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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Performent to Building Traffic and outbound link

One of the questions frequently asked by colleagues who put Adsense is: Why are rarely posted earnings from Adsense.

There are many factors why Adsense does not bring in earnings, ranging from ad-PSA-Public Service Ads which do not generate earnings, lay out the less appropriate to the minimal traffic.
2 things first relates to improvement in the fitted Adsense blog, while traffic is minimal can disiasati using female blog models. This method can be properly run well in a way that is relatively easy and will get the maximum if it later developed into a wide variety of blogs.

I first heard the term "blog / website female" from one of the Adsense publishers who succeed, Keeper. I am personally more inclined to apply this method on his blog considering the personal nature of blogs makes it easier to manage than in the ordinary websites that cater for a particular purpose.

The method is closely related to female blog niche topic and the term niche blogs. As I've mentioned in the article "Between niche topics with the discipline to write," most senior and publisher of successful bloggers who suggested to make many blogs as blogs that are niche. Unique and distinctive. The goal is for visitors to find something different and from there are expected to make it come to visit periodically.

Although the goal is good, if not careful, niche blogs will bring unfavorable impact, especially for bloggers / publsiher beginners. Why? At least there are 2 losses suffered if not careful to apply the principle of niche blogs, namely:
1. Disciplined Writing
Writing for the majority of people are doing is easy. Talk with friends, meditating, seeing an event to upset the boss can be a source of stories that can be poured into the writing. Even so, most people find it difficult to be able to write articles easily and smoothly. Let alone write articles, find the theme and title of the article alone is difficult. Given the activities of writing is something that needs to be done on a regular basis in order to find his rhythm, write a niche blog can inhibit the pouring of the idea / theme of the writing that does not comply with the uniqueness of blogs that have been set up.

For example: If we specialize in niche blog that discusses about barcode technology, we certainly difficult to enter a feature article about our daily life. Create a separate blog that can not be a solution. Fill one blog alone is difficult, let alone two or more,:-P.
2. Traffic from Search Engines
Niche blogs to limit discussion to one particular unique theme. Consequently, the keywords that can be netted by the search engines to be reduced. Compare with the blogs that have a variety of topics of discussion, there may be visitors who "stray" because the search engine directs a specific keyword in the blog that we have.

Certainly not the desired visitors stray, but the opportunity to bring traffic from search engines are preferred. Blogs that have been established may not be a problem on your niche blog topic but the newly opened the way to achieve visitors, niche topic can make their blogs really niche :-). Because of its niche to rarely visited by visitors, hehehe ...

Back to the term "Blog Females", rather than make a variety of blogs that took the time to take care of it, it's easier and better if we concentrate on one main blog. Use every effort to bring traffic to a blog that we have. Of course, use the tips that positive. Do not do spam control every aspect of the website. If you do spam, you will lose 2X. Visitors will not increase, the blog we put into the track Akismet:-P.

One main blog at least supposed to bring in 1000 unique visitors per day. If we have 5 topics of discussion, we can strive for each topic can contribute to bring visitors.

Increase PageRank, Alexa Rank, Feed Reader and Subscriber main blog. Use the target. If you already have a main blog of unique visitors 1000 visitors per day, minimum PageRank 4-over may not do:-D, Alexa Rank tens of thousands, Feed Reader and Subscriber above 100, we are ready to make the blog as a blog female.

Once the female has a blog, we can sort out which category you want to break out into a special blog. Here is our new blog to talk about niche or niche topics. The need for a niche topic will come by itself.

Favorable, early formation of a new blog which is Filial (tillers) from the main blog, we can provide subsidy in the form of traffic from the main blog. We can install a summary article on the main blog which will be redirected to the blog Filial.

In addition to benefit from the traffic, blog Filial will benefit in the form of backlinks from parent blogs.

Once you have a main blog with all the benefits and have several niche blogs that come from the development of the main blog, then we think about the possibility of profit from the fitted Adsense to monetize your blog. With a large enough traffic, the possibility of earning from Adsense certainly gained greater.

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