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Friday, May 7, 2010

SEO and Backlink ?

Trying a little post about SEO, this time discussing the part of the Search Engine itself is the Backlink Optimazation. So much has been discussed about this problem and there are many conflicting opinions. Here we will not even discuss what a backlink is, because I'm sure most already know. I need to underline a few things below are based on my thinking that has been summarized for this when a walk to the blog friends. For those who want to follow please, and who want to read and read well for consideration please.

Some things to note about the optimization backlink

1. Get good quality backlinks from blogs a Niche

Maybe this is often forgotten by the bloggers, when it was cool thinking of getting a backlink in large quantities. Actually there will be no fundamental problems about where we put a link to the article or blog, but better if the link it has a similar subject. Perhaps the most severe cases are when we either find backlink, rather than an increase in the SERP but what happens is Pinalty Google.

2. Blogs that have backlinks from the same language

Many backlinks it does have its own value, but from a couple of times to try this is enough to consider. Use the same language and same geotagging also influence the quality of backlinks, it is also associated with the target that we are headed. Semisalkan we are pursuing a good position in SERP, then we should search for backlinks from other blogs that speak Indonesian, vice versa.

3. Use the right Anchor Text
Many say we must use the appropriate keyword Anchor, I agree with that. But if the visitor from search engine using keywords such as what we are aiming? Nothing wrong with us to position ourselves as a Visitor and tried to turn back or add some words (long tail). Examples of keywords that behind "Blogger Tutorial" changed to "Tutorial Blogger" or add other words to "Hack Tutorial Blogger". This may increase the value of an anchor link with varying but still leads to the same article.

4. Notice of Anchor Text and Content
Here are two things we get, on one hand we get a backlink that can be helped by those keywords that we spread in the article itself. Visitor elsewhere who visit our blog will be satisfied upon finding what they seek, when assisted with navigation good chance they will explore our blogs to find other articles.

5. Give the lag time to get backlinks
Hard to explain with words, here I examplize just theory.

The first day to make an article on his blog A, third day, we make two articles on the blog B by adding a link to the article. Next day we made six three articles on his blog with a link to the article C 1, so the next. (Link is not necessarily derived from the article, may also from the comments)

From the theory I give an explanation, when the first article we Publis directly he would do to the Search Enggine PING. Obviously we do not have to perform optimization by doing the same thing is not, give pause time 2 to 3 days. About how many backlinks themselves all up to you, but I remind a lot of backlinks in a period of time will make your blog even thought Link Farm by robots.

6. Choosing backlink

I had alluded to in part 1, why we should vote in the search for backlinks. Not because we are arrogant, because of the backlinks blog and another one related to each other. Like we got from the blog to Backlink PR (Pagerank) high, but the blogs are using blackhat for
optimization. Obviously it is also a bad influence on the link provided to our blog (minus value). I think that's six things about SEO and backlinks that must be considered here, may be useful for the homeland, nation and all citizens of the blogosphere. Opinions and suggestions regarding additional and from friends please leave a message in comments field. all it takes is also correlation between the content and backlinks, many backlinks but also the same content just does not make it. Actually there are many that relate to backlinks, but again it all opinions. get links from PR0 blog that's not a big problem, of course, owner of the blog that will not stand to let her blog PR0. when the PR they got to number one, or maybe we can direct three additional course.

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I am sure most already know. I must stress a few points below are based on opinion, which is a summary of this walk when friends of the blog. For those who want to follow the care and who want to read and read a good account of desires.

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