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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adsense Tips : Maximise Adsense Revenue

Adsense-Adsense code EarningMemasang then leave it alone probably will continue to provide earnings for the advertisers, especially if the website / blog has high traffic and most are loyal visitors.

However, unfortunate if the result is just such and such only. Actually, the intention is not it put Adsense, hehehe ...

As Echa said in comments about the "Doing Business Life Cheating and Disadvantages ...", earnest in doing things will be more give optimal results compared to the work being done carelessly.
If you look at some examples of websites / blogs successful Adsense publishers, we can really maximize the revenue from Adsense by a relatively easy way. I've tried it and it may be useful for colleagues who are looking for ways to increase earnings from Adsense.

Please try some of these tips, the monitor within a few days or weeks and see the results.

1. Use the Right Lay Out.
Many of us who put Adsense code but leave it alone. Examples of easy yes some of my own blog, hihihi ...

I had tested a layout change on some other blogs and the results can be increased even though about the amount calculated relative.

If we want to maximize your Adsense income from your blog layout, we can use some of the layout that was already optimized for Adsense. The author is most Adsense publishers, and when seen from the form layout, themes or templates made is the fruit of the experience in question.

Isnaini is one example of a publisher who made blog templates optimized for AdSense. Ad placement and shape themesnya been maximized for the installation of the Adsense code.
In addition to layout optimization, the template that made also been making a special section of code placement, so that we no longer hard to find a position for Adsense code.

For users of Serendipity, a template from David Cummins and Carl Galloway could be an option to maximize earnings, while for users of WordPress, Dosh-Dosh make a list of 16 (changing the title to be 17) templates / themes WordPress that can be used to optimize Adsense. Interestingly, one of the templates that are recommended by Dosh Dosh is a theme-Red and White owned by Isnaini. Good Work, Mas Isnaini.
2. Maximize Number of Ads
In accordance with Adsense ToS, we can install 3 Ads units, 1 Link unit and 2 Refferal Units in 1 pages. Maximize Adsense income by placing advertising forms in a page, but do not forget to keep it from damaging the article and form the entire page. Do the test several times to find the right format.
3. Apply Section targeting
If you already have a blog that is optimized, we can achieve optimal Adsense revenue if the advertisements that appear truly relevant to the contents of the article. Use section targeting to this. However, it is still difficult to do if the contents of your blog / website in Indonesian language, except if the material covered quite specific and have a rather large ad variations.

4. Use Channel
Use the channel to perform tracking, shape and position of any advertising that gives maximum results. There is nothing wrong we change the formation and location of placement if the results are not much or nothing at all :-).
5. Try 336 X 280 Format
Based on personal experience and read and read experiences of other publishers, 336 x 280 ad format provides higher income than other forms. Use this ad in a position adjacent to the article written.
6. Optimization of the Blended Color
Tidy up your blog / website for more integrated warninya color (blended) with ads displayed. For users of Firefox, addons Color Picker can be used to get the Hexadecimal number of the detected color.

7. Give Description and Recommendation
If we put Refferal Unit (Firefox for example), it would be best if the ads displayed are not left alone. Put it on the refferal unit article advocating its use, for example, instead of stress are using Internet Explorer due to malware and adware, use Firefox as browser of choice. Give an explanation of why referrals are appropriate to use the unit.

hopefully useful.

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