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Friday, December 24, 2010

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for First Time

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is a series of processes are carried out systematically in order to increase the volume and quality of traffic from search engines to address specific web sites by exploiting a natural mechanism of the search engine algorithms. SEO specific objective is to place a website address at the top (or at least on the first page) search results based on a particular subject. Logically, the address of the site which occupies the top position of search results has a better chance to get visitors.

In line with the growing use of the web as a media business, the need for SEO services is also increasing. If your site in top positions of search results will increase the chances of online marketing to get new customers (advertisers on your site).

Some of the steps done in SEO optimization:

On page SEO (optimization on your blog page)

  1. Select a domain name of your blog based on the theme, set meta tags, blog title, description tags blog, post title tags, tags labels
  2. Choose keywords that will be used in post title
  3. Set the anchor text (text that contains the link), and navigational links between pages to allow visitors to see the other posts (you can make: related post, the latest articles, menu bar, put a link on the link in the sidebar or footer)
  4. Add captions in their HTML source on the alt ="......" according to the theme posting
  5. Reduce install widgets that are not important (such as songs, animation (flash), images are large, and other widgets that are not important) for a long time not loading
  6. content by posting useful content

Off page SEO (Optimization should you do outside of your blog)

1. List your blog url to major search engines (google, yahoo, altavista, msn), do not forget to verify the webmaster tools melakuka each search engine
2. Wake (search) quality back links (ie links from a page rank blogs high and one category with your blog) as much as possible
3. Campaign blog to:
  • Blog directories, social networking sites (facebook, myspace, yuwie, twitter, etc.), information sharing site (such as: infogue, etc.)
  • Offline promotion (flyers, conversation, etc.)

How to measure success or level of optimization of your site:

  • Page Rank (Google Page Rank) of your site has increased from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). About Page Rank (Google pagerank)
  • Alexa Rank of your site getting smaller (range of values from 20 million to 1) The smaller the value the better alexa rank. About Alexa rank
  • When you type the keyword on google search engine, then link your site or post pages appear on the first page SERP (Search engine result pages)

What advantages do you get if you managed to optimize SEO
  1. Blogs / sites you can flood of visitors from users who are using the google search, from several studies 80 percent of site visitors come from users who use search engines, the rest by word of mouth, blog directory, and others (the edges are to increase traffic to your blog you)
  2. Easy to get advertising at competitive rates (the term in the world of bloggers "easily monetize your blog"), and the impact you can collect more dollars from your site.
  3. You'll get much response from other users, either kitik, suggestions that could be a booster to develop your blog
  4. add spirit to continue to learn and share about things that can be useful for ourselves, our nation and state.
  5. And many more advantages that are material or non material

To increase google pagerank and alexa rank, to see the tips can you how to increase google pagerank and alexa rank

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