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Friday, December 24, 2010

Some things to avoid in SEO optimization

In performing the optimization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sometimes forget things that actually banned by Google. If you do, then most likely your blog will decrease page rank, and your blog can be fatal banned (blocked) by google. So your efforts so far will be in vain.

Here are some common mistakes in SEO optimization

1. Ignoring the Title Tag
Most search engines consider "Title tag" is very important. Search engines generally display the content you provide in the Title tag. Therefore, the keyword "keyword" the most important in the Title tag. Do not leave the title tag is empty or there are words that are not relevant to the content (content) posts,

2. Key words (keywords) are not relevant
Webmasters use a few keywords that are irrelevant to the theme of the web, but much sought after, these keywords are used to drive traffic to their sites. With high hopes of getting traffic. After you optimize your website to enhance your business. Say for example, you have a website where you sell Desktop Computer. To increase traffic, you use the keyword "Britney Spears" all of your content, META tags, and Title tag. People who search for "Britney Spears" to reach your page. However, when they discover that your site is not to do with "Britney Spears", they will move away from your site quickly, because they feel cheated. You do not get anything from traffic. Even google would suspect the actions you have spam elements.

Spamming is an unethical practice to use the same keywords repeatedly in Title tag, META tags, and Body text. Some Webmasters shrewd use this technique to improve your site ranking. However, the search engine (crawling / google bots) can find out Spamming and they lower the ranking of sites that use Spamming.

4. Text & Links are not visible (Invisibe Text)
This is one of the Webmasters tricks to deceive search engines or visitors to your web. Text or links are not visible by the reader (because of the color of the text the same color as background web page) but it will be seen by search engines. Currently, search engines have intelligence to know this. If you use this trick, search engines can submit your site to the category of eligible sites be banned

5. Links to and from Bad Sites
Link is one of the main elements to improve the page rank your site. Try to get quality links, ie links from sites that are one category (themes) with your blog. Sometimes you do link to sites that have been banned or deleted by the site owner. You have to avoid bad links like this in order not banned by google. You need to check periodically on the site you refer to exchange links.

6. Invalid HTML
If you have a website, which contains HTML code errors, this is a bad omen in the search engines, although the content has been optimized. If your site has an HTML code error, it will be slow loading, and can reduce your site's ranking.

7. Having too many graphics on your page
Search engines look at Web sites that contain lots of pictures (graphics) will not help you to get a better ranking. Due to the number of pictures will make your page slow loadingnya.Untuk improve rankings on search engines, there are keyword rich content, not graphics.

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