's time.

Fan Tweets - replying to a Tweet with something like "loved your book about ___" are 100% okay and often much appreciated.

Once you have been following for a while you will get followers too, and become a recognizable name in your circles.

When that happens, send a short Tweet about your new mailing list and where people can join it.

>>>>> Idea 4 - Your Blog
If you don't have a website you might be thinking "sounds good Charlie but where do I send them to signup?"
Fair question. The answer is your blog.
If you don't have a blog there is simply no reason to wait any longer. Go to and get one now. It's free, they have templates you can use that look professional.

If you can type, you can blog. And you should. Once you get a blog just put a form on it for your list and you are good to go!

So there you have it, four ways to begin building a *real* list of your own with no money and no traffic!

1. Your email signature line
2. Forums
3. Twitter
4. Your own blog

Begin using these methods today and you will put time on your side. Sooner than you think, you will have a mailing list of your own. And having a powerful mailing list is a beautiful thing indeed!

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rex Dgrey said...

This is a very interesting post very informative, particularly the mailing list.

plate rack said...

i agree with you, lists is the best way for success online, thanks a lot for your informative ideas.

henrietta said...

Great points. So useful for catching what we are looking for. It is real world. List can make every activity can go on.
Thanks, Bro.

Rajnish Kumar said...

Hey, Thanks for sharing this. I would like to tell you, This is extremely wonderful I really liked it.

I am looking for this from a long time. Thank you for this again.

Rajnish Kumar

Debt said...

Do not make this mistake! If you post on Warrior Forum or Michael Green How Forum or other, so make sure you include a link where people can join your list.

Rosiana Monbon said...

Thanks to you, I have learned many interesting things. I hope to learn even. I congratulate you for these wonderful sharing. Keep going !

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