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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friends Blog

Hello my Friends...
To welcome the advent of google pagerank update that reportedly took place in late New Beginning 2011, it is very nice if we could use to exchange blog links. This simple blog though backlinknya sizable amount but to date the pagerank is still 0. Among my friends there are probably acceptable exchange links please fill out the comment on page / link exchange/ above.

Hopefully next time pagerank pagerank update netterkingdom would like before or exceeding. I am not too ambitious to find backlinks as much as possible. Natural course with blogwalking, link exchange, etc..

For my friends who had earlier exchanged links with this blog, after I check it turned out I found more than an 30-link that has been damaged, among other dead blogs, wordpress or blogspot banned. To which I beginian must take action to clean a few days.

Beyond this there is also what I excuteted, because: it does not put a link of this blog again, the blog turned into a blog porn or gambling, etc.. Apologize in advance for colleagues who got the link clean-up action. In addition to the manual to find blogs that link to our blog can also be done with a specific tool.

If interested please you link this blog, if it is please let me know, so I will soon link back. Hopefully, this cooperation can take place with good and Khusnul Khotimah, amiiiiiin.


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