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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to choose the right word for blog post titles using the Google Search Tools

Make friends who are beginners like me, probably rarely use the free facilities provided by Google is, because it considers adequate to use the Google Keyword Tools is enough (you can see bahasannya here)

I sometimes combine Google Keyword Tools and Google Search Tools to select the word (phrase / keyword) will I use the post title and content of posts. In order to obtain a popular word in google that can be used as the title of the posting websites (blogs).
If you are interested in using Google Search Tools, please click here:page will appear which certainly no stranger to you.

1. Type the word (phrase / keyword) you will use:Example: modem settings
2. See your browser's status bar at the left bottom of the desktop (there are words waiting .....) you be patient to wait a while until the word "waiting ...." turned into "Done"

3. Display statusbar browser "Done"
4. So in the Google search will appear below the dropdown box containing 10 large google search query. It appears that most search engine users type in keywords "modem settings asdl" approximately 355,000.

5. You can test them with other keyword:
I use the keyword "modem configuration"
6. It will appear the word "adsl modem configuration" has an average value of 21,400 user search

Compare the use of the word "modem settings" to "modem configuration", I'm sure you would prefer modem settings, because the word is according to analysis results google the word "modem settings ...." more often used than the word "modem configuration ..."

In addition to utilizing the above I sometimes direct typing a rather long sentence in google search to find the popularity of those keywords.
For example, keyword: "IM2 modem settings", "IM2 modem configuration", etc., the greater the number of search hasi (see blue circle) the better word you use as the title of your blog posts.

Some errors are sometimes not aware of when creating the posting:
1. Using words that are not standard, as some of my blog posts I have ever found: for example:
a. pingin should want
b. bro should friend
c. modem settings modem settings should

(Note: no words can you use these materials, the advantage if the word is detected by commonly used user google search engine, then the word could have been entered into the google listing keywords, but disadvantages: you lose step with a friend that uses keywords have been identified (popular) in google, you have to work hard and expect a lot of people use those keywords, then google analyze those keywords, feasible or not inserted into the list keywordnya. Opportunities your friends blog posts big chance came in the top 10 google search, while you still struggling to convince Google that your keyword deserves google. (This is just a personal opinion only, and I probably misinterpret).

2. Using the abbreviation of the posting said, for example:
a. etc. etc. should
b. etc. and so forth should

(Note: second method is often my own break, because sometimes been lazy to type so use a shortcut, "stands for the word"). Sometimes when I look in Google Analytic pages that many acronyms he said many visitors, are forced to re-edit for the words that exist in the post could be more to follow the rules of google)

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