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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Create Auto scroll on your Blog

Buttons Show / hide the Auto Scroll is a very useful tool for rolling a blog page with a speed that can be regulated, in contrast to a previous post that I have ever Make Auto Scroll / back to top with a simple straight to the page top. Widget hide / show the Auto Scroll is its usefulness is very helpful at all to the readers / visitors who are reading the article and simply adjust the speed from 1 to 5 (high). For a demo, please use the auto scroll widget located on the right side of this blog like this:

If you are interested to install the following ways to install the show / hide auto scroll:
Go to the dashboard ► LAYOUT ► EDIT HTML ► cecklist box "Expand Widget"

Copy code bolow, before code </head> !

Then, paste the following script code again, before the code </head>

.speedbar {list-style-type:none;border:1px solid #424242;height:10px;margin-left:-40px;}
.capt {font-family:arial;font-size:8pt;color:#000000;margin-left:-5px;}

<div style='position:fixed;right:0px;top:250px;'>
<div id='speednav' style='background:#424242;padding:10px;float:right;width:24px;height:122px;display:none;'>
<div class='capt'>SPEED</div>
<li style='list-style-type:none;border:0px;width:20px;margin-left:-40px;font-family:arial;font-size:7pt;color:#CCC;text-align:center;'>high</li>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed5' onclick='startit(5);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(5);' style='background:#999;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed4' onclick='startit(4);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(4);' style='background:#aaa;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed3' onclick='startit(3);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(3);' style='background:#bbb;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed2' onclick='startit(2);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(2);' style='background:#ccc;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' id='speed1' onclick='startit(1);' onmouseout='resetBg();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;changeBg(1);' style='background:#ddd;width:20px;'/>
<li class='speedbar' onclick='stopit();' onmouseover=';pointer&apos;;' style='font-family:arial;font-size:7pt;color:#CCC;text-align:center;width:20px;height:12px;'>stop</li>
<div id='speedtoogle' onclick='tooglespeed()' onmouseout=';#2E2E2E&apos;;' onmouseover=';#2E2E2E&apos;;;pointer&apos;;' style='float:right;background:#2E2E2E'><img src='' style='border-right:1px solid #2E2E2E;'/></div>

And, Finish your job !!!
Be Carefully........

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