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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to assemble a Computer

The following will be explained on how to assemble a computer, especially for those just learning. taken from several references that I learned,

hopefully useful ...............

Computer assembler components available on the market with a wide selection of quality and price. By assembling their own computers, we can determine the types of components, capabilities and facilities of the computer in accordance kebutuhan.Tahapan in computer assembly comprises:

A. Preparation
B. Assembly
C. Examination
D. Handling Problems


A. Preparation

Good preparation will facilitate the assembly of computers and also avoid problems that may occur. Related matters in preparation include:

1. Computer Configuration Determination
2. Kompunen preparation and equipment
3. Security

Computer Configuration Determination
Computer configuration relates to the determination of types of components and features of the computer and how all components work as a computer system according to our wishes. Determination of the components starting from the type of processor, motherboard and other components. Factor suitability or compatibility of the components on the motherboard must be considered, because each type of motherboard supports the processor type, memory modules, ports and I / O bus that is different.

Components and Equipment Preparation
Computer components and equipment for the assembly is prepared for the assembly prepared in advance to facilitate assembly. Equipment is prepared consisting of:

* Computer Components
* Completeness of components such as cables, screws, jumpers, screws, etc.
* Books and reference manuals of the components
* Aids in the form of flat and Philips screwdrivers

Software operating system, device drivers and application programs.

The book is needed as a reference manual to know the chart position of the connection elements (connectors, ports and slots) and element configuration (jumpers and switches) and how to set jumpers and switches are suitable for computers that are assembled. Software diskette or CD is required to install operating systems, device drivers of the devices, and application programs on a computer that is assembled.


Safety precautions needed to avoid problems such as damage to components of static electrical charges, falls, overheating or damage due to spillage cairan.Pencegahan static electricity by:

* Use anti-static bracelet or touching a metal surface on the chassis before handling components to remove static charges.
* No direct touching of electronic components, connectors or circuit track but holding the body of metal or plastic contained in the component.


Stages in the process of computer assembly consists of:

1. Motherboard setup

2. Processor install
3. Installing heatsink
4. Installing Memory Modules
5. install the motherboard on the casing
6. Install Power Supply
7. Install the motherboard and casing Cables
8. Install Drive
9. Install the adapter card
10. Finishing

1. Motherboard setup

Check your motherboard manual to find out the position of jumpers for CPU speed setting, speed multiplier and input voltage to the motherboard. Set the jumper settings according to the instructions, set the jumper fault voltage may damage the processor.

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