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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adsense Optimization Tips Every Month

You are an Adsense Publisher? If yes, then start today maybe you already see changes in your Adsense report sheet. In the center report, to be precise under adsense summary report, you'll find new features that are labeled Recent Messages. This feature contains adsense optimization tips specifically for you that will be sent every month.

Throughout the month, Google's system will analyze the performance of your account and setting your adsense ads. Early next month Google will send you a special report with tips to optimize your adsense performance. This of course will be useful tips to increase your earnings next month. But, you need to be vigilant. Why?

Tips from Adsense team is just a suggestion, of course you do not absolutely to do if you think that tips are not too important or could even harm you. You must remember that the tips or advice given it certainly is based on Google's own assessment, so it is possible that advice will be affected by Google's own interest in achieving a more optimal advantage of Advertisers.

One example can be mentioned here. For example, during the time you install a filter to filter or block certain ads are earning per click is small. Google allows us to block up to 200 address URL is not it? This filter is viewed in terms of Google's interests because it would hurt chances of certain ads to appear to be less, which means the loss of opportunities for Google's income from the advertisement in question. Google then gives tips to you for this filter you removed or you reduce the grounds that the filter will reduce the number and diversity of ads that will appear on your website.

This example shows that our interests (to display the ad with the price per click is higher) conflict with the interests of Google (to display as many ads at any cost per click). In these circumstances, whether you will follow tips from Google to remove the filter ads from your account?

Another thing to note, Google itself does not guarantee that your Adsense income will be better if they followed the advice, because advice is given based on successful experiences of other publishers who may differ with your condition.

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